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"Наилучший порядок вещей — тот, при котором мне предназначено быть, и к чёрту лучший из миров, если меня в нём нет!" Дени Дидро ZM
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Adele Jokes


Taylor Swift Passed Over For «Les Miserables» Role

Meet Samantha Barks. The virtual unknown (in the USA) beat out the pop princess to play Eponine in the upcoming movie adaption of «Les Miserables». And with good reason: Barks has over a year of experience playing the character on stage.

Hotties Of The Super Bowl

If you’re like me, you know absolutely nothing about either team that’s playing in the Super Bowl this year, but you’re going to watch anyway. With that in mind, here are all the men you should plan on staring at come Sunday because they are fine as hell.

Puppets Party Hard

This is how the Muppets blew all their Sesame Street money. On hookers and beer.

Obama Has A Bain Bundler

Mitt Romney’s old venture capital firm, Bain & Co., has become a focus of political attacks this cycle, and its executive have underwritten Romney’s SuperPAC. But they’re not all backing Romney: Bain managing director Jonathan Lavine is an Obama bundler, the campaign confirms.

«BattlePug» Is A Real Comic

Everyone know Pugs are the best dogs. This is a real comic that tells the tale of a fearless barbarian, his trusty and freakishly large pug, and evil baby harp seals.

iPhone Gramophone

This fancy design allows you to amplify your iPhone without using any electricity. Perfect for any old-timey occasion.

LEGO Super Bowl Stadium

An awesome Lego scale model of Lucas Oil Stadium was unveiled at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis today. It took designer Brian Alano three years and 30,000 pieces to construct. The working video screens are an impressive touch.

Cool / Not Cool

The 2012 presidential election would already be over if politics was more like like American Idol and high school.

The Right Way To Place An Order At Sonic

All of this talk about cheesy tots, cherry limeade, and cheesecake bites is making me hungry. Props to the employee on the other end of the line for being such a good sport.

The Vampire Woman Of Mexico

Meet Mary Jose Cristerna, aka «The Vampire Woman,» aka «The Woman Of Your Dreams.» What kind of dreams is she the woman of? That’s a Rorshach test only you can answer.

Joan Rivers Smokes From A Bong, Gets Stoned On TV

I didn’t even realize they could show this kind of thing on TV. Apparently, they can: on the latest episode of «Joan & Melissa,» Joan and her friend Lynne picked up some medicinal marijuana, a bong, and ended up having to call for help due to extreme highness — all while the cameras rolled.

Are Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Dating?

The gorgeous star of «Hunger Games» and British the kid we’ve seen blossom from the child in «About A Boy» to the star of «Skins» are rumored to be seeing each other. Here are some cute photos of the duo playing basketball together over the weekend — which toooootally means they’re together, right?

Newt’s SuperPAC Advisor: Dems Want To Abort Black Babies

Former Newt Gingrich spokesperson Rick Tyler battled Rachel Maddow and Rev. Al Sharpton over accusations that Gingrich was playing on the racial animosities of white conservatives during his concession speech in Florida last night.

Taiwanese Animators Take On Lana Del Rey

The video begins with critics from Billboard, Pitchfork, and Spin literally beating the «Born To Die» album with pots and pans and features Del Rey wearing a crown that declares «Hipster Runoff.» Close but not quite right. Still, it’s worth watching for the animators’ attempt at recreating a «gangster Nancy Sinatra» alone.

Channing Tatum’s «SNL» Promos: Funny Or Not?

It’s never a good sign when the talent carries the entire set of commercials for the upcoming ups, but when it’s Fred Armisen, who can complain? Still, we’re not sure this bodes well for an entire Tatum-themed episode…

Bad Lip Reading Does Rick Santorum

Of course there’s some gay stuff, but mostly hilarity. «The zoo was all I believed in.» An object lesson, by the way, in how easy it is to actually distort video.

The Tea Party Doesn’t Matter In Nevada Anymore

Mitt, Newt, Rick, and Ron will battle for a state that was once the core of Tea Party politics, and is now a microcosm of its fall. Now the Right is divided and distracted: «Conservatives in this state just can’t figure out how to row in the same direction,» says Muth.

The Ron Paul Girl Is A Star

The lovely young woman standing behind Ron Paul as he delivered his Florida primary speech was quite emotive. Here are some of her best faces. Man…between this girl and his giant, Ron Paul has the best posse in politics.

Read Newt Gingrich’s Talking Points After His Florida Defeat

A source forwards the campaign’s official spin: «This will prove a pyric victory.» They spelled Pyrrhic wrong, but the losing candidate will make the case that it’s now grassroots vs. Establishment, «Ford/Reagan all over again.» No mention of Rick Santorum.

Newt Gingrich Will Never Drop Out

That, at least, is the message of his podium tonight. Reality may at some point intervene. ALSO: There are actually only 45 states, as Gingrich isn’t on the ballot in Virginia.