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"Как бы высоко не оценивали вас, всегда имейте мужество сказать себе: «Я невежда»." Иван Павлов ZM
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Just 17 Funny Tweets From This Week For Anyone Who Needs A Laugh

LOL @ the «Spice rack.»

17 «Growing Up Gay» Tweets I Probably Laughed A Little Too Hard At

Guilty as charged, your honor.

Jon-Michael Poff

23 Hilarious Tweets That Deserve To Be In Some Kind Of Hall Of Fame

Laughing myself silly. Alone. In my room. Again.

Crystal Ro

Literally Just 19 Great Tweets That Made Me Laugh And Smile This Week

L O L!

Morgan Murrell

25 «The Vampire Diaries» Jokes That Would Make Even Damon Salvatore Proud

You’re a real TVD fan if you weep over «Skinny Love» by Birdy.

Nora Dominick

Meg Cabot Just Revealed A Ton Of Behind-The-Secrets About «The Princess Diaries» Movie And 9-Year-Old Me Is Freaking Out

The movie originally had a completely different title.

Shyla Watson

People Are Sharing Celebs Who Have Blocked Them On Twitter And I’m Inhaling The Tea

Featuring a whole bunch of your faves.

Ryan Schocket

18 Jokes About Sweating That’ll Probably Make You Sweat Just From Reading Them

No, I’m not this sweaty from exercise; I just walked two blocks.

Kat Angus

Here’s What You Can Say On Facebook That You Can’t Say On Twitter

Neither platform is more free than the other — but they do have different rules.

Alex Kantrowitz

News O’Clock: How To Adult When The World Is Falling Apart

Protests over George Floyd’s death spread around the country last night. Twitter responded to the president’s tweet again. Kylie Jenner may not be a billionaire?! And we talked to Rob Kenney, creator of the viral “Dad How Do I?” YouTube channel.

News O’Clock

Black Influencers Are Calling Out Popular Brands For Failing To Address The Deaths Of Unarmed Black People At The Hands Of The Police

«The memes you guys are posting on your pages are just not gonna cut it. Do more. Don’t just be present when it’s time to be lit, on the ‘gram.”

Ikran Dahir

Trump’s Tweets Have Casualties

“I think it is an act of violence.” As Twitter begins to tackle Trump’s tweets, targets of his harassment speak out.

Miriam Elder

14 Tweets About Dan Humphrey For Anyone Still Not Over How Ridiculous «Gossip Girl» Was

Me: I’m so bitter about how «Gossip Girl» ended. Also me: Time to rewatch for the sixth time!

Kelly Martinez

Twitter Put A «Glorifying Violence» Warning Label On Trump And White House Tweets About Minneapolis Protesters

“We’ve taken action in the interest of preventing others from being inspired to commit violent acts,» the social media network said of Trump’s tweet.

Pranav Dixit

Forget Trump’s Executive Order. Some Lawmakers Want To Use Antitrust To Really Take On Big Tech.

Trump’s executive order may not do much, but a growing movement of unlikely Republican and Democratic allies are pushing for a real crackdown on tech companies.

Paul McLeod

Trump Wants To Help Conservatives Sue Twitter For Censorship, But He’ll Face An Obstacle: Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Trump signed an executive order aimed at stripping Twitter and other social media companies of legal immunity.

Zoe Tillman

A Mom Shamer Told Cardi B That Her Daughter «Doesn’t Like» Her, And She Clapped Back In The Cutest Way Possible

«Loud and wrong.»

Stephen LaConte

It’s Unclear What Trump’s Section 230 Executive Order Will Do Beyond Bully Social Media Companies

“Twitter slapped Trump on the wrist,” law professor Eric Goldman told BuzzFeed News. “Trump responds with an attempt to blow up the entire internet.”

Ryan Broderick

«Titanic» Wasn’t A Comedy, But These Tweets About It Are Absolutely Hilarious

We really shouldn’t be laughing, but…

Mike Spohr

Darren Barnet’s Story About Why Paxton Was Part Japanese In «NHIE» Is Almost As Good As The Thirst Tweets He Read

Darren (Paxton H-Y) teaching Jaren Lewison (Ben Gross) Japanese is too precious for this world.

