BuzzFeed Archive for December 1, 2012

"Наилучший порядок вещей — тот, при котором мне предназначено быть, и к чёрту лучший из миров, если меня в нём нет!" Дени Дидро ZM
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Help Return These Photos Lost In Sandy To Their Owners

A Facebook group is helping residents of a New Jersey town hit hard by Hurricane Sandy recover their family photographs lost in the storm.

Katie Notopoulos

Cookie-A-Day Advent Calendar

Check back for a new holiday cookie every day until Christmas, including original recipes. Find out what’s behind the door today!

Rachel Sanders

Quiz: Are These 2012 Headlines Real Or From The Onion?

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and 2012 was definitely a strange year…

Summer Anne Burton

A Compendium Of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s Anti-Deer Tweets

One United States Senator’s war on the antlered set plays out on Twitter.


19 People Worried About The Fantasy Football Implications Of The Chiefs Shooting

Oh, come on!

Jack Moore

How Are You Decorating Your Christmas Tree This Year?

Bring on that holiday spirit.

Krutika Mallikarjuna

Bus Hits Airport Overpass In Miami, Two Fatalities

The bus was carrying 32 people and all of the passengers have «some kind of injury,» according to officials. Updated 11:28 AM: officials say that two are dead and three others are critically injured.

Summer Anne Burton

Kansas City Chiefs Player Jovan Belcher Reportedly Killed His Girlfriend, Then Himself

This is a sad, confusing story.

Jack Moore

It Is Really Cold In Mongolia And Other Weekend Links

That’s ice in her hair, not dye.

Donna Dickens

Before & After Meth

Meth will basically turn you into a zombie.

Matt Stopera