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"Я уверен: нельзя позволять, чтобы тебя остановило убогое словцо «нельзя»." Ричард Брэнсон ZM
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Everyone’s Personality Matches Two HBO Characters— Here’s Yours

It’s not TV. It’s HBO.

Jamie Jirak

Let’s Settle Some Brand Rivalries Once And For All

Coke vs. Pepsi! McDonald’s vs. Burger King! Marvel vs. DC! Get in the ring, baby.

Matthew Perpetua

33 Movies Guaranteed To Make You Want A Hulu Account

PSA: None of these films are streaming on Netflix.

Jamie Jirak

We’ll Reveal The Exact Year You’ll Meet Your Soulmate Based On Your Disney Preferences

Someday your prince will come.


17 Things That’ll Make You Say, «They Just Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To»

I really hope my waffle iron is still working in 90 years. H/T /r/BuyItForLife/

Terri Pous

17 Tweets That’ll Make You Say «Shit Mannn, Vinny From ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Right»

Vinny for president?

Lauren Yapalater

What Percent Shrek Are You Actually?

Let’s see if you’ve got layers.

Dobbs DeCorsey

17 Forgotten Movies Disney Never Ended Up Making That, Honestly, I Kinda Wish They Had

A dream is a wish your heart makes…and then cancels.

Crystal Ro

21 Pictures That Prove High School Teachers Have The Craziest Job In The World

Anyone with the patience to teach these kids is the real MVP.

Stephen LaConte

Pick Your Favorite Cupcakes And We’ll Tell You Which Music Genre You Are

Pop or country?




Krista Torres

15 Things That You Should Never, Ever, Ever Do On A Date — Like, Ever.

«Oh no baby, what is you doing?»

Shyla Watson

Here’s Which Decade Perfectly Matches Your Personality

Are you more 1990s or 1920s?

Connor Dunlap

Create Your Own Broadway Musical And We’ll Reveal Which Current Show You Should Star In

Break a leg!


Flash Briefing For April 2, 2018

A caravan of Central American migrants is heading for the US, Stephon Clark’s autopsy may contradict the police narrative, and Apple released a feature that makes your iPhone battery last longer.


These 18 Documentaries Have Shocking Endings That Will Shake You To Your Core

«I’m thinking the allegations are clearly false, and then…bam!»

Crystal Ro

11 hours ago

Can We Guess The Quality You Value Most In An S.O. Based On The TV Characters You Pick?

We’re never wrong!


21 Heartwarming Disney Park Stories That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

When I say, «I’m literally crying,» I mean that there are legit tears on my face.

Arielle Calderon

Twitter Is Losing It Over The Swedish Ending To «Finding Dory» Because It’s Actually That Shocking

That was…….not what I was expecting.

Stephen LaConte



Kendall Taggart



Kensuke Seya

Shop At Zara And We’ll Reveal The First Letter Of Your True Love’s Name

Let Zara bring you one step closer to your one true love.

Jame Jackson

26 Celebrity Tattoos That Will Make You Say «Well, I Had No Idea They Did That!»

Well, well, well.

Matt Stopera

19 Hilarious Things That Perfectly Describe The Struggle That Is Untangling Your Headphones

For everyone whose life is in…tangles.

Kevin Smith

This Musical Number In «High School Musical» Is The Most Emo Thing To Ever Exist

You can’t argue science.

Lauren Yapalater

19 Hilarious Tweets Only People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand

What are we having for dinner?

Francesca Rea

These Cats Are Assholes, But They’ll Make You Laugh Anyway

Such lovable jerks.

Arielle Calderon

Everyone Has Two Dominant Personality Traits Based On Their Zodiac Sign – Here’s Yours

You gotta take the good with the bad.

Krista Torres

28 Very Funny Jokes That You Can Only Retweet Around Easter Time

«Celebrating Easter by looking like I’ve been dead in a cave for the last three days.»

Christopher Hudspeth

We’ll Tell You Which Board Game To Play Based On The Sleepover You Throw

You’re invited to a slumber party!


