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  • beautifuldrdaly commented on Would You Choose The Same «Gilmore Girls» Characters As Everyone Else?

    I want to know who on EARTH is in this 43% of people who would choose Rory over Paris. Rory is a whiny, over-indulged kid who’s too aware of her own smarts and somehow manages to be this classic «nerdy yet popular» trope. Paris didn’t go through life with everyone telling her how


  • beautifuldrdaly commented on 9 Times Queer Couples Were Done Right On Screen And 8 Times They Were Outright Robbed

    I really love Atypical too (I was the one who submitted the Casey and Izzie one.) I like them both as characters, and I definitely agree that their relationship COULD mature into something good in future. I just kinda feel that right now it’s uncomfortably intense and on-and-off.


  • beautifuldrdaly commented on There’s An Entire «Fake Town» In This Seemingly Normal Looking Mansion’s Basement And I Can’t Decide How I Feel About It

    There’s a little fake Victorian town a bit like this at the Museum of London which you can visit for free. It’s made to look like all the shopowners just suddenly abandoned it. One of my favourite places!

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on This Is The Hardest «Twilight» Trivia Quiz You Will Ever Take In Your Life

    He can’t read her mind, but also, her blood smells tasty.

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on 25 Funny British Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Good Distraction Right Now

    Jesus but I miss those Lidl cookies since I went vegan

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on We Know When You’ll Get Married Based On How You Rewrite «Romeo And Juliet»

    Hooray! Based on my strange and accidentally incestuous Shakespeare rewrite, I will be getting married very, very soon!

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on 17 «Would You Rather» Questions That Will Break Your Brain Into A Million Little Pieces

    Oh my god, there’s nothing I’d hate MORE than being able to read minds! We all have weird and unsettling thoughts that we discount when they happen inside our own minds, but imagine knowing about someone else’s… horrifying.

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on Which TV Characters Made You Realize You Were Queer?

    Darla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was twelve. She’s a deranged vampire ex-prostitute who dresses as a high schooler and whenever she spoke in this weird little baby voice, it made me feel kinda strange. When she died seven episodes into the show, I cried and cried. Don’t fall


  • beautifuldrdaly commented on Which TV Characters Made You Realize You Were Queer?

    Absolutely right! She’ll always be my favourite, I relate to her because she’s odd and awkward. When she took her grandpa to the school dance I started crying.

  • beautifuldrdaly commented on What TV Character Started Off As The Worst But Then Ended Up Being The Best?

    Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She started off as a cliched, bitchy «mean girl», but by the time she left the show I realised that she was really just a confident young woman who knew what she wanted out of life. She could be mean, but she could feel pain, too. The other


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