As NIN registration faces crises, Nigerians count losses from a poorly conceived project

"Наилучший порядок вещей — тот, при котором мне предназначено быть, и к чёрту лучший из миров, если меня в нём нет!" Дени Дидро ©

Nonye was on her way home Thursday evening around Yaba, in Lagos when she was attacked by four men, one wielding a cutlass. They collected her phone, wallet, ATM cards, and even yanked off her necklace leaving bruise marks. The next day, she succeeded in blocking her ATM cards, but only after her bank balances have been emptied. Then she went to her network provider to retrieve her SIM card and was told the Federal Government has banned SIM retrieval due to the National Identity Number (NIN) registration. “My mental state is a huge mess right now,” she writes on Twitter. “I have cried from fru…

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