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"Мудрый человек требует всего только от себя, ничтожный же человек требует всего от других." Лев Толстой ©
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Visas: Citizens of the US, European Union and Commonwealth countries do not require visas if they have a passport and return ticket. All other nationalities require a visa. Public holidays: New Year’s Day; Baron Bliss (9 March); Good Friday; Holy Saturday; Easter Monday; Labour Day; Commonwealth Day (24 May); National Day (10 Sept); Independence Day (21 Sept); Columbus Day (12 Oct); Garifuna Settlement Day (19 Nov); Christmas; Boxing Day. Good buys: Rum, hammocks and silverware. Local dishes: Fresh fish and seafood is often on the menu. The traditional staples of the Belizian diet are rice and beans, often with other ingredients such as chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or even lobster. Funny fact: On a royal visit to Belize, the Queen was once nearly served rat.

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