American Uprising

"Индивидуум имеет в себе способность понять факторы своей жизни, которые приносят ему несчастье и боль, и реорганизовать себя таким образом, чтобы преодолеть эти факторы." Карл Роджерс ZM
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American Uprising

A DC Man Sheltered More Than 60 Protesters In His Home All Night To Prevent Them From Being Arrested

Rahul Dubey opened his door to dozens of protesters who were boxed in on a street after DC police used pepper spray to disperse a crowd after curfew.

Tasneem Nashrulla

31 minutes ago

American Uprising

People Are Taking To The Streets To Protest Police Brutality Amid Trump’s Threat To Unleash The Military

Police attacked protesters in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, while Trump threatened to unleash the military on demonstrators against systematic inequality.

Claudia Koerner

2 hours ago

There’s One Big Reason Why Police Brutality Is So Common In The US. And That’s The Police Unions.

Police unions have become increasingly rightwing as a backlash to the Obama administration and Black Lives Matter — and that’s bad news for the cities they police.

Melissa Segura

8 hours ago

American Uprising

Peaceful Protesters Were Gassed Outside The White House So Trump Could Get A Photo Op At A Church

«I am the president of law and order, and an ally of all peaceful protesters,» the president said as police gassed and confronted peaceful protesters just yards away.

Salvador Hernandez

American Uprising

Prosecutors Said The Bar Owner Who Killed James Scurlock Shot In Self-Defense And Won’t Face Charges

James Scurlock, 22, was fatally shot outside a bar on Saturday following protests against police brutality.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

2 hours ago

27 Powerful Moments Of Hope During The Protests Over George Floyd’s Death

While images of violent clashes and looting so often dominate media coverage of the protests, quieter moments of peace, learning, and understanding can go overlooked.

Gabriel H. Sanchez

3 hours ago

American Uprising

A Beloved BBQ Chef Who Fed Police For Free Was Fatally Shot After Louisville Authorities «Returned Fire» At A Crowd

David McAtee was a popular barbecue chef in the community who often used to feed police officers for free.

Tasneem Nashrulla

2 hours ago

American Uprising

We’re Living In A Vacuum Of Political Leadership

In dual national crises with an absence at the top, the country’s political leadership is as weak as its least capable local leaders.

Matt Berman

People Are Coming Together Across The Country To Clean Up Neighborhoods After A Weekend Of Protests

This weekend saw an increase in both protests and violence, but many within the community chose to come together peacefully.

Kate Bubacz

10 hours ago

A 22-Year-Old Black Man Was Fatally Shot At A Protest Against Police Brutality Outside An Omaha Bar

«Last night I lost a son. My wife lost a son. … All because he decided to protest against racism.»

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

12 hours ago

“All These Things Are Happening”: Why A Pandemic Couldn’t Stop People In Minneapolis From Protesting

The coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, but the «continued anger” stemming from George Floyd’s death drove people to protest anyway.

Albert Samaha

9 hours ago

NYPD Officers Drove Through A Crowd Of Protesters, And New York’s Mayor Is Under Fire For Calling It A “Tough Decision”

«That is not peaceful protest. Let’s not kid ourselves,» Mayor Bill de Blasio said as he promised a full investigation.

Claudia Koerner

Violent Protests Against Police Brutality Are Once Again Sweeping The Country

Demonstrations that started in Minneapolis and Louisville spread on Saturday to dozens of cities as far afield as Alaska and Hawaii. Many turned violent.

Amber Jamieson

A Federal Security Officer Was Shot Dead During A California Protest

A top Trump official called the killing an «act of domestic terrorism.»

Olivia Niland