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"Ваше сознание – мелкий безбилетник на трансатлантическом лайнере, который ставит эту поездку себе в заслугу и не обращает внимания на все громоздкие машины под ногами." Дэвид Иглмен ZM
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Let’s go through your claims. As the lead mod. The one who is active, but just doesn’t care to post comments.

First, the removal of the mod team was done by a rogue mod who decided modding was «too hard and put too much stress on him». He didn’t just boot the mods, he wiped the entire subreddit clean and set it to private. I reinvited everyone and restored it. Other mods simply accepted their reinvite before you.

This is not a default subreddit, and we never have been at any point. About the biggest we ever got was subreddit of the day. JusticePorn was also never a default subreddit, so there’s no potential for confusion.

You sent a mod message on New Years Eve and didn’t get a reply? It’s a holiday and we have families.

Subhazard did have his account suspended, and I haven’t the faintest idea why.

The mod below you seems to have a lot of activity according to the mod log — he just doesn’t comment or post.

But to be honest, it’s the fact this isn’t the first or even second time you’ve tried to «take over» the sub as it’s admin. You’ve changed the subreddit style and data without asking before, you decided to change rules without asking, you’ve banned people for language/content that’s not against our rules or reddits, and while you were very good at responding to users inquiries through modmail that’s simply not enough to keep you on the team.

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