BTW, It’s Totally OK To Just Veg Out Right Now (And Here Are 7 Ways To Do It)

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Hey, hi, hello — is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is baking banana bread, working out twice a day, and learning a new language during quarantine? Where are they getting the bananas, energy, and time to do that?

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If you’re like me and didn’t stockpile your kitchen or make up with the Duolingo Owl, you may start to wonder if you’re doing this whole quarantine thing right.

And while it’s one thing to feel bad about the pandemic, it’s another to feel bad about not optimizing your time. It’s not like we’re all just home — we’re literally in the middle of a crisis.

Real talk: It’s hard enough to always be productive on a good day. So why are we all suddenly expected to be extra-productive during a global pandemic? It’s totally normal to feel stressed and exhausted right now. And, as always, it’s important to do what’s best for your mental health (see: tips from a therapist for mentally coping with the coronavirus).

So let me say that if you prefer to just veg out right now, that’s totally OK. I don’t just support it, I encourage it. In fact, here are some tried-and-true ways to spend your veg sesh.


Learn a TikTok dance.

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Seriously, lock your (bathroom) door and go for it. Sure, you might not be able to see your hips or legs in the mirror — but neither can anybody else. So pick a dance, let loose, and have a laugh. Plus, this pretty much counts as you getting exercise, all without that livestream hip-hop class your friend sent you the link for.


Take a nap (or two or five).

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Good nap spots include your couch or your bed. Alarms are optional but recommended to remind you to show your bleary-eyed face at that Zoom meeting you have to have your camera on for. (Note to self: Create a looped video of myself paying attention and upload as a virtual background. What? Todd’s gonna be talking the whole meeting anyway.)


Keep snacking.

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Doritos (Cool Ranch, obviously), Cheetos (Flamin’ Hot, duh), and Oreos (Double Stuf, don’t even think about the Reduced-Fat or Thin ones) — just keep ‘em coming. Seriously, enjoy these loveable snacks that you grabbed at the market and are very much not fresh from your oven. I mean, first of all, how does everyone casually have baking supplies and ingredients laying around?


Forcefully exhale through your nose at memes.

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Scrolling through the ‘gram or Twitter to see how everyone else is making the most of their time? No, thanks. Scrolling for memes and funny tweets? Big mood. They’re funny and relatable and don’t make you feel bad about yourself. What more can you ask for?


Go for a walk.

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And judge everyone else outside because now you have to cross the street to keep 6 feet apart. But seriously, toss on a hat, mask, and jacket, and you’re good to go! If you’re lucky, none of your neighbors will recognize you, so you won’t have to make awkward eye contact or that weird face where you think you’re smiling but you’re…not.


Watch trashy reality TV.

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Fan favorites include (but are definitely not limited to) the Real Housewives franchises and Terrace House (which you can watch on Hulu) or The Bachelor and 90 Day Fiancé (which you can watch on Netflix). Because sometimes, even seven hours of binge watching seems daunting. You have to actively watch the show, meet these characters, and invest in the plot. But with reality TV, you can expend minimal mental energy and still be entertained. You know what they say: work smarter, not harder.


Take more quizzes.

Look, everyone copes in their own way. And vegging out is a more than acceptable way to do that. So say no to that Zoom happy hour that you’re forcing yourself to change shirts for, and be compassionate to yourself.

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And let’s not judge ourselves for not feeling productive enough, because we are all just bearing through this the best ways we know how. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a new pack of cookies to open before my next nap.

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