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"Когда весь мир настроен против вас, вспомните, что самолет взлетает не по ветру, а против него." Генри Форд ZM
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One side had it worse if you’re only thinking about the Unites States and a certain period of time. These type of poeple always say they like diversity. Well, here in Eastern Europe we’ve had so much diversity in the people who took us as slaves: romans, avars, goths, vandals, slavs, huns, cumans, mongols (ever heard of a little thing called the Great Mongol Invasion of 1242, the Golden Horde?) and the ottoman turks. Diversity is our strength.

And by the way, since most of history travelling speed was limited, most slaves taken were literally neighboring people, so overwhelmingly the same race. Greeks took other greek slaves, the etruscans took slaves the other italian tribes, native americans enslaved other natives, blacks took other blacks slaves and so on. Very dissapointed with Adesanya, I expected better. Would Uzumaki Naruto be like this, Izzy?

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