Ehis Osifo

The Drudge Report Has Been Linking To This Armenian Guy’s Site Instead Of The New York Times

Drudge referred roughly 8 million views to the site since November.

Craig Silverman

18 «iCarly» Tweets That Prove This Show Was Too Funny For Its Own Good

«5, 4, 3, 2…»

Casey Rackham

26 Jokes That Might Make You Forget How Wild The Last Few Months Have Been For Like A Minute

*Laughs through the tears.*

Shelby Heinrich

Trump’s Campaign And Fox News Are Attacking A Twitter Employee Because They Think He Fact-Checked The President. They Have The Wrong Guy.

“No one person at Twitter is responsible for our policies,” a Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “It’s unfortunate to see individual employees targeted for company decisions.”

Ryan Broderick

Twitter Fact-Checked A Trump Tweet For The First Time

Donald Trump said mail-in ballots are fraudulent. Twitter said that wasn’t the case.

Alex Kantrowitz

Jimmy Fallon Apologized For His «Terrible Decision» To Do Blackface On «SNL» After A Controversial Sketch Went Viral

«I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision…»

Stephen LaConte

17 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

I’m done with the Grindr guy asking to use someone’s printer.

Ryan Schocket

I Love The The Official «Air Bud» Twitter Account And Just Wanted To Share It With All Of You

A perfect Twitter account does exist.

Lauren Yapalater

I Love These 17 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

2020 is definitely the Fyre Festival sandwich.

Ryan Schocket

17 More «If 2020 Was A…» Tweets That Expertly Capture How Ridiculous 2020 Has Been

2020: The broken fingernail of years.

Allie Hayes

24 Tweets About Classic Literature That Will Make You Laugh

These jokes are a breath of fresh Eyre.

Casey Rackham

Mark Hamill Kept The Biggest Plot Twist In Movie History A Secret For A Year And, Y’all, That’s Willpower

Jedi master. Twitter king. Spoiler-free god.

Allie Hayes

Ayesha Curry Posted Bikini Photos And People Called Her Out For Her Hypocrisy

«Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style.»

Terry Carter

Tristan Thompson Called Khloé Kardashian A «Baddie» After People Said She Looked Different In A New Instagram Photo

Well, well, well.

Terry Carter

Kate Walsh Just Paid Tribute To Her Most Iconic «Grey’s Anatomy» Line And Ellen Pompeo Had The Best Response

It was a cultural reset.

Shyla Watson

17 Truly Savage Tweets About Kids That Are Hilarious

Kids say the darndest things…and so do their parents!

Crystal Ro


23 Jokes That Wouldn’t Have Made Sense, Like, Three Months Ago

What a year.

Ajani Bazile

If There Was A Cash Prize For Funniest Tweets, These 17 Women Would Be Rich AF

Okay, but what are people really hiding on their close friends story anyway?

Shyla Watson

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

«I’m not not on my period.»

Jen Abidor

20 Texting Fails That Are So Great, You’ll Understand Why People Screenshot Them

It happens to all of us.

Ajani Bazile

If You Haven’t Laughed In A While, These 25 Great Tweets Will Do The Trick

L O L!

Morgan Murrell

19 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh Because They Hit So Close To Home

We all have more in common than I thought.

Ajani Bazile

People Are Describing Their Favorite Films With Only Three Words And, Y’all, It’s So Good

Three. Little. Words.

Casey Rackham

We May Think The Italy Episode Of «Normal People» Is Sexy, But Paul Mescal And Daisy Edgar-Jones Disagree

«It was problematic how tanned I was at one point.»

Ehis Osifo

Zoom Fatigue Is Real, And You Probably Have It If You Relate To These 16 Tweets

Let us work in our pajamas in peace.

Kelly Martinez

15 Funny Tweets About The Lana Del Rey Instagram Post Drama

People found plenty of humor in her questionable words.

Tatiana Tenreyro

18 Random Facts That Absolutely Blew People’s Minds On Twitter

Don’t you dare say, «I thought everyone knew that!»

