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  • Por que uma pandemia não impediu as pessoas de protestar em Minneapolis

    A pandemia de coronavírus está em andamento, mas a «raiva contínua» decorrente da morte de George Floyd, a mais recente em uma série de assassinatos policiais, levou as pessoas a protestar mesmo assim.

  • “All These Things Are Happening”: Why A Pandemic Couldn’t Stop People In Minneapolis From Protesting

    The coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, but the «continued anger” stemming from George Floyd’s death drove people to protest anyway.

  • Smithfield Foods Is Blaming “Living Circumstances In Certain Cultures” For One Of America’s Largest COVID-19 Clusters

    New details show how Smithfield Foods failed to take action in the crucial days before the plant turned into one of the nation’s largest coronavirus clusters.

  • Despite The New Coronavirus Law, Workers At These Big Companies Say They Still Must Work Sick Or Lose Pay

    The Trump administration says America’s largest employers “can afford” to give paid coronavirus sick leave — but many workers still don’t have enough to quarantine.

  • Starbucks Employees Got Sick. Starbucks Stores Stayed Open.

    Inside a week of fear, confusion, and coughing at branches around the country before the coffee giant took decisive action.

  • These Retailers Have Been Staying Open. Employees Say They’re Afraid For Themselves And Others.

    “I see a lot of elderly people walk the mall in the morning,” said one employee at a Sunglass Hut, surrounded by many closed shops in a popular mall in Minnesota. “They wouldn’t be coming in if none of the stores were open.”

  • An ER Doctor With COVID-19 Fears He Exposed Hundreds Of Other ER Doctors To The Virus

    A physician from San Francisco, Rosny Daniel, attended a conference for ER doctors in New York City. Two days later, he tested positive for the coronavirus, suggesting that dozens of frontline health care workers could have been exposed.