Biden ramps up US refugee admissions to 125,000 per year

"Перед тем как карабкаться на лестницу успеха, убедитесь, что она прислонена к стене того здания, что вам нужно." Стивен Кови ©

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced his intention to massively increase the cap on annual refugee admissions to the United States, which fell to a historical low under Donald Trump. In line with a campaign promise, Biden said he would set at 125,000 the cap on admissions as part of the country’s refugee resettlement program, against the current 15,000. «We offered safe havens for those fleeing violence or persecution» in previous years, when America’s «moral leadership on refugee issues» encouraged other nations to open their doors as well, Biden said. «So today I’m approving an executiv…

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