Antivirus Removal Tool 2023.12 (v.1)

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Thеsе аrе dеsignеd by thе mаnufасturеrs оf thе аntivirus prоgrаms tо соmplеtеly dеlеtе аll filеs, drivеrs, sеrviсеs, аnd rеgistry rесоrds lеft bеhind by thе programs they produce. It will automatically check for the existence of an updated version when it starts. From there you can uninstall the antivirus using the regular uninstaller. — Ability to generate a report containing the computer serial number, operating system, current and past installations of antivirus products. You can right-click the paths and open them in file explorer to check its contents. ✅ Antivirus Removal Tool 2023.12 (v.1) | 201.48 MB |
Antivirus Removal Tool is designed to detect and completely remove antivirus software. — Provides 1-click access to Windows «Add / Remove Programs». ✅ Antivirus Removal Tool is divided in 4 sections1 — Identify the currently installed antivirus programs.2 — Search for leftovers of past installations of antivirus programs.3 — Uninstall using Windows built-in functionality.4 — Run the specialized uninstaller provided by the manufacturer. ————————————*****————————————
⭐️ Antivirus Removal Tool 2023.12 (v.1) (201.48 MB)
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RapidGator Link(s)Кoд: ✅ Here are some scenarios where this tool will be useful- You want to install a new antivirus, but in order to avoid possible conflicts, you want to remove as thoroughly as possible the one that is currently installed, as well as the leftovers of any others that had been installed in the past.- The regular uninstall failed, and you are left with a broken system.- The regular uninstall completed, but you are now having problems related to the antivirus you have just removed.- Your computer is having problems because it has two or more antivirus programs installed and active, and you are unable to completely remove them. It will help you to identify current and past installations, and it will provide you with the official specialized uninstallers. — Frequently updated: as a rule of thumb this program will be updated once every month, but it can also be updated more frequently whenever is necessary. The results are conveniently presented in tree views, grouped by the name of the antivirus / manufacturer found. ✅ Here is a more detailed description of the program features
— Identifies the currently installed antivirus program(s). — Provides the official specialized uninstallers for 29 antivirus programs. Whenever is available, the regular uninstaller should always be used in the first place. These are handily presented in a combobox and can be executed with the click of a button. — Helps in identifying past installations of antivirus programs, by searching the system for leftover folders of several common solutions. — Multi-language support: Chinese (simplified), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, English. Requirements: Windows 7 through Windows 10.


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