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"Что бы ни случилось, нужно помнить - это всего лишь жизнь, и мы прорвемся!" Дин Кунц ZM
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Tell Me If You Recognize These Faces — I’ll Tell You If You’re Gen Z Or A Millennial

This is science.

Andrew Ziegler

A esta chica se le cayó su credencial del INE a la alcantarilla y todos los que estaban en su casilla se unieron para ayudarla

¡México está lleno de gente chida!


Veja o Seleção BuzzFeed com o Mauro Nakada

O programa teve um teste ao vivo e uma grande relevação do youtuber.

Davi Rocha

26 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Hit ’00 Movie, «Saved!»

Anne Hathaway was originally supposed to play the role of Hilary Faye.

Farrah Penn

Just How Well Do You Know Restaurant Bread?

Are you bready?

Keely Flaherty

Tag Your Friends: Drunk Renaissance Baby Edition

Pop some mead, babies.

Anjali Patel

¿Puedes adivinar la celebridad por su dedo marcado?

Los famosos también salieron a votar este primero de julio.

Luis Del Valle

Estos son algunos de los incidentes que han hecho más ruido en redes durante la campaña electoral

Se espera que el INE haga público un informe completo una vez que se cierren las casillas, después de las 6 de la tarde.


Estos son algunos de los incidentes que han hecho más ruido en redes durante la campaña electoral

Se espera que el INE haga público un informe completo una vez que se cierren las casillas, después de las 6 de la tarde.




Jon-Michael Poff

«Queer Eye» Fans Are Sharing What The Fab Five Would Say To Them And It’s Hilarious

Can you believe?

Stephen LaConte

50 Of The Absolute Funniest Tweets From 2018 (So Far)

Lolz for dayz.

Jon-Michael Poff



Shunsuke Mori

Cristiane falou TUDO sobre a comparação entre futebol feminino e masculino

As mulheres se cansaram de estar à sombra do futebol masculino, seja para críticas ou elogios.

Aline Ramos

100 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About The World

If this doesn’t do it, nothing will.

Dave Stopera

The Only Thing That Can Save The World Is A New Mary-Kate And Ashley Movie

Does anyone have Netflix’s number?

Stephen LaConte

16 Times The Queer Eye Guys Gassed Each Other Up On Instagram

This is like drugs to me.

Erin Chack

Order A New York-Style Bagel And We’ll Reveal Your Emotional Age

It’s all about the schmear.

Jesse Szewczyk

This 12-Year-Old Girl Gave An Emotional Speech About Fearing Her Mom’s Deportation

«My mom is strong, beautiful, and brave. She is also a person who taught me how to speak up when I see things that aren’t fair.»

Remy Smidt

Which Of These Characters With The Same Name Is Your Absolute Favorite?

Bruce Banner or Bruce Wayne?


26 fontes de proteína vegetal que vão te deixar satisfeito e saciado

Sem carne, sem problemas! Ninguém precisa passar fome!

Whitney Jefferson

Here’s One Hilarious Tweet From Every Day Last Month

A joke a day keeps the doctor away.

Shyla Watson

Você quer o HEXA?

Fé no pai que o hexa sai!

Aline Ramos

14 Times People Stumbled Upon Something Really ~Interesting~

You never know what you’re gonna stumble upon.

Ryan Schocket

I Literally Know Your Age Just From Your Stance On These Polarizing Foods

Either you like anchovies or you don’t!

Andrew Ziegler

19 Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Own Reality


Stephen LaConte

25 Vegan Recipes To Grill This Summer

Everything you need for a meat-free, dairy-free BBQ.

Whitney Jefferson

27 Jokes That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Had Kids After 35

«My 9-year-old described Celine Dion as ‘old pretty.’ Celine is a year younger than me.»

Ali Velez

16 Films And TV Shows That Help After A Difficult Breakup

«But to make yourself feel nothing so as not to feel anything – what a waste.»

