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"Человек одинаково неспособен видеть и небытие, из которого он появляется, и бесконечность, которая его поглощает." Блез Паскаль ZM
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How Often Should I Clean These 15 Things In My Bathroom?

You’ll never look at your hand towels the same way after reading this.

Alexandra Napoli

17 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Make Relationships Look Really, Really Easy

Step your relationship game up, guys.

Asia McLain

Kelly Clarkson And Annie Murphy Performed Of «A Little Bit Alexis» And The New Lyrics Are Everything

«A little bit Alexis and a whole lot of Texas.»

Shyla Watson

26 Posts About Taylor Swift’s «Miss Americana» That’ll Make You Love Taylor A Billion Times More

«Taylor Swift has always been this way, y’all just weren’t listening.»

Lauren Garafano

25 Michael And Toby Moments On «The Office» That Are Painful To Watch

«I hate so much about the things you choose to be.»

Casey Rackham

18 Times Men Were Absolutely, Men-tastically Clueless

Men gonna men.

Ryan Schocket

Which «Big Fat Liar» Character Are You?

«They told me to pick up a little blue car, they didn’t say anything about a little blue man!»


This Quiz About The Movies Big Actors Debuted In Is Surprisingly Hard

Before they were famous they were in…what?!

Mike Spohr

26 (Really Good) Recipes To Make In February

Extra day in February = more time to eat. 😋

Melissa Jameson

16 Products Newlyweds Settling Down In A New City Need ASAP

It’s like playing the Sims but IRL.

Shivani Agrawal

You’ll Definitely Pass This Quiz If You Have A Ton Of Random Knowledge

Do you have this specific set of knowledge?

Audrey Engvalson

10 Wild Stories About Movies That Started Filming But Never Came Out

Did you know they made half a sequel to 10 Things I Hate About You?

Mike Spohr

Iowa’s Oldest Chinese Restaurant Is Now The Weirdest Fusion Pizza Place You’ll Visit

King Ying Low was one of America’s oldest Chinese restaurants when it closed in 2008. Its history is a story of perseverance and survival in the face of contempt and persecution.

Aaron Calvin

39 Products That’ll Basically Feel Like A Spoonful Of Serotonin

These products are perky, peachy, and pretty much perfect.

Mallory Mower

21 Of The Best Beauty Finds You Can Get On Amazon For Under £10

Who says beauty has to come with a luxury price tag?


Pick An Image In Each Color And We’ll Reveal Why People Love You

You’re great, and here’s why!


14 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets The Navarro Cheer Squad Revealed About «Cheer»

«Any secret hookups?»

Lauren Garafano

You May Not Know This, But Everyone Has A Type Of Muffin That Matches Their Personality — Tell Us Your Preferences To Find Out Yours

«My muffin top is all that, whole grain low fat…»


18 Famous Men Who Were Hot As HELL When They Were Younger

I repeat: NO ONE compares to young James Earl Jones.

Kayla Yandoli

If You Can Identify At Least 15/20 Celebs, Then You’re Probably A Black Millennial

How many of these celebs do you really know?

Ajani Bazile

If You Know 7/9 Of These English Phrase Origins, You’re A Genius

Time to «bite the bullet» and test your knowledge.

Evelina Zaragoza Medina

Everyone Has An Iconic Horror Movie Villain That Matches Their Personality — Take This Quiz To Find Out Yours

Time to get a little ~creepy~.


Which Popular TikTok Trend Are You?

First question: If we hop in the Benz, is that okay?

Syd Robinson

Here’s Why «Miss Americana» Is The Most Important Film You’ll See In Awhile

For the lovers, haters, and skeptics.

Ryan Schocket

Everyone’s Personality Matches A Sith Lord — Here’s Yours

“The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some would consider… unnatural.”

Nicholas Hayden Cotto

If You Were A Significant Other From «Friends», Who Would You Be?



This Low-Calorie Sparkling Wine Is Way Better Than Spiked Seltzer And I’m Shocked I’m Even Saying This

It’s true.

Krista Torres

This Quiz Will Determine If You’re More Like A Dog Or A Hot Dog

Ketchup and bark!


35 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Won’t Want To Return Behind Your Back

Heartfelt gifts your boo will genuinely appreciate.

Rachel Dunkel

27 Hunde, die sich vom Welpen zum echten Prachtexemplar entwickelt haben

Achtung: geballte Ladung süßer Hundebilder 😍

Lauren Yapalater

Harry Styles Performed «Juice» With Lizzo And The Internet Is Not Okay

«Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever seen Harry performing ‘Juice’ with Lizzo?»

Shyla Watson

Amy Klobuchar Is Promising Iowa Voters Electability — But Has Almost No Black Support

Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has struggled with black voters for months. But Klobuchar’s problems are just as pronounced.

Molly Hensley-Clancy

24 Wedding Dress Details That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Whole Lot Gorgeous

It’s just the little things.

