Bratz — The Toy Company — Made A Really Good Statement About Racism And Social Justice

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«Just when we thought we couldn’t stan Bratz any harder.»

As protests sweep the US in response to the death of George Floyd and other recent instances of racism and police brutality, many are encouraging those who have a platform to use it to speak out.

Following that lead, Bratz — the doll company — posted a message encouraging its followers to sign the «Justice for George Floyd» petition and to stand against racism and social injustice.

People were floored at the fact that they were getting this message from a toy company instead of from political leaders.

But some on Twitter were pointing out how Bratz was one of the first brands from their childhoods that they remember including diversity in their lines of dolls.

Bratz was the first toy brand I remember that really popularised black/minority ethnic dolls. They didn’t give the black dolls stereotypical plot lines either. They’ve been amazing for years!

Others are even making direct comparisons to Barbie and calling on the brand to make a statement too.

Okay but we stan Bratz. Barbie has 24 hours to respond #BlackLivesMatter

Anyway, it’s a reminder that if you have a following, you can use it for good. If Bratz can do it, so can you. Right?


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