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"Вы никогда не пересечете океан, если не наберетесь мужества потерять берег из виду." Христофор Колумб ZM
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Awesome «Breaking Bad» Minnesota Timberwolves Poster

This is a perfect representation of these two teammates/ badass bros. I’m actively rooting for Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic to combine for every rebound in every game they play in together the rest of the season.

Chimp Vs. Baby

There aren’t many times when a video can be both adorable and violent. This is one of those special, special times.

Flashback: Joe Arpaio Was Romney Arizona Campaign Chair In 2008

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio — whose views alienate both Hispanic and independent voters alike — is probably the last person the Romney campaign wants to be associated with. But in 2008 the Sheriff was a vocal Romney surrogate, serving a chair of his Arizona campaign and hosting a conference call for the Governor on immigration.

Sofia Vergara Is Terrified And Other Links

This has to be from «Modern Family». Plus, dolphins can stampede and Ron Paul’s wife is still a teenager. These and other Buzz that flew under the radar await your clicking pleasure.

Rick Santorum In 2006: I Worked With Boxer, Durbin, Clinton, And Bayh

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum takes a sharp partisan line. But in 2006 when the Pennsylvania Senate candidate was in a tough reelection fight he tried to appeal to moderate voters by touting a record of working with liberal leaders Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Dick Durbin among others. He lost by 16%.

Vigilante Cell Phone Jammer Is A Bona Fide Super Hero

Because he’s the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. This is Eric, and he’s fond of using an illegal cell phone jammer to silence people being loud and rude on Philadelphia’s public transportation. Do they make these for iPods and babies?

Rick Santorum’s 2006 Website: Don’t Call Me The Anti-Christ

Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum was in for an uphill and ultimately losing battle in his reelection bid in 2006. In an effort to turn around his campaign Santorum descended into uncharted waters. Santorum attempted to link his opponent, State Treasurer Bob Casey, to a union leader who called him the «anti-Christ.» The screenshot below comes from his website in October 2006.

30 Cats Hanging Out In Shoes

Cats like to sit in really weird places, like shoes apparently. Still, cats do seem to have quite an eye for a fresh pair of kicks.

Rush Limbaugh Confuses Contraception With Prostitution

Women on birth control are sluts. Limbaugh was attacking Sandra Fluke, the law student who was denied the right to speak at the congressional hearing about contraception. Skip to the 3:00 mark for some truly terrifying insight into how he believes women should be treated.

Clarissa And The Straightjackets Is Your New Favorite Band

A little-known fact about «Clarissa Explains It All»: Melissa Joan Heart recorded a full album in character as Clarissa called «Clarissa and the Straightjackets.» In it, we learn «This Is What ‘Na Na’ Means» (actual track title), what Clarissa’s likes and dislikes are, and that Clarissa didn’t really have the best singing voice — not that it matters!

Lindsay Lohan On The Today Show: «Maybe I Should Not Go Out All The Time»

Earlier today, the «Today Show» aired their exclusive interview with the fallen starlet in which she discussed her current state of affairs. She answered Matt Lauer’s questions about making at career comeback at the age of 25, how she managed to get the gig hosting SNL (she says she harassed Lorne Michaels via email), and whether or not she’s sober at the moment.

When Rick Santorum Got Desperate

Down by 15% in the polls in his failed reelection bid against then State Treasurer Bob Casey, the Pennslyviana Senator pulled out all the stops, and descended into negative campaigning. Santorum accused Casey of corruption, not showing up for work, and not answering any questions on the issues at all. Here’s one clip in which Bob Casey hit back at Santorum on the issues.

Romney Jokes About His Small Varmints Comment

Republican Presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney’s campaign confirmed yesterday to BuzzFeed that he owns two shotguns. The admission is sure to bring up old reruns of Romney’s claim he only hunted «small varmints.» Here’s Romney addressing the issue, albeit in a joke, in 2007: «The Easter Bunny didn’t come. He heard I was packing heat»

You Can Buy This Abandoned French Village For $400,000

It’s a bit of a fixer upper. The town of Saint Nicolas Coubefy, with more than a dozen buildings, can be yours for the low, low price of 300,000 euros. Its previous owners used it as a luxury bed and breakfast, but the global economic crisis has rendered it a quaint, rural ghost town.

When We Were Young [VIDEO]

Music video by The Summer Set performing When We Were Young (explicit) — Starring Christina Saragaglia and Steven Robertson.

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Breitbart Is Dead

The conservative provacateur was 43. His business partner Larry Solov reported his death on Big Government this morning and ABC News confirmed it with the L.A. Coroner’s Office.

Hipster Obama

Today on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Barack Obama said «I knew about Jeremy Lin before you did.» Who knew our President had a hipster side?

Israelis Choose Obama

His relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been rocky, but Israelis seem to be warming to him. At least, they prefer him to Mitt, Newt, and Rick.