A full price breakdown for the ESPN Plus sports streaming service

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How much does ESPN+ cost 4x3
ESPN Plus prices start at $10 a month.

ESPN Plus is one of the best streaming services for sports fans. It combines on-demand and live sports with an ever-expanding catalog of original shows, documentaries, and news. Members can choose between a few different subscription options, and how much ESPN Plus costs depends on whether you sign up monthly, annually, or as part of a Disney Plus Bundle

The service will also be seeing a price increase on October 12 — this includes bundles that offer ESPN Plus.

Here’s a quick rundown of ESPN Plus prices and how much you can save if you choose a bundle package.

How much is ESPN Plus?

If you just want access to ESPN Plus, it’ll cost you $10 a month. Alternatively, you can get an annual ESPN Plus plan for $100. Signing up for a whole year upfront instead of going month-to-month will save you $20 annually. ESPN Plus annual plans are also available to purchase as gifts

This price will be increasing to $11 a month and $110 a year starting October 12. Current subscribers will see an adjustment to their monthly bill on that date, so the only way to lock in current pricing is to purchase an annual plan before then. 

An ESPN Plus subscription gets you access to all of the service’s live games, on-demand video content, and sports articles. Like broadcast TV, all ESPN Plus plans include commercial breaks during live games. 

Can you bundle ESPN Plus with Hulu and Disney Plus?

If you’re also interested in a Hulu and Disney Plus membership, you can get a discounted bundle with ESPN Plus. Bundling can get you up to 50% off the regular combined cost of all three services. ESPN Plus is also included with every Hulu + Live TV membership. 

As of October 12, all bundles that include ESPN Plus will also see a price hike. With no annual plans available for these bundles, there’s no way to lock in the current, lower fees before then. 

Here’s a rundown of ESPN Plus bundles with Hulu, Hulu + Live TV, and Disney Plus:

Bundle Price Price after October 12
Trio Basic: ESPN Plus, Disney Plus (ads), and Hulu (ads) $13/month $15/month
Trio Premium: ESPN Plus, Disney Plus (ad-free), and Hulu (ad-free) $20/month $25/month
ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV (ads), and Disney  Plus (ads) $70/month $77/month
ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV (ads), and Disney Plus (ad-free) $75/month $82/month
ESPN Plus, Hulu + Live TV (ad-free), and Disney Plus (ad-free) $83/month $90/month

How much are UFC PPV fights on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus gives US members exclusive access to UFC pay-per-view (PPV) fights for an additional fee. Existing members can buy a UFC PPV event for $80. Alternatively, you can bundle an annual ESPN Plus subscription with one UFC PPV event included for $124.98, or $134.98 after October 12.

The last UFC PPV match was UFC 293: Adesanya vs. Strickland, and the next event will be UFC 294: Makhachev vs. Oliviera 2 on October 21. 

Is there a free ESPN Plus trial?

ESPN Plus used to offer a free trial to new members, but the service no longer has this option. If an ESPN Plus trial becomes available again, we’ll update this post.

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