Are You The Gay Cousin?

"Вы никогда не пересечете океан, если не наберетесь мужества потерять берег из виду." Христофор Колумб ZM
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  • Hang with my aunts instead of uncles at family events

    Constantly get asked about my relationship status by my relatives

    Keep my phone face down at family events

    Currently own more than three chapsticks

    Family doesn’t know anything about me

    Make pop culture references my cousins don’t get

    Often argue with my family over their politics

    Don’t have a driver’s license

    Bleached my hair in the past year

    Never sit properly in a chair

    Prefer to sit on the counter instead of in a chair

    Hold my phone like a clutch

    Prefer iced coffee over hot coffee

    Beats Google Maps’ estimated walking time

    Can’t remember people’s names

    Chooses Princess Peach when playing Super Mario Bros.

    Rest all my weight on one foot when I stand

    Shortened my named to three or fewer letters

    Always arrive late to everything

    Often throw up the peace sign for no reason

    Know what «Can I ask you something?» actually means

    Had first relationship in my twenties

    Get a new haircut or hairstyle like every two weeks

    Always roll up my t-shirt sleeves

    My camera roll is just a ton of memes

    Have been asked by younger cousins, «Why do you talk like a girl?»

    Don’t have any gay cousins

    Am the backbone of my family

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