Amber Jamieson

"Жизнь — игра. Всё зависит от тебя, твои идеи, твои мысли. Нужно только подняться с дивана и идти вперед, пусть медленно, но к вершине!" Фредди Меркьюри ZM
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  • Violent Protests Against Police Brutality Are Once Again Sweeping The Country

    Demonstrations that started in Minneapolis and Louisville spread on Saturday to dozens of cities as far afield as Alaska and Hawaii. Many turned violent.

  • There Were Massive Protests Around The Country For A Second Night In Response To The Killings Of George Floyd And Breonna Taylor

    Thousands took to the streets in Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, Los Angeles, and more.

  • Barack Obama Shared A Powerful Statement On The Death Of George Floyd

    «This shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America,» said the country’s first black president. «It can’t be ‘normal.'»

  • Friends Say George Floyd Always Went Out Of His Way To Help People Who Were Less Fortunate

    «He was articulate. He was grounded. He was spiritual. He was an athlete. He was an organizer. He was a comforter. He was an encourager.»

  • Four Cops Have Been Fired After A Black Man Died Begging A White Officer To Stop Crushing His Neck

    «They’re going to kill me,» said George Floyd, as a police officer pushed a knee into his neck.

  • A Teen Inspired By The Incel Movement Has Been Charged With Terrorism After A Stabbing At A Massage Parlor, Police Said

    This is the first time Canadian authorities have used federal terrorism charges for a crime motivated by the incel ideology.

  • Trump Said He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine To Try To Prevent COVID-19 In Spite Of An FDA Warning

    “I happen to be taking it,» said the president to a stunned audience on Monday.

  • Barack Obama Said People In Charge «Screwed Up» During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    «Doing what feels good, what’s convenient, what’s easy, that’s what little kids do,» Obama said. «Unfortunately a lot of so-called grown-ups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way, which is why things are so screwed up.»

  • Her Landlord Asked To Spend The Night With Her After She Lost Her Job And Couldn’t Afford Rent

    “He knows I don’t have a job. He knows I don’t have anywhere to go — he’s preying on me.”

  • A Brooklyn Man Described As «Mr. Hooper From Sesame Street» Died From The Coronavirus

    Dozens turned out for a candlelight procession to honor beloved actor and entrepreneur Lloyd Cornelius Porter.