Before leaving office, Trump sends final deportation flight to Haiti

"Привычка к упорядоченности мыслей единственная для тебя дорога к счастью; чтобы достигнуть его, необходим порядок во всем остальном, даже в самых безразличных вещах." Эжен Делакруа ©

MIAMI — The Trump administration sent a final deportation flight to Haiti on the eve of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, who has promised to halt removals during his first 100 days. In a last salvo of President Donald Trump’s hardline policy, Immigration and Customs Enforcement chartered a flight Tuesday operated by Swift Air, which departed from Louisiana and arrived in Port-au-Prince by early afternoon. A total of 25 deportees landed in the capital, including five infants, Jean Négot Bonheur Delva, the head of Haiti’s Office of National Migration (ONM), told the Miami Herald. S…

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