"Два самых важных дня в твоей жизни: день, когда ты появился на свет, и день, когда понял, зачем." Марк Твен ZM
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  • angieohno commented on 17 Masks For Your Next Outdoor Workout

    @sssssooo Yup, I wear one every time I walk my dog and people will literally NOT social distance, they just walk up right next to you/past you or refuse to move if they’re coming towards you on a path. It’s infuriating.

  • angieohno commented on What TV Character Started Off As The Worst But Then Ended Up Being The Best?

    I wouldn’t say he was the WORST exactly, but it took me a while to really warm up to Jake from Brooklyn 99. He was just so immature that it was hard to take him seriously, but after the first few seasons you get to see that’s he’s actually really sweet and cares about his friends,


  • angieohno commented on What TV Character Did You Love When The Show Started But Hate By The End?

    I know everyone rips on Ross from Friends, but it’s Joey who drives me crazy the most. He was never super smart or anything, but by the end of the series they made him so incrediy stupid I couldn’t believe he was a functioning adult. The episode where he tried to learn French was


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