Auto Chess devs are making a new MOBA to rival Dota 2

"Запомните, что не достичь успеха – иногда тоже большая удача." Далай Лама ©

Auto Chess, the game that launched the auto battler genre, is returning to its roots. But that doesn’t mean it’s going back to being a fan-made game mode for Dota 2. No, Auto Chess is returning to its roots by getting a standalone MOBA spinoff using its cast of lookalike characters. The new game was revealed by Auto Chess publisher Dragonest with a promotional trailer. “As Wong Kar-Wai said in The Grandmaster, ‘never give up faith.’ And making a MOBA game is our faith. Back in 2015, Dragonest launched the very first mobile MOBA game, Fight for Freedom…It can be said that we had a dream start…

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