Bradford William Davis: The Mets fleeced Cleveland for Francisco Lindor

"Человек одинаково неспособен видеть и небытие, из которого он появляется, и бесконечность, которая его поглощает." Блез Паскаль ©

NEW YORK — It’s been nearly 11 years since Far Rockaway High School’s most prominent alumni, Bernie Madoff, was sentenced to federal prison for creating a $64 billion dollar Ponzi scheme that fleeced the nation. Yet, because Jeff Wilpon, Madoff’s least sympathetic victim so happened to own the Mets, his presence was still felt in Queens on a daily basis. A team that shared biggest market in baseball no longer competed for the absolute best talent in baseball and was content with rolling out mediocre rosters that rarely transcended the self-imposed sum of their parts. But that spirit of constan…

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