brownmarkruffalo (u/brownmarkruffalo) — Reddit

Well, this weekend there is so much destruction going on. There are fires burning as I type. One that our president can see from across his front lawn. It’s sending a message that he will ignore, and that is making people angry. I would not wish this experience on anyone, but I believe in the right to act in civil disobedience.

Everyone who comes to the protests knows that they are endangering their lives by not only gathering in large groups in the midst of a pandemic, but also facing the militaristic policing of their respective force. That’s not a sacrifice everyone is willing to make, yet, thousands demonstrate their frustration with how our government is mechanized, that the way that most, so-called “progress” is made for a quid pro quo.

His recent remarks are laden with derogatory and pejorative terms, and I think that really set the fuse to this explosion of unrest. For years we watched uprisings and anti-government protests across the world, many that the US were and are still involved in. I think that everyone knew something was rising when Trump was elected.

I’m from Chicago, and I think our most defining trait was rising from the ashes of a devastating fire. We’ll rebuild. This is chaos and many of the wrong people are getting hurt. And people will continue to if the wheel doesn’t turn.

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