Mike Spohr

18 Times The Students Of Zoom University Really Struggled Through Finals Week

«In 15 years, the college class of 2020 will have nightmares that it’s finals week and they forgot to log onto Zoom all semester.»

Farrah Penn

These Are The Fake Experts Pushing Pseudoscience And Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus Pandemic

A guide to the spin doctors and conspiracy theorists clogging up your social media feed.

Jane Lytvynenko

This Guy Is Being Trolled After He Shared His Design For A Cool-Looking Leather Face Mask

Breathing is fleeting, drip is forever.

Tanya Chen

16 Hilarious «Game Of Thrones» Twitter Reactions To The One-Year Anniversary Of The Finale

How has it been ONLY one year since the show ended?!

Crystal Ro


We Can Accurately Guess Which Season Your Birthday Is In Based On The Brands You Pick

Winter, spring, summer, or fall?


23 Tweets About People’s 2020 Plans Being Ruined That Are Hilarious If You Understand The Reference

Some references will immediately click, others might take a second (or a Google search).

Christopher Hudspeth

Try Not To Crack A Grin At These 18 Wholesome Quarantine Moments From This Week

Some wholesome content that your soul needs.

Farrah Penn

19 Tweets For Anyone Who Needs To Chuckle And Forget Their Troubles For 5 Minutes

«Yikes, that sounded kinda depressing better put a ‘lmao’ in there to throw ’em off!»

Lara Parker

People Are Realizing This New Pizza Place Is Actually Just Chuck E. Cheese By Another Name And I Can’t Stop Laughing

This is why I have trust issues.

Kelly Martinez

17 Flawless Jokes About Books That All Readers Will Laugh At

«Seeing all of us baking right now makes me realize that Peeta was the most realistic part of The Hunger Games.»

Farrah Penn

Jamie Lee Curtis’s Response To A Twitter User Calling Her «Broke» Is, In A Word, Iconic

«I sold Activia yogurt for seven years. I wasn’t broke.»

Ehis Osifo

15 Funny As Hell Gay Tweets From This Week


Ryan Schocket

I’m LOLing At These 19 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

The cat finding out she’s pregnant is my favorite thing.

Ryan Schocket

These 17 Tweets From Women Are So Good They Made Me Belt Out A Bonafide Laugh

Roses are red, violets are keen, bras and jeans have no place in quarantine.

Shyla Watson

24 Tweets That Prove Chris Evans Has The Best And Most Wholesome Account

Warning: contains extensive dog content.

Jenna Guillaume

Here Are 31 «Cultural Reset» Moments That Are Funny But Also, Like, Totally Reset The Culture

Justin Bieber imitating Maria Menounos’s laugh was a cultural reset.

Ehis Osifo

People Are Sharing The Last «Normal Photo» In Their Camera Roll, And It Feels Like A Lifetime Ago

«Imagine voluntarily touching something, and putting your face on it, today?!»

Brian Galindo

Jeffree Star Is Getting Dragged For His New «Cremated» Eyeshadow Palette During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Talk about bad timing.

Terry Carter

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

«Do ants poop?»

Jen Abidor

25 Great Tweets To Give You Something To Laugh And Smile About This Week

L O L!

Morgan Murrell

19 Tweets About Bad Bunny’s «Safaera» Being Taken Off Spotify

2020 refuses to take its foot off our necks.

Evelina Zaragoza Medina

Ashley Benson Received Hateful Comments About Her Possibly Dating G-Eazy After Her Breakup And Cara Delevingne Came To Her Defense

«To everyone hating on Ashley Benson, please stop!»

Morgan Murrell

Help, I Can’t Stop Staring At This Photo Of Timothée Chalamet’s Sad Pantry

Big sophomore college student energy.

Terry Carter

18 Tweets You’ll Only Find Funny If Quarantine Is Causing You To Slowly Devolve

This is where we’re at.

Syd Robinson

23 Celebrity Encounters That Are So Pure Because They Are So Ordinary

Could you imaging working out next to Barack Obama?

Ehis Osifo

19 Of The Most Hilarious And Relatable Californian Tweets Of All Time

«Californians be like, ‘What wine would pair well with my double double from In-N-Out?’”

