‘An abomination’: Group offers $10,000 to remove Kansas City-area Confederate statue

"Некоторые люди думают, что будyт счaстливы, если пеpeедут в дpугое место, а потом оказывается: куда бы ты ни поeхал, ты берёшь с собoй себя." Нил Гейман ZMEY
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Although she is 70 years old, Theresa Byrd can still feel the sting of growing up Black in Liberty, Missouri — forced in the era of legal segregation to walk away from the white elementary school just blocks from her home to the Black Garrison School nearly a mile away. “In my route, ” Byrd recalled, “I went up through town and frequently I was ridiculed, or relegated off the sidewalk, told to get in the street, called the N-word, was spat at.” A statue always loomed nearby: At some 20 feet tall, it is a granite likeness of a Confederate soldier, atop a Confederate flag in relief, that some ar…

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