Peggy Wang

15 Tweets For Everyone Who’s Ever Crossed Paths With A Scorpio

A moment of silence for anyone dating a Scorpio.

Kelly Martinez

“HELP!!!” Internal #SharpieGate Emails Show Government Officials Freaked Out Over Trump’s “Doctored” Hurricane Map

“HELP!!!” wrote one federal official. “Yep, crazy,” said another.

Zahra Hirji

7 Ways To Read More In 2020

Your year is gonna be *booked* in no time.

Emmy Favilla

Comedian Nikki Glaser Apologized For Body-Shaming Taylor Swift And Taylor Had The Best Response

Forgiving queen.

Ryan Schocket

Make Your Dream Salad And We’ll Guess Your Biggest Secret

«Got a secret, can you keep it…»


John Kerry, Who Lost To Bush, Makes The Electability Argument For Joe Biden

«They’re swiftboating him,» Kerry said. «It’s exactly what’s going on. There’s no foundation.»

Katherine Miller

11 Things That Are 1000% Ok To Ask For In A Relationship

Life’s too short to settle.

Julia Pugachevsky

Drop Everything Because The New «Masked Singer» Contestants Are Looking So Freaking Good

«I know exactly who this is.» — Me, after seeing one photo of a person in a mask.

Lauren Garafano

17 Little Things To Solve Your Small But Annoying Problems

If you hate loose wires and are constantly losing your hair slides – this one’s for you.

Valeza Bakolli

We Want To Know How Having Cancer And Surviving Has Changed Your Life

Share your journey with us!

Krista Torres

Bestselling Author Mary Higgins Clark Has Died At 92

The «Queen of Suspense» published 56 books, each one a bestseller.

Arianna Rebolini

Most People Can’t Identify 10 Of These Playhouse Disney Characters — Can You?

*sings the Out of the Box goodbye song at the top of my lungs*

Pablo Valdivia

39 Organizational Products That’ll Keep Your Life Super Tidy

Another one fights the dust.

Victoria Kuglin

Here Are 11 Practical And Smart Meal Prep Tips

Save money and eat better with these practical meal prep tricks.

Hannah Loewentheil

Are These Quotes From A Disney Film Or A Studio Ghibli Film?

We love a good inspirational quote!

Sarah Wilson

This Elementary School Exam Looks Way Easier Than It Actually Is

No calculators or globes allowed!


13 Methods Of Self-Care You Might Not Have Tried Yet

Has this world got you feeling down? Here are some new things to try.

Whitney Jefferson

This DNA Testing Firm Said It Wanted To Bring Closure To Families Of Murder Victims. Then It Blocked A Rival From Using Its Database To Solve Crimes.

“When we are talking about solving cold case murders or rapes, you hate to see that suffer because of disagreements or competition,” said one victim advocate.

Peter Aldhous

27 Fun Products That May Reignite Your Love Of Shopping

🏃 —you, running to shop.

Rebecca O’Connell

Your Food Habits Will Reveal If You’re More Like Love Or Joe From «You»

Hello, you.


Britain Has Left The EU And The Moment It Became Official Looked Dramatically Different Across The Country

The end of a 47-year relationship.

Ade Onibada

21 Things That’ll Help You Be A Better Adult This Month

A hangover-curing drink, acetone-free nail polish remover, an adjustable posture corrector, and other useful things that might help you feel like a good grown-up.

Yi Yang

24 Gründe, warum Menschen definitiv nicht für die Ewigkeit gemacht sind

„Schön, dass du erst ein Foto gemacht hast.“

Dave Stopera

9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

These Pictures Show Exactly How Much Americans Love The Super Bowl

Since the very first game in 1967, America has been hot with Super Bowl fever.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

29 Super Cute Things To Help You Be More Productive

You just can’t get mad at these for making you work harder.

Emma McAnaw

If You’re Tired Of Trying So Hard, These 43 Things Can Help Make It Easier

It’s time to let these products do the work *for* you.

Maitland Quitmeyer

33 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist

And yes, it’s okay if you «accidentally» send this to your friends.

Amy Glover



Syd Robinson


DAISO(ダイソー)の大人気コスメライン「U R GLAM(ユーアーグラム)」から、新作のリップオイルが登場しました!ツヤはあるのに、サラッとした質感が特徴です。カラー展開も豊富で、王道のピンクやオレンジのほか、イエローやブルーなどのニュアンスカラーも揃っています!

Aina Maruyama



Tomoya Kosugi

24 Things You Need If You’ve Basically Never Cleaned Your Home Correctly

How to cover the basics, and more.

Natalie Brown

Do You Belong With Tom Holland Or Shawn Mendes Based On The Disney Family You Build?

Your mom is Lady Tremaine!




Aina Maruyama

16 Tweets From This Week That Prove British Twitter Is Hilarious

«the way i use semi-colons is that i just use them and hope for the best»

Hanifah Rahman

63 Valentine’s Day Gifts That’ll Put Their Ex To Shame

It turns out love is a competition — and you’re in it to win it.

