BuzzFeed Archive for February 1, 2013

"Самопожертвование должно преследоваться по закону. Оно деморализует тех, ради кого идут на жертвы." Оскар Уайльд ZM
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The Evolution Of The Zombie

The zombie has come a long way from the mindless, shuffling corpses in Night of the Living Dead. Here’s a look at the journey from the origin of the species to Warm Bodies.

Political Coverage At CNN Is Dead

Long live political coverage at CNN. How Jeff Zucker’s «out with the old, in with the new» strategy could remake the way the network covers the circus.

The Senator From Fox News

There’s no shame in Geraldo’s political game. «I’ll be here every Friday, until as such time as it’s no longer legal.»

13 Love Songs To The Paparazzi

Bashing the paparazzi is a great way to humblebrag about your totally inconvenient fame. But this can’t be the only reason pop stars love singing about them.

Cat Swims Laps To Lose Weight

«It’s not every day that you go out there and you see a swimming cat.» Not. Every. Day. I go out there a lot, and I can verify the truth of this. (via Christy!)

How Pure Are You: A 2013 Update

Purity tests were all the rage in the early days of the internet: here’s an updated version for more recent sexy innovations.