Suspicion, Not Proof, Is Enough For A FISA Warrant

The House Intelligence Committee’s Republican-written memo is expected to be made public on Friday. It’s expected to accuse the FBI of acting improperly in targeting Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

Meet the Blogger Priest Firing Red Pills At the Vatican

Fr. Z’s critics say he’s an “alt-right” priest. He says they’re snowflakes who should toughen up. His surprising rise to prominence shows that in 2018, even the longest-lasting institution in the Western world isn’t immune to the strains of the social internet.


「絵の勉強をどうやってすればいいのか」「絵が上手くなりたい」と思いながらも、絵描きが上達しなかったのに、イラスト学習サイトで練習したら、むちゃくちゃ絵が描けるようになって画力が上がりました! 初心者が、お絵かきにどう入門すればいいのか、そのやり方全部教えます。

Flash Briefing For February 1, 2018

The FBI vs. #ReleaseTheMemo, a train carrying members of Congress collides with a truck, Simone Biles addresses Nassar questions, and House of Cards is filming again.