BREAKING: Security law police arrest 11 people suspected of aiding ‘Hong Kong 12’ speedboat escape bid

"Ваше сознание – мелкий безбилетник на трансатлантическом лайнере, который ставит эту поездку себе в заслугу и не обращает внимания на все громоздкие машины под ногами." Дэвид Иглмен ©

Security law police officers have arrested eight men and three women on suspicion of aiding 12 Hongkongers in their bid to escape to Taiwan last August, according to NowTV and CitizenNews. Those arrested on Thursday were between the ages of 18 to 72. Among those arrested was District Councillor Daniel Wong Kwok-tung. Officers arrived at his house at 6:10 am in the morning, according to his Facebook page. Activist documentary filmmaker Wilis Ho’s mother was also arrested Monday morning at 6:15 am and taken to Tsuen Wan police station, according to her Facebook page. The arrest was made in relat…

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