BuzzFeed Archive for August 1, 2013

"Если вам предлагают место в ракетоносителе, не спрашивайте, что за место! Просто займите его." Шерил Сэндберг ZM
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15 Woody Allen Leading Ladies

When Woody Allen likes an actor, he tends to use her over and over again — especially if they happen to be married. Here are 15 women who appeared in more than one of the prolific writer-director’s films.

13 Silver-Bearded Ernest Hemingway Look-Alikes

Photographer Henry Hargreaves attended the Hemingway look-a-like contest at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, FL, and shot 13 of the bearded contestants vying to be the next «Papa». He had each sitter don a replica of the sweater Hemingway wore in an iconic black and white portrait from 1957.

Is Tumblr Shrinking?

Yahoo bought Tumblr because Tumblr has millions of young users. But are they sticking around?

Glenn Beck Connects «Phony Muslim» Reza Aslan To George Soros

Glenn Beck whipped out his chalkboard to connect Reza Aslan, the author who achieved internet fame this week for keeping his cool during a hostile and uninformed interview on Fox News that focused on his Muslim faith, to billionaire and Beck-villain George Soros. Beck added, «Forget about this guy being a phony Muslim, or a phony scholar; he’s a radical progressive.»

BuzzFeed’s Cost Of Living Calculator

Cost of living calculators are often too general to be useful. What if you have a pet, or if you want to belong to a gym? What if you want to live like P. Diddy? BuzzFeed built one that takes all that into account.

20 Delightfully Geeky DIYs

From gadget cozies to Star Wars posters, these tech-related DIYs are an adorable way to show your geeky side.

11 World Wonders You Can Tour From Your Desk

Between being overworked and perpetually poor, the chances that you’ll be visiting these amazing places in person before you die are pretty slim. Thankfully, the internet is here to help you virtually experience these amazing destinations from the comfort of your cubicle.

Josh Thomas Wants To Talk About His Mole

The 26-year-old’s new show, Please Like Me, is a heartfelt, funny, and extremely awkward look at coming of age, coming out of the closet, and dealing with depression.