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"Слабые люди всю жизнь стараются быть не хуже других. Сильным во что бы то ни стало нужно стать лучше всех." Борис Акунин ZM
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Relief And Fear In A Divided Crimea

Some welcome the Russian military. Others are scared.

Lucian Kim

Sanctions Push To Punish Russia Over Ukraine Gains Steam

Congress wants to respond to Russia’s provocations with its favorite trick in the toolbox: sanctions. «I don’t really think that sanctions talk is necessarily going to be connected to sanctions action.»

Rosie Gray

Department Of Justice Investigating Suspicious Death Of Texas Man

Alfred Wright’s death had previously been ruled accidental. The case was reopened after Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee requested the federal government look into the «suspicious crime» against an African-American man.

Rachel Zarrell

15 señales de que no estás emocionalmente disponible

Como sea.

Tabir Akhter

9 Videos You Can’t Miss This Week

Featuring perhaps the single happiest husky in the universe, a hilariously dead-on parody of Beyoncé’s «Drunk in Love,» and amazingly cool GoPro footage of an abandoned pelican’s first flight.

Raymond Sultan

Obama And Putin Discussed Ukraine By Phone Saturday

Obama called Putin as tensions continued to rise in Ukraine, after Russia effectively seized control of Ukraine. Here’s how each government described the call.

Evan McMorris-Santoro

White House: Obama Not Attending National Security Briefing «Not Unusual»

Russia seized Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula Saturday. Officials say Obama was making calls during the national security meeting.

Evan McMorris-Santoro

The 10 Stages Of Waiting In Line At Disneyland

This is why the Fast Pass was invented in the first place.

Justin Abarca

8 raisons pour lesquelles « American Bluff » ne mérite aucun Oscar

Ni deux heures de votre vie.

Anais Bordages

This Hero Caught 55 Green Lights In A Row Driving Through Manhattan

*standing ovation*

Andrew Gauthier

What Does Google Really Think About Your Home State?

Spoiler: Idaho is a myth.

Keely Flaherty

20 señales de que pasaste por una fase Chonga

Pero, claro, debí haber escuchado a mi mamá. No, no, no, no, no…

Arielle Calderon

Amid Fears Of War, Instagram Users #PrayforUkraine

As tensions rise in Ukraine, Instagram users opposed to Russian military intervention are responding under the hashtag #prayforukraine.

Susie Armitage

14 Men’s Fashion Instagrams That Are Fresh To Death

Whether you’re into suits, streetwear or a mix of both, these accounts have something for everyone.

Mackenzie Kruvant

Bruce Springsteen Did A Killer Blues Version Of Lorde’s «Royals»

«You can call me king bee.»

Rachel Zarrell

Facts That Prove Pugs Are The Best Breed Ever

These pugs will restore your faith in humanity.

Matt Pagourgis

11 Times Russian Leaders Condemned The Use Of Force Without U.N. Approval

On Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin got approval from his senate to send combat troops to Ukraine. But he has made it very clear in the past that no war is justified without approval from the United Nations.

Ali Vingiano

Signs You Have A Roommate Problem

You really shouldn’t have tried Craigslist.


33 Killed In Terrorist Attack At China Train Station

The attack is one of China’s deadliest in recent years. Warning: Graphic images.

Rachel Zarrell

The 8 Most Romantic Places To Get Engaged At The Disneyland Resort

Where there is no chance that anyone could say no!

Kristin Chirico

31 Very Important Pigs Are Here To Melt Your Heart

March 1st is National Pig Day! Let’s celebrate by «awwwwing» at these beauties together.

Chelsea Marshall

Watch Julie Andrews’ Sweet Acceptance Speech At The 1965 Oscars

Forty-eight years before «Saving Mr. Banks» hit theaters, Sidney Poitier presented Julie Andrews with an Academy Award for playing Mary Poppins. And she was very grateful to Walt Disney.

Krystie Lee Yandoli

Which Philosopher Are You?

Put your thinking cap on.

Tabatha Leggett

9 Signs That Celebrate The AOA/ACGME/AACOM Merger

There are two kinds of doctors in America: MDs & DOs. Going forward, they train as one. Celebrate unity!


The Definitive 2014 Academy Awards Drinking Game

Try to get to Emma Thompson’s level.

Julia Pugachevsky

18 películas para niños de los 90 que probablemente has olvidado

Seamos honestos, algunas de estas películas merecen ser olvidadas.

Brian Galindo

19 Photos Of Esther, The Most Wonderful Pig You Need To Meet

Some pig, alright!

Chelsea Marshall

The Most Fab Or Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted – here are the results.

Emily Hennen

30 Impossibly Cozy Places You Could Die Happy In

The napping possibilities are endless.

Peggy Wang

21 Recipes That Prove Fried Vegetables Are The Best Vegetables

If you’ve got a compelling argument for cooking them any other way, I’d like to hear it.

Deena Shanker

17 French Drugstore Beauty Products That Actually Work

Bet you can’t get through this post without running to your local pharmacie.

Peggy Wang

52 Things You Should Never Ever Say On A First Date

Dating is hard enough without having to deal with a total creep.

Mackenzie Kruvant

23 DIY Upgrades Any Man Can Make To Look Better

Many men hate to shop, but now they don’t have to. Learn how to make incredible apparel, accessories and more from the comfort of your own home.

Mike Spohr

31 Delicious Things To Cook In March

If it’s warm enough to actually go to the farmer’s market, you might as well take advantage.

Christine Byrne

24 Endlessly Frustrating Vegetarian Problems

But you eat fish, right? OMGGGGGGGGGGG.

Tabatha Leggett

A Douglas el tejón australiano realmente le encanta que le rasquen la panza y es adorable

¡Él es como un cachorrito! Un cachorrito gordo y peludo.

Jenna Guillaume

You Can Now Buy An Exact Replica Of The Batmobile

You just need to put aside £598,000 first.

Tabatha Leggett

Vladimir Putin Announces Intention To Send Troops To Ukraine

Ukraine has accused Russia of an «armed invasion» of the separatist peninsula.

Max Seddon

NBC News Reporter Rescued From Waist-High Mud During California Storm Coverage

«Take a look at how deep this mud is, 4 feet in some areas,» Almaguer explained while standing in a massive pool of mud that had slid from a hillside.

Jon Passantino

NBA Will Donate Sales Of Jason Collins’ Jersey To LGBT Groups

Jason Collins’ jersey has seen «unprecedented» sales since he became the first openly gay athlete in a major U.S. sport.

Driadonna Roland

The 13 Most Flawless And Glamorous Looks From The 2004 Academy Awards

These looks are 10 years old and are still super chic today.

Brian Galindo

Travel Secrets You Need To Know

When should you really buy your plane ticket?

Adam Bianchi

How Cute Are You?

Don’t hate me because I’m adorable.

Erin La Rosa

25 Tips For Faking Your Way Through An Oscar Party

Haven’t watched the movies? No worries, you got this.

Doriean Stevenson

Someone Dubbed This Cat «Pattycake» Video In French It’s Shockingly Human

Whatttttt. So much cute.

Leonora Epstein

Facts About Nike You Need To Know

Just watch it.

Michael Bromberg

At Night In Crimea, Residents Await A Move From Russia

«They’re occupying us,» said Ruslan Temirkayayev, as an unmarked military truck trundled by. «We don’t need weapons. We’ll use our fists to defend ourselves.»

Lucian Kim

Michelle Branch’s Music Still Totally Holds Up

«Goodbyeeee to yooooUUuuuu.»

Aylin Zafar