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Hi there!

Wow, it’s been less than a month and we’ve grown a lot. I’m really happy to help you out and I just wanted to post some updates on what’s going on with the bot.

We’re now serving over 100,000,000 subscribers over more than 300 subreddits and I’m really glad to do what I can to help eliminate spam all across Reddit.

Since the original announcement post, we’ve added many features and we still have a few more things to come. This post is mainly going to focus about user categorization.

Categorization of Users

We’ve officially added support for categorizing bots into particular categories, as shown by their flairs. Bot accounts have their categorizations saved.

This allows us to add a new configuration option that allows moderators specify which type of bots to remove. This allows mods to specify all bots to ban, etc. See the configuration docs for more information on how to do this.

Optional new feature: banning account farmers

Consistent with our goal of helping to erase spam off of Reddit, we’re now accepting submissions for account farmers. They won’t be banned by default, but you can set the actionedUserTypes property in your subreddit settings to include the new value accountfarmer to automatically ban those.

Account farmers are users who ‘farm’ accounts through spam, usually in the form of word-for-word copying low-effort comments or posts to subreddits, in order to use these accounts for more spam later. «Karmawhores» are not considered account farmers.

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