Rebecca O’Connell


ローソンの「京挽き きなこくるみ」が小腹が空いた時に最適なおやつでした。きなこの優しい甘みとくるみのサクサク感がめっちゃ美味しいんです。お仕事中、勉強中の心強いお供になります!

Mayu Nishikawa



Gabriel H. Sanchez



Mihana Kuma


セブンで発見した「MEGA鶏 濃厚鶏まぜそば」が超オススメです。ふんだんに使用された鶏油の香り、コクに圧倒されます。238円+税と少しお高めですが、それに見合う納得のお味でした。

Tomoya Kosugi



Kasumi Iizuka

27 Horrofilmszenen, die Leute besonders verstörend fanden

Wenn du zart besaitet bist, solltest du diesen Beitrag vielleicht nicht lesen.

Allie Hayes

Which TikTok House Do You Belong In — Hype House Or Sway House?

Ahh, to be a rich TikTok teen.


Are You An Oldie Or A Youngster?

Test your age.



ファミリーマート(Family Mart)の「割って食べるチョコケーキ」がめっちゃ優秀でした!ビターチョコっぽくてめっちゃ美味しい〜!!スフレプリンが口の中でシュワっと溶けるのがとってもクセになります!表面のチョココーティングをスプーンで割って食べるのが楽しいですよ〜!

Nozomi Ayabe



Ikran Dahir


昨年12月に発表された「ジェンダー・ギャップ指数」で、過去最低の121位を記録した日本。BuzzFeed NewsのLINE公式アカウント「バズおぴ」に寄せられた読者の皆さんの声をご紹介します。

Saori Ibuki



Hiroshi Ishii


キャンドゥで発見した「ハローキティ バッグフック」が超オススメです!とてもシンプルな仕組みなのに、机にしっかりとカバンを引っ掛けることが出来ます。その上可愛いって…110円のクオリティではありません。

Tomoya Kosugi

Which Famous YouTuber Are You?

Subscribe to my channel.




Yuka Okamura

We Can Predict Whether You’ll Be Single Or Not In 2021

See what the future holds.




Mayu Nishikawa

Here’s Why Lucas And Peyton Shouldn’t Have Been Endgame On «One Tree Hill»

I said what I said!

Kelly Martinez

イギリスがEUを離脱 その歓喜と反発を写し取った12枚の写真


Yoshihiro Kando



Yuka Okamura



Sumireko Tomita

These 15 People And Places Are Truly Passionate About Safe Sex, And We Applaud Them


Krista Torres

26 Products That May Help Your Post-Holiday Blues

Turn that frown upside down.

Alexandra Napoli



Mayu Nishikawa


タリーズの新作フード「ピッツァサラダ プラス ケバブ風スパイシーチキン」がめちゃめちゃ美味しいんです!モッチモチのピザ生地の中にピリ辛のお肉と野菜がたっぷり入っています。これはリピ決定だ…。

Yuka Okamura

16 Funny As Heck Jokes About Lilith Because She Remains The Best Character On «The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina»

Nothing but respect for MY queen of Hell.

Allie Hayes



Asami Togi


ダイソーのセサミストリート マスクケースはパッとマスクを収納できて、カバンの中を整理できる優れもの!そしてエルモ達がかわいい!この冬一押しのアイテムです〜。

Mayu Furuya



Matt Stopera


深夜の保育園に通う子どもたち、通わせる親たちにはどんな人生があるのか――。福岡・中洲の夜間保育園に3年半に渡り密着し、『真夜中の陽だまり ルポ・夜間保育園 』を上梓した三宅玲子さんに聞きました。

Haruna Yamazaki

How Popular Are Your «Degrassi» Character Opinions?

Paige or Holly J?!


If You’ve Done 30/46 Of These Things I Regret To Inform You That You Are Lazy

We’ve all done at least a few of these…

Evelina Zaragoza Medina

Spell These «Harry Potter» Words Correctly And Prove You’re Not A Muggle

McGonagall or McGonagal?


49 Products That’ll Give You Something To Do When You’re Bored

Somehow it is still not summer and thus, I am still hiding inside. Fortunately these products are here to help.

Mallory Mower



Tomoya Kosugi

React To These Situations And We’ll Tell You What Character From «The Office» You Are

What will you do?


Dermatologists — Tell Us The Most Common Mistakes We’re Making When It Comes To Skincare

Help us fix our mistakes!!!

Farrah Penn

Jessica Biel Made Her First Justin Timberlake Post Since The Cheating Allegations, And We Love It So Much

«You somehow grow up without growing old.»

Krista Torres

This Quiz Will Determine Which «Tangled» Character You’re Most Like

«I’ve got a dream, I’ve got a dream.»


Which «Schitt’s Creek» Character Are You Based On The Bedroom You Design?

It’s all about taste, it’s always been about taste.




Natsuko Abe

19 Celebrity TikToks From This Past Week That Are 100% Good And 200% Incredible

«Am I TikToking?»

Lauren Garafano



Andy Golder