Scott Bryan

Chicharito y Layún entrenaron tan duro para el partido contra Brasil, que se convirtieron en súper saiyajines

Los futbolistas ahora tienen el cabello rubio y, obviamente, hay memes.


Contesta 5 preguntas difíciles y te diremos qué tipo de persona política eres en Facebook

¿Eres el que comparte noticias falsas o el que se pelea con todos defendiendo a su candidato?

Mireya González

If You Absolutely, 100% Never Want Kids, These 19 Posts Are For You

«Legend has it, if you say ‘I don’t want children’ three times in a mirror, an old person will appear and tell you how you secretly do.»

Kat Angus

Are You Having A Bitchin’ Summer?

Let’s find out.

Joanna Borns

How Many Of These Teen TV Dramas Have You Watched?

Shirtless dudes? Check. 20-somethings playing teens? Check.

Jen Abidor

Fernanda Gentil recebeu um comentário da Gisele e reagiu como se fosse você

«MORRI. MUITO. SERIO», foi a reação da apresentadora no Instagram.

Davi Rocha

If You Ace This «Friends» Quiz, Your Memory Is Better Than Most People’s

Can you remember where everyone is?

Nora Dominick

Fizemos o teste «quão brasileiro você é?» com o goleiro Marcos

Testamos o pentacampeão mundial a definir quantas coisas bem brasileiras ele já fez na vida e foi show.

Raphael Evangelista

How Do You Self-Care On A Budget?

Self-care doesn’t have to just be for the privileged.

Jame Jackson

Escolha um Cristiano Ronaldo e diremos se você é lindo

O resultado vai revelar uma verdade sobre você.

Davi Rocha

How The Heck Do I Start Recycling Correctly?

I wasn’t too familiar on what can and can’t be recycled, so I found out what we all should be doing.

Farrah Penn

Everyone Has A Nail Polish Name That Goes With Their Personality, Here’s Yours

Cuz the best part of nail polish are the weird names.

Daniela Cadena

The New «Yuri!!! On Ice Movie» Will Be Titled «Ice Adolescence» And I Need A Fan, Some Water, And Lots Of Answers


Anjali Patel

19 Seriously Funny Mom Tweets That’ll Make You Realize We’re All In This Together

«I used to dream about falling in love. Now I dream about falling asleep.»

Asia McLain

Se você não viu nada demais no tuíte do Cocielo, você também é racista

Relacionar pessoas negras a atitudes criminosas é historicamente racista.

Aline Ramos

How Instagram-Worthy Is Your Life?

If it’s not in a mason jar, did it even happen?

Joanna Borns

Can You Match The Element To The Chemical Symbol?

Fluorine: Fl or F?


How Popular Are Your Superhero Movie Opinions?

Everyone has superhero opinions, right?


Andy Murray Has Pulled Out Of Wimbledon With A «Heavy Heart»

«We did everything we could to try to be ready in time,» the former Wimbledon champion said on Facebook.

Laura Silver

18 pérolas escondidas nas contas de Instagram das celebridades

Porque o Instagram serve pra isso!

Krista Torres

Pare 1 minuto para ver o Galvão fritando em uma festa em Moscou


Alexandre Orrico

Trump Created An Office To Highlight Immigrant Crime. A Year Later, The Results Are Underwhelming.

The widespread «victimization by criminal aliens,” one of Trump’s favorite talking points, never materialized.

Vera Bergengruen

Eat Your Way Through A Disney Buffet And We’ll Reveal Which Disney Character You Are

«How can I describe it? Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell.»

Nora Dominick

How Many Of These Books From Your Childhood Did You Read?

You totally begged your mom for these at the Scholastic book fair.

Casey Rackham

10 Times Celebs Threw Shade Or Clapped Back This Week

«Cork it, Patti.» — Chrissy Teigen

Ryan Schocket

Plan A Pool Party And We’ll Give You A Summer Hit To Jam Out To

Splish, splash!!


17 Hilarious Cross Stitches So Good You’ll Cry Laughing

«Much like buttholes, families are meant to be tight.»

