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"Змея, которая не может сменить кожу, гибнет. То же и с умами, которым мешают менять мнения: они перестают быть умами." Фридрих Ницше ZM
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Only a punch? why didn’t they kill him? Right?

I mean, this is America, where you are supposed to be able to say stupid, offensive shit, and be protected, but that’s none of my business.

I guess if you can’t defeat a Nazi, essentially become one by doing the same inhumane shit they do, right? That makes you good, and them bad? Hrm… math not working …

It all starts with hate. ALL hate is bad. I hope the guy who punched this dumb ass gets some consequences for this assault on another human (as trash as that human is).

People blaming the President, cops, etc., when the problem is the people.

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