Announcing the Great Women in Travel Awards

"Не имеет значения, что думают другие – поскольку они в любом случае что-нибудь подумают." Пауло Коэльо ZMEY
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Today is International Women’s Day, which seemed like the most appropriate time to announce our upcoming Great Women in Travel Awards, which will honor the groundbreaking, trailblazing, glass-ceiling-shattering, inspiring women who are defining — and redefining — travel. Explorers. Humanitarians. Architects. Journalists. Photographers. Designers. Hoteliers. Concierges. Chefs. You get the idea: We’re casting a wide net, looking for greatness in all aspects of travel. 

We’ll celebrate industry insiders and public influencers. Women you already know, and those you’ll be glad to discover. The announcements will roll out in the next few months as an installment in the Fathom Travel Awards, our year-long celebration of the best people, places, and products in the world.

Announcing the Great Women in Travel Awards

Who Are the Great Women in Travel?

We want you to get in on the action! If there’s a woman (or women) you think should make the cut, we’re all ears. Scroll down to fill in the entry form, or let us know on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to tag us at @FathomWaytoGo and use the hashtag #FathomWomen. You can also drop us a note on Facebook. (And, hey! Follow us if you’re not already doing so.)

Of course, celebrating women warrants more than just a day. So in a lead-up to the the Great Women in Travel Awards, we’ll be profiling women travelers who inspire us throughout the year — and encourage you to do the same with #FathomWomen.

To kick it off, we’re sharing the stories of 12 Awesome Women in Travel Who Are Breaking Stereotypes and World Records.

Watch this space — and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an installment of the awards or a feature on these terrific women. 

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