Kevin Smith

Dinos 6 cosas sobre tu mascota y te diremos por qué candidato votaría

Tú ya sabes por quién votar, pero… ¿sabes por quién votaría tu mejor amigo animal?

Luis Del Valle

How Many Of These Critically Acclaimed TV Show Have You Seen?

Have you seen everything from M*A*S*H to One Day at a Time?

Nora Dominick

Everyone Who Shaves Their Bikini Line Needs This Men’s Razor

After using Bevel’s men’s grooming razor on my bikini line for two years, I’m a believer and I hardly every wax.

Essence Gant

9 Reasons Why Doing A Solo Trip Will Change Your Life

Truly the best kind of vacation.

Arielle Calderon

Paris Hilton Tweeted «Tell Me Something I Don’t Know» And Obviously Twitter Delivered

«Hippos have pink sweat.»

Ryan Schocket

16 Things To Talk About If You Want To Pretend You Watched The Logies

I was 26 when this show started and now I am 107.

Jemima Skelley

39 Simple And Doable Ways To Use A Lot Less Plastic This July

It’s as good a month as any to be even kinder to the planet.

Gyan Yankovich



Rose Troup Buchanan

¿Puedes identificar la canción de Luis Miguel por un cacho de su letra?

Sólo un verdadero fan, o alguien que ha visto con atención la serie, podrá pasar este quiz.

Luis Del Valle

19 Behind-The-Scenes Moments From The 2018 Logie Awards

Sandra Sully the hustler and Hamish Blake doing up shoes.

Jemima Skelley

17 Times Ali Wong Was Total Working Mom Goals

«So unfair that HPV is undetectable in males. HPV is a ghost that lives inside men’s bodies, and then says BOO in women’s bodies.»

Ailbhe Malone

Could You Have Me Round For Dinner?

Food is the key to my heart–don’t let me down.

Remee Patel

34 Of The Best Tweets From Tonight’s Logie Awards

Twitter is way more entertaining than the actual show tbh.

Jenna Guillaume

17 Jokes That Prove A Trip To Lush Can Be A Liiiiittle Intense

«This soap was FORGED in an IRON CASE by Greek god Hephaestus HIMSELF.»

Tom Vellner

44 Things You’ll Know From Playing «The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time» As A Child


Luke Dhanjal

Are Your Vacation Preferences Strange Compared To Everyone Else?

Lots of little breaks throughout the year or one massive long trip?

Natalya Lobanova

9 People, Including Refugees, Were Injured In A Knife Attack At An Apartment Complex In Idaho

«We haven’t had anything involving this amount of victims in a single attack in Boise in the history of the department,» the police chief said.

Patrick Smith

31 Delicious Things To Cook In July

Anyone up for strawberry margaritas?

Marie Telling



Elizabeth Pears

Tu Voto 2018: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las elecciones en México

El conteo rápido del INE dio como ganador a Andrés Manuel López Obrador, se festeja en el Zócalo y en un discurso comprometido con la lucha anticorrupción y amigable con el sector empresarial, el candidato de Morena comienza su carrera como Presidente de México.

BuzzFeed News México

Now Another Wildfire Is Raging In The North Of England

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service declared a major incident as a fire burned through Winter Hill and Scout Road, just days after the army was deployed to tackle a blaze at the nearby Saddleworth Moor.

Laura Silver

Good News, Karl Stefanovic Didn’t Boycott The Logies

He instead doubled-down by getting a stylist and pulling on some Tom Ford.

Jenna Clarke



Lauren Yapalater



Ailbhe Malone

25 Early-’00s Beauty Products That All Teen Girls Swore By

LBH, you’re probably still washing off glitter from 15 years ago!

Brian Galindo



Brad Esposito



Jon-Michael Poff

Make A Salad, Build A Perfect Boyfriend, And We’ll Reveal Your Personality Type

This two-step process is foolproof!

Matthew Perpetua

Create Your Perfect Relationship And We’ll Guess When You’ll Get Married

What do you actually want?