Farrah Penn

People Are Sharing The Petty Hills They Are Willing To Die On And I Gotta Respect Them For Sticking To Their Guns

I thought I was petty…

Ehis Osifo


Choose Some Snacks To Eat While You’re Stuck At Home And We’ll Tell You Which Social Media Platform Matches Your Personality

Give me ALL the snacks!


Dylan McDermott Read Thirst Tweets And Says «Thank You» For All The Nice Comments About His Butt

AHS: Murder House was a gift. If you know you know.

Christian Zamora

23 Funny Tweets From Parents Making Fun Of Teenagers

There’s a reason «teen» rhymes with «mean.»

Mike Spohr

In San Francisco, Working From Home Is Here To Stay. The Techies Might Not Be.

“Somebody give me reasons to be in the SF meatspace vs. somewhere in the forest.”

Alex Kantrowitz

18 Things That — I Kid You Not — Famous People Actually Tweeted

Next time, maybe keep some of these in the drafts.

Ajani Bazile

22 Jokes About «The Secret Life Of The American Teenager» That Prove It Was, Um, One Of A Kind

Now this was quality television.

Ajani Bazile

16 Funny Vagina Tweets You’re Only Allowed To Read If You Have A Vagina

«My vagina probably thinks I passed away.»

Crystal Ro

Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever

Two months into working from home, Twitter makes it permanent for some.

Alex Kantrowitz

Guy Fieri Is The Last Unproblematic Food Person

Let’s all move to Flavortown, where no one is mean and everything is going to be OK. (For now?!)

Scaachi Koul

Mandy Patinkin’s Quarantine Videos Are The Pure Family Content I Need Right Now

Why do these soothe me???

Lauren Yapalater

Just 17 Clever, Silly, And Incredibly Heartwarming Things People Are Doing In Quarantine This Week

You look like you could use a smile today.

Farrah Penn

Daniel Radcliffe Read Thirst Tweets And I Can Confidently Say My Life Has Been Changed For The Better

Spoiler alert: He only JUST found out what thirst tweets were.

Lauren Garafano

14 Hilarious Gay Tweets From This Week

«Didn’t see this until now!!»

Ryan Schocket

I’m Dying At These 17 Hilarious Tweets From This Week

«My student loans were forgiven by Jesus Christ.»

Ryan Schocket

21 Great Tweets That I Really Hope Will Turn Your Bad Day Into A Pretty Decent One

L O L!

Morgan Murrell

I’m Obsessed With These 15 Tweets From Women This Week

From Midnight Sun to X Æ A-12, the jokes just keep coming.

Shyla Watson

22 Parents Who Are At The End Of Their Rope And Not Afraid To Tweet About It

«Our homeschool dismissal bell sounds less like a ding and more like me crying.»

Asia McLain

Marie Kondo Was Criticized By A Food Writer In An Interview And People Have A Lot Of Thoughts About That

Those comments did not spark joy.

Brian Galindo

Noah Cyrus Just Clapped Back At Trolls Who’ve Criticized Her Looks For Years And Honestly, I Applaud Her

«I am v aware there’s a lot of you who don’t like me or the way I look.»

Terry Carter

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

«What year is it?»

Jen Abidor

Researchers Have Detected The Coronavirus In Semen, And My Cheeks Hurt From Laughing At People’s Reactions

Gotta blast.

Terry Carter

17 Funny And Real Tweets About Quarantine Farts

There’s more farting going on right now than anyone wants.

Mike Spohr

The «Plandemic» Video Has Exploded Online — And It Is Filled With Falsehoods

The slickly produced video has been viewed by millions, despite platforms’ attempts to limit its spread.

Jane Lytvynenko

15 Aisles People «Can’t Wait To Walk Down» After Quarantine Ends

I can see it now…

Syd Robinson

I’ve Been Quietly Chuckling To Myself Because Of Ansel Elgort’s Tweet Response To A Harry Styles Fan

I’m only on social media to follow Ansel Elgort.

Ehis Osifo

People Are Tweeting Songs That Perfectly Describe 2020, And I’m Crying Because They’re So Accurate

Alexa, play «If I Could Turn Back Time» by Cher.

Liz Richardson