"Я не провалил тест. Я просто нашел сто способов написать его неправильно." Бенджамин Франклин ZM
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  • alyalyo commented on Every State Has A Baby Name They’re Obsessed With — Here’s Yours!

    But these are baby names- visit a day care. See if the BABIES are named this

  • alyalyo commented on What’s Your Favorite Non-Hit Single By An Artist/Band Everyone Loves?

    Grigio Girls by Lady Gaga makes me tear up every time

    Writer in the Dark by Lorde is incredible!

    No Choir by Florence and the Machine

    Velvet Elvis by Kacey Musgraves

  • alyalyo commented on LGBTQ People, Tell Us The Unique Way You Met Your Significant Other

    Today is our 2nd anniversary! We met on Tumblr, she followed a blog I made about the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. We lived 1600 miles apart for a year, until she moved out to be with me. Now we’ve been married for two years!

  • alyalyo commented on In Your Opinion, What Is The Worst Season Of A Television Series That Deserves A Do-Over?

    The 5th Season of Community was a mess. So much turn over of cast and crew, in addition to a convoluted story line as a result of graduation make it hard to watch. It has some good moments, but it’s not the same as the first 3 seasons. As a result, the 6th season of community isn’t


  • alyalyo commented on What’s The Funniest «Saturday Night Live» Sketch That Most People Haven’t Seen?

    The Candle Song cracks me up. So does Do It On My Twin Bed.
    Lord of the Rings Office is always funny
    OH. “Classy Sexy Elegnace” (make sure you spell it like that) that’s my final answer

  • alyalyo commented on What Are Some Of The Biggest Lies TV Shows And Movies Tell About College?

    In the movies, it always feels like everyone knows they popular kid or the student body president. This just wasn’t true for me- there were too many people! If they weren’t in my classes, I didn’t know them, I definitely didn’t idolize one sorority girl or group of frat boys. It’s


  • alyalyo commented on 15 Celebrities Who Are Doing Completely Different Things Now Than They Were 10 Years Ago

    Ashton Kutcher is doing a TON of charity work for sex trafficking victims that I feel deserves to mentioned

  • alyalyo commented on 49 Stunning Movie Shots That Will Never Not Take My Breath Away

    They were way too rich for that not to be like pure Fiji water or something

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