Here’s Why The Man Who Lied About A Trump Adviser And An Alleged Russian Spy Won’t Spend Much Time In Jail

Alex van der Zwaan pleaded guilty in February to lying to the FBI about his contacts in September and October 2016 with an alleged former Russian intelligence agent and Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates. He’s to be sentenced Tuesday.

Thomas Frank

18 People Who Had A Way Worse Easter Than You

Some people’s Easters were eggs-tremely bad.

Stephen LaConte

Caravan Organizers Are Blaming The US For Migrants As Trump Lashes Out

«Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW,» the president tweeted Sunday. «NO MORE DACA DEAL!»

Nidhi Prakash

Not To Be Dramatic, But You Literally Have To See These 429 Different Hair Colors

Stop dreaming about your favorite hair color, and go dye it already.

Delaney Strunk

Only Parents Who’ve Overdosed On Kids’ TV Can Ace This «Complete The Phrase» Quiz

You’ve heard these way more times than you wanted to.

Asia McLain

18 Funny Photos That You Didn’t Even Know You Needed Today

Let’s all giggle together.

Kevin Smith

Eat At A School Cafeteria And We’ll Guess Your Favorite ’90s Snack

Order up.

Hannah Loewentheil

20 Questions About Disney Villains That Still Haunt Me As An Adult

Been askin’ these questions for years now.

Jame Jackson

17 People Who Definitely, Totally Weren’t Lying On The Internet

Quit Your BS 2018.

Andy Golder

17 Hilarious Jokes About Being A Lazy Bum

You do you…as long as it’s from the sofa.

Crystal Ro

15 Professors Who Prove Students Aren’t The Only Ones Who Fail In College.

Professors fail too.

Ryan Schocket

Only Die-Hard Disney Fans Can Get 7/8 On This Disney Ladies Color Palette Test

it’s cyantifically proven you can’t get all eight questions correct.


23 Times Tina Belcher Was Painfully, Yet Hilariously Awkward

«I’m no hero; I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else.»

Francesca Rea

A Beginner’s Guide To Swedish Death Cleaning

It’s nowhere near as horrifying as it sounds.

Gyan Yankovich

19 Super-Short Videos That Will Make Parents Laugh Way Too Hard

Because long videos are for people without kids.

Mike Spohr

Here Are Some Of The Best April Fools’ Day Pranks For 2018

I regret to inform you…the brands are at it again.

Remy Smidt

YouTuber James Charles Explains Why Ariana Grande Is The «Rudest Celeb» He’s Ever Met

Drama, drama, drama.

Ryan Schocket

“Ready Player One” Is An Accidental Horror Movie About Fandom

Steven Spielberg has made a darker movie than he seems to realize — a cautionary tale about burying ourselves in pop culture while the world burns. SPOILERS ABOUND.

Alison Willmore

18 Twitter Stories That Are More Thrilling Than Any Blockbuster

Twitter is wild, you guys.

Kat Angus

This Is Just A Super Hard «True Or False» Quiz About Bread

You knead to take this quiz!

Connor Dunlap

15 Clever Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tiny Bathroom

If your knees hit the sink while you’re on the toilet, this one’s for you.

Tom Vellner

21 Tweets From This Week That Are Hilaaaarious


Ryan Schocket

Y’all, This Water Bottle Is Identical To S’well And Half The Price

That stylish teakwood for so much less.

Tom Vellner

This Is Why Barristers Are Walking Out Of Courts This Week

Barristers across England and Wales are being urged to join a mass strike over reductions to legal aid, as outlined in a series of BuzzFeed News reports.

Emily Dugan

Which «Friends» And «How I Met Your Mother» Characters Are You Actually A Combo Of?

Are you a Marshall/Barney combo or more of a Lily/Phoebe mashup?

Nora Dominick

This News Show Presented By Dogs Was Just An April Fool But It Should Actually Exist

In the future, all news shows should be presented by dogs.

Scott Bryan

Can You Score A 6/10 On This Movie Soundtrack Quiz?

«Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…»


The New Face Of ISIS In Iraq Calls Itself The White Flags

The black flag of ISIS may no longer be flying in cities across Iraq, but militant groups are rebuilding and present a very real threat to the country’s stability. One such group — known as the White Flags — has built itself a mountain stronghold from which to launch its attacks.

Borzou Daragahi

29 Things That’ll Solve All Of Your Cooking Frustrations

Don’t let the kitchen burn you. From oven shields to garlic peelers to no-brainer egg poachers, here are all the products you need to turn «I suck at cooking» into «I succEED at cooking!»

Maitland Quitmeyer

10 Little Things To Help You Feel More Confident This Month

BuzzFeeders share the products, tips, and little hacks for feeling ~on top of the damn world~.

Sarah Han

30 Delicious Things You Should Cook In April

Spring is here and so are all the delicious foods.

Marie Telling

7 Actually Doable Ways To Feel Happier And Healthier In April

Revamp your online shopping habits, try a green thumb on for size, and more!

Anna Borges

23 Times Gina Linetti Took No Bullshit And Was Unapologetically Herself

«Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to have the same personality as me?»

Cassie Smyth

22 ~Blessed~ Dog Posts That’ll Basically Sage Your Soul And Realign Your Chakras

You’re welcome, my bbs! 💁

Syd Robinson

Only A True ’00s Girl Can Get Over 5/7 In This Olsen Twins Quiz

This quiz will only take a New York Minute to complete.

Ailbhe Malone

I Walked From Selma To Montgomery

I did it because walking felt like the only way to process my despair after the election.

Rahawa Haile

19 People Who Can’t Figure Out How To Sell A Mirror

«This is my new favorite hobby.» H/t an Siv!

Karsten Schmehl

Go Shopping At Ikea And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Interior Style

Ikea: theme park for adults.


18 Pictures That Will Make You Say «Great, Guess I’m Never Using The Toilet Again»

I’m genuinely sorry for what you’re about to see.

Jamie Jones

Go Shopping At IKEA And We’ll Reveal Your Relationship Status

Find love in the lighting area.

Ailbhe Malone



Kevin Smith



Jarry Lee

Check Off All The Teen Movies You’ve Seen And We’ll Guess How Old You Are

From the Brat Pack to the Disney generation…

Ellie Bate

17 Wild Jokes About Netflix’s Fascinating «Wild Wild Country»

«Cannot take Sheila Ki Jawani seriously after watching Wild Wild Country

Sahil Rizwan



Connor Dunlap



Eimi Yamamitsu

What Does Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality?

Your hands can reveal more than you could possibly imagine!


絶対買って! セブンで食べたら止まらない「呪いの餃子」が発見される


Yuya Yoshida

Pretend To Be A YouTuber And We’ll Tell You Where You Should Visit Next

How often do you vlog?

Cassie Smyth

Eat Some Colorful Cookies And We’ll Reveal Which Color You Should Paint Your Room

I see your true colors.

Milo Goodman



Kota Hatachi

AlexaはSiriが好き!? スマートスピーカー達にお互いのことを聞いてみた


Shunsuke Mori

Put Together A Summer Outfit And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Beyoncé Song

It’s right around the corner!


Everyone Has A Biblical Character That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

The good book is a good look.

Javier Moreno



Takumi Harimaya



Catherine JiHye Go

Do You Have The Same Answers To These «Riverdale» Questions As Everyone Else?

Some spoilers ahead, FYI!


キッチンでの大失敗の写真17枚 笑っていいか泣いていいのか分からない


Jasmin Nahar



Connor Dunlap



Gabriel H. Sanchez



Jasmin Nahar



Akiko Kobayashi

What «Game of Thrones» House Are You The Perfect Combination of?

Are you more of a Lannistark or a Stargaryen?

Pierre d’Almeida



Ayumi Mori

We Can Totally Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On The TV Shows You Love The Most

You are what you watch!

Erin Moynihan

How Many Of These Gross “Fear Factor” Foods Would You Eat For $25,000?

WARNING: You may gag while doing this quiz.

Sarah Aspler

Everyone Has A Pop-Tart Flavor That Represents Them Best — Which One Are You?