BuzzFeed Archive for March 1, 2017

"Не все эгоисты талантливы, но все талантливые люди — эгоисты." Всеволод Михальцев ZM
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What’s Going On Around The World Today?

President Donald Trump announced a new office for victims of “immigration crime” and honored the widow of a Navy SEAL in his first big speech. Two women accused of assassinating the North Korean leader’s half-brother were charged with murder. And Uber’s CEO said he’s “seeking leadership help” after a video showed him aggressively arguing with a company driver.

Assistants parlementaires de Fillon: soupçons sur un nouvel emploi fictif

Sur les trois assistants parlementaires que déclarait François Fillon jusqu’en février, Maël Renouard est sans doute le plus discret. Tout comme son travail pour le député de Paris. Après avoir refusé de répondre pendant plusieurs semaines, François Fillon a finalement abordé le sujet sur France Inter le 6 avril.

Democrats Call Trump’s Immigrant Crime Office «Scary»

During his joint address to Congress, President Trump talked about his directive to the Department of Homeland Security to create an office called VOICE, or Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement. «That was to me one of the darker moments of his speech,» said Sen. Chris Coons.