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"Единственное счастье в жизни — это постоянное стремление вперед." Эмиль Золя ZM
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  • Tweets, Dissent, And A Walkout: Facebook Employees Revolt Over Zuckerberg’s Approach To Trump

    “Facebook’s inaction in taking down Trump’s post inciting violence makes me ashamed to work here.”

  • Here’s What You Can Say On Facebook That You Can’t Say On Twitter

    Neither platform is more free than the other — but they do have different rules.

  • ツイッター、トランプ大統領のツイートを初めてファクトチェック。ツイート内容を事実上、否定


  • Twitter Fact-Checked A Trump Tweet For The First Time

    Donald Trump said mail-in ballots are fraudulent. Twitter said that wasn’t the case.

  • Facebook Is Taking Down Posts That Cause Imminent Harm — But Not Posts That Cause Inevitable Harm

    The social media platform is siding with scientists to stop the spread of harmful misinformation about the pandemic. If it can do it now, why wasn’t it doing it all along?

  • In San Francisco, Working From Home Is Here To Stay. The Techies Might Not Be.

    “Somebody give me reasons to be in the SF meatspace vs. somewhere in the forest.”

  • O Twitter vai permitir que seus funcionários trabalhem de casa para sempre, se quiserem

    «Reabrir os escritórios vai ser nossa decisão. Quando e se nossos funcionários vão voltar será uma decisão deles.»

  • Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever

    Two months into working from home, Twitter makes it permanent for some.

  • Small Businesses Are Reinventing Themselves To Survive The Coronavirus Pandemic

    Work-at-home desks, face shields, and home shopping — here is how these businesses are trying to survive.

  • Australia Wants Facebook And Google To Pay News Outlets For Their Content. Could Governments Around The World Follow?

    As the coronavirus pandemic decimates the economics of the news industry, the Australian government is stepping in. It may not be the only one.