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"Вы себе не принадлежите, поскольку вам не принадлежит ваше внимание." Вадим Зеланд ZM
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  • This Top UK Official Attended A Massive Horse-Racing Festival Right As The Pandemic Was Exploding

    The Cheltenham Festival welcomed in hundreds of thousands of spectators even as other major sports around the world were closing their doors.

  • Trump Wants To Hold The G7 Summit In Person But He Didn’t Ask Other World Leaders About The Idea Before Tweeting It

    Gathering for the G7 summit when the world is tiptoeing out of coronavirus lockdowns: an “awkward proposition to deal with.”

  • The UK Is Taking A Lot Longer Than Other Countries To Process Coronavirus Tests And Give People Their Results

    The government refused to reveal the average turnaround time for tests, but one Tory MP says it’s taking five days or longer. Other countries can do it in hours.

  • Germany Has Shared The Details Of Its Coronavirus Contact Tracing Operation. The UK Won’t.

    Just like with testing, the UK government is weeks behind and scrambling to catch up.

  • The EU Didn’t Tell European Governments It Agreed To China Removing Coronavirus References From An Op-Ed Written In Their Name

    Correspondence seen by BuzzFeed News shows member states were not consulted. One European diplomat described the EU decision as «weak».

  • The EU Was Accused Of Watering Down A Report About Chinese Coronavirus Disinformation. In Response, It Has Attacked Leaks And Whistleblowers.

    This is not the first time that the EU foreign policy agency’s handling of foreign interference has come under scrutiny.

  • UK Scientists Are Urgently Investigating The Link Between Obesity And The Coronavirus

    New data seen by ministers and government scientists shows the proportion of severely obese people in ICUs is twice the proportion in the general population.

  • The Coronavirus Is A Disaster For The Media Industry, But Some Websites And Magazines Are Thriving

    Some publications are flourishing by reflecting the new reality of lockdown life.

  • People In The Poorest Areas Of England And Wales Are Dying From Coronavirus At Twice The Rate Of Those In Better Off Areas

    New official figures revealed a death rate in the most deprived neighbourhoods of 55.1 per 100,000 population, compared with 25.3 per 100,000 in the least deprived.

  • Italy Was Once The Epicentre Of The Coronavirus. But A Report Says It’s Far Too Early To Lift Lockdown Restrictions.

    An official report concluded that 150,000 people would need to be admitted to ICUs by June if the lockdown was totally lifted. Italy has an ICU capacity of 9,000.