‘Better in your arm than in the trash’: With COVID-19 shots in short supply, some are getting vaccinated with leftover doses that might otherwise be wasted

"Ваше сознание – мелкий безбилетник на трансатлантическом лайнере, который ставит эту поездку себе в заслугу и не обращает внимания на все громоздкие машины под ногами." Дэвид Иглмен ZMEY
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CHICAGO — While taking her mother to get vaccinated against COVID-19, Gillian Malone unexpectedly lucked out and got a shot as well. Her mom’s appointment was the last slot available at a local grocery store pharmacy. Another patient scheduled around the same time never showed up and couldn’t be reached by phone. So the mom asked the pharmacist if Malone — who didn’t have an appointment and would otherwise be ineligible under current vaccination guidelines — could get that dose, which would have expired within hours and could have gone to waste. A few minutes later, 29-year-old Malone of Chica…

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