Remee Patel

13 Michael B. Jordan Thirst Tweets That Will Make You Say, «Trueeee!»

«Michael B. Jordan saying vibranium is my sexuality.»

Morgan Murrell

She Says He Raped Her. But Because He’s An Athlete Her Hopes For Justice Are Low.

Irene Ojiambo is one of at least two women this year who have accused Kenyan rugby players of sexually assaulting them.

Tamerra Griffin



Yuya Yoshida

Here’s Who Won The 2018 Logie Awards

This will come in handy if you CBF to watch the show.

Jenna Guillaume



Shunsuke Mori

The Logies Are Happening, Here’s What Everyone Wore

Everyone from Kelly Rowland to Nick «Honey Badger» Cummins.

Jenna Guillaume

Design A Super Suit And We’ll Tell You Your Superhero Powers

«Where’s my super suit?»

Cassie Smyth

25 Memes For Anyone Who’s Over 30 And Awkward

AKA me.

Whitney Jefferson



Takumi Harimaya

23 Photos Of Stars Getting Ready For The 2018 Logies

Australian TV’s night of nights.

Jenna Guillaume

17 Super-Famous People Who Have Walked The Logies Red Carpet

Beyoncé? At the Logies? In this economy??

Jemima Skelley

What Should Your New Name Be?

Let out your name opinions.

Joanna Borns

おつまみに! モッツァレラチーズのひとくちコロッケ


Daiki Nakagawa



Saori Ibuki



Saori Ibuki

暑い日にはコレやね! 禁断のチョコミントなアレンジドリンク 3選


Yuiko Abe

10 Reasons Why Tracy Grimshaw Should Win The Gold Logie

As well as creating TV for 37 years she also invented the «shoey».

Jenna Clarke

17 Logies Award Outfits From The ’00s That You’d Never See Today

Sophie Monk in a beret? A look.

Jemima Skelley

Si fueras una bruja famosa, ¿cuál serías?

Y bien, ¿cuál es?

Susana Cristalli

29 postres veraniegos sin horno para cuando hace un calor que te mueres en la calle

Porque nadie quiere poner el horno cuando fuera estamos a 40 grados.

Marie Telling

Which «Supergirl» Character Are You?

Who run the world? Girls.


19 Memes For All My Aries Sisters And Brothers Out There

What’s that, you say? It’s Cancer season?! IT’S ARIES SEASON ALL YEAR ROUND IN MY BOOK, BINCH!!!

Syd Robinson

16 Husbands Whose Tweets Prove That Being Married To A Pregnant Woman Ain’t Easy

«My wife just threatened me with her hormones.»

Asia McLain

These «Would You Rather» Marvel Men Sex Questions Are Almost Impossible To Answer

This quiz is harder than Thanos’s ass.

Crystal Ro

I Rewatched «Scream» As An Adult And Had So Many Thoughts

There were so many imitators, but only one Scream. (Okay, there were like four movies AND a TV show, but you know what I mean.)

Jenna Guillaume



Hiroshi Ishii

Answer 7 «Would You Rather» Questions And We’ll Predict Your Fortune For Next Week

Its like a fortune cookie on your phone!


又吉光雄氏が政治活動引退 「健康がすぐれず」と公式サイトで発表


Takumi Harimaya

Intentar cambiar la política de México sin un centavo

Hace siete años se construyó en la CDMX la posibilidad de hacer un política diferente, este domingo Wikipolítica se enfrenta a su destino, conseguir lugares en los congresos o pensar en cómo sobrevivir.

Íñigo Arredondo



Yuya Yoshida

Maxine Waters Just Told Those Who Are Sending Her Death Threats, «You Better Shoot Straight»

The California lawmaker said she has received several threats since encouraging protesters to publicly confront members of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Stephanie K. Baer

Would You Rather: “Fortnite Battle Royale” Edition

Tilted Towers or Salty Springs? You decide.

Sarah Aspler