9 Times Queer Couples Were Done Right On Screen And 8 Times They Were Outright Robbed

"Веселые люди делают больше глупостей, чем печальные, но печальные делают большие глупости." Эвальд Христиан Клейсту ©

Gallavich = YAY! Klaine = NAY.

Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which LGBTQ couples they love, and which ones they felt were done dirty. Here are some of the best suggestions:


Done right – Holt and Kevin from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


«Holt and Kevin are one of the best couples on TV full stop. They support each other, grow together, and learn from each other, and they really are a great example of a supportive relationship.»

— personallyhannahnystrom

«This is the top answer right here. Not only are they a great couple, they subvert a lot of the stereotypes that some writers tend to put on LGBTQ characters and relationships in shows.»

— angieohno


Done dirty – Elio and Oliver from Call Me by Your Name.

Sony Pictures Classics

«It’s just not a movie about gay people. Both characters are coded as straight and it’s implied (especially by the father’s speech at the end) that queerness is something you experience in your youth and grow out of.»

— bot2176

«It’s clear to me that Oliver was just using Elio as a fling before he went back to America to marry someone else. He’s an older man who takes advantage of a younger, inexperienced boy and leaves him utterly devastated. That last scene of Elio crying is just disturbing.»

— keiralucy

«Call Me by Your Name was a beautiful film, but NGL it was a pretty toxic relationship.»

— bugggs


Done right – Nomi and Amanita from Sense8.


«They are couple goals! Both are so supportive of one another: when Nomi was going through a rough time becoming a sensate, Amanita never doubted her and was there for her the whole way! She also literally started a fire in a hospital lobby to keep Nomi from being lobotomized!»

— shawna_martines

«That first love scene between them… WHEW! They are so sexy and raw, but also extremely loving and accepting of one another. And being from the Bay Area, I love that they’re San Francisco based!»

— katching2


Done dirty – Kurt and Blaine from Glee.


«Sorry, but they were so toxic together. They constantly cheated on each other; Blaine even dates Kurt’s high school bully – the same bully that assaulted Kurt, and threatened to kill him!»

— broadwayismymiddlename

«Their relationship was a goal to begin with, but I think they would’ve been better as more of a first love story. They were particularly toxic for each other towards the end.»

— wethuaqm


Done right – Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The WB

«They were the absolute cutest! They loved each other unconditionally, even when it was difficult to. Tara dying will forever be one of the saddest moments on that show.»

— anyarosem16

«They are the absolute sweetest and their love is just beautiful. The show handled their relationship perfectly and made them impossible not to stan!»

— williamthebloody


Done dirty – Alex and Piper from Orange Is the New Black.

Jojo Whilden/Netflix

«They are one of the worst couples! Their entire relationship is based on lies and they’re always betraying and hurting each other. It’d be nice to have a supportive, unproblematic lesbian couple on TV for once.»

— emmaspearing


Done right – David and Patrick from Schitt’s Creek.


«They are the perfect example of true love. They compliment each other so well, each bringing out the other’s best traits. Whatever mood I’m in – sad, happy, lonely – I always go back and watch their best moments. It never gets old!»


«I love the focus on their love story, rather than them being the ‘gay’ characters in the background.»

— juche

«Simply the best.»

— jac1126


Done dirty – Adam and Eric from Sex Education.


«Adam was a bully and he was ashamed of Eric. I don’t see this relationship as a healthy example for queer kids.»

— artisticvampire35


Done right – Adora and Catra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.


«Childhood-friends-to-enemies-to-lovers EXCELLENCE. Their slow-burn story is the heart of the show. There’s plenty of (delicious) angst, but they find their way back to each other and in the end, their love literally saves the universe.»

— sydneys1

«They are easy to root for and every episode left me saying, ‘gosh, I just want them to be together.’ I thought it would never happen but their kiss in the final episode was absolutely life-changing! It demonstrated that She-ra is not afraid to show us that love between same-sex partners exists.”

— fandomfishies

«That show has some of the best LGBTQ representation, especially for a kid’s show.»

— circesrevenge


Done dirty – Cheryl and Toni from Riverdale.

The CW

«They are way more problematic than people are willing to accept. Cheryl is totally reckless, and Toni always lets her get away with it. Also, Toni has lost all her individuality as a character since they started dating. Her plots rarely revolve around anything that doesn’t involve making Cheryl happy or being her pawn.»

— samcherrykupo735


Done right – Alec and Magnus from Shadowhunters.

John Medland/Freeform

«Their relationship is a brilliant representation of a normal LGBTQ couple that doesn’t rely on stereotypical cheating gimmicks or similar tropes that often happen with queer TV couples. They had incredible communication and real relationship problems, and it was a breath of fresh air.»

— sarahraem2


Done dirty – Mitch and Cam from Modern Family.

Peter «hopper» Stone / ABC

«Sorry but they have the most dysfunctional relationship. They clearly don’t trust each other and are too scared to talk to one another honestly.»

— helena1

«Unpopular opinion, but they are kind of overrated. I love them as individual characters, especially Mitchell, but they never seemed to gel that well romantically. The show basically treated them as comical roommates with a kid who kissed once or twice every few seasons.»

— oikawatoruu246


Done right – Mickey and Ian from Shameless.

Patrick Wymore / Showtime

«Obviously, there was a level of toxicity when they first got together, but I think that’s more indicative of the environment they grew up in. Both come from a low-income, hyper-masculine setting and, in Mickey’s case, have a violently homophobic father. Through it all, Mickey and Ian have grown together and overcome these obstacles to become a much healthier couple. #Gallavich!»

— feralrabbit

«They definitely have their faults but honestly they’re the cutest.»

— breeg


Done dirty – Santana and Brittany from Glee.


«I think Santana and Brittany were more a case of two best friends questioning their respective sexualities. Their romantic feelings were a bit misplaced. They were definitely cute together, but I’m still not sold that they were meant to be. It’s like they got together cos they were the only les/bi girls.»

— wethuaqm

«Glee kinda fucked up with its queer representation – not only were almost all of the relationships toxic at some point, they had pretty much every gay character dating each other, plus mucho stereotypes!»

— srob6501


Done right – Elena and Syd from One Day at a Time.


«They are so adorable! They really represent what young queer relationships actually look like, and their story is written so well and with such kindness.»

— sheistheslayer

«They’re a healthy teen couple and they’re so cute together! Bonus points for Syd being non-binary and us enbies finally getting our representation!»

— google_106673431150466301392

«That non-binary heart card scene is pure love!»

— mets86


Done dirty – Casey and Izzie from Atypical.

Beth Dubber/Netflix

«Imo, they are (so far) a bad couple. Their physical chemistry is great, but the relationship itself is pretty toxic. I do think their relationship teaches us an important lesson though – maybe young queer people shouldn’t try to commit to one another before they’ve accepted their own sexuality. Otherwise, everyone gets hurt.»

— beautifuldrdaly


Done right – Susan and Carol from Friends.


«They respected each other and seemed truly in love. The most functional, non-toxic couple on that show!»

– Lizizzz

Note: Some entries were edited for length and/or clarity.

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