All Of The «Harry Potter» Movies Magically Appeared On HBO Max, So You Can Stream Them Now

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Wands up to WarnerMedia for pulling off this surprise!

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So today marks a big day in the «streaming service wars,» as HBO Max has officially launched.


And like Disney+, HBO Max is relying on its parent company Warner Bros.’ own catalog of films, cartoon shorts, and TV series from throughout the decades to fill out its content offerings.

Warner Bros.

However, last week, when HBO Max announced all its movie offerings, one of Warner’s biggest movie franchises was noticeably absent from the list: Harry Potter!

Warner Bros.

This makes sense because Warner Bros. had signed away the streaming rights for them to Universal a few years ago.

Well, HBO Max delivered a huge surprise this morning when it launched, as all of the Harry Potter films magically appeared along with the service!!!


And this isn’t a case like when Disney+ launched, where movies would show up but have a «coming soon» date if you tried to watch it. You can fully stream the Harry Potter films now!


FTR, they’re streaming in HD, not 4K, if you’re curious.

Potterheads, let’s rejoice — we finally have a place to stream all the movies!!!!!

Warner Bros.

Seriously, this has been a long time coming!

And if you’re anything like me, then this is the face you’ll be making as you start your marathon of the movies this weekend:

Warner Bros.

Sign up for HBO Max for $14.99 a month and access countless TV shows and movies. Not sold yet? Test it out right now for free for a week (for new subscribers only).

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