36 Of The Best Home Products Under $20 You Can Get At Target

"Жизнь такова, какой мы по своему нашему характеру хотим ее видеть. Мы сами придаем ей форму, как улитка своей раковине." Жюль Ренар ©

Because who just gets one thing from Tar-jay?

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Promising Review: «Love this smell! It’s a light tropical smell that fills the first floor of our narrow townhome.» —Casey

Price: $9.99 (15.2 oz jar)


Promising Review: «This pillow is not only super cute, and versatile (literally could go with any theme or look that you are trying to get in your house), it is also extremely soft and comfortable. Definitely a pillow you could cuddle up with in the couch while you read a book or watch a movie on a rainy day.» —Morgan

Price: $19.99 (available in three colors)


These string orb lights that will add a cozy glow (and some personality and mood) to your room so that you can relax without the harsh lights.


Promising Review: «These lights look so festive and fun. Exactly what I was looking for! While I was hanging the lights, I accidentally dropped them on a wood surface. The lights didn’t shatter. Woohoo! I will be very bummed when bulbs on these die out because I won’t be able to replace individual bulbs.» —KayJay

Price: $15.00


This lil’ artificial fern plant in a pot so you can bring some greenery into your home without taking up a lot of space or energy. (Let’s face it, if it were any bigger, your friends would get suspicious about you keeping a whole tree alive.)


Promising Review: «Great size and quality! Looks real at a glance. First impression, looked a little thin but after ‘zhuzhing’ it a bit it looks much fuller.» —animatomichi

Price: $4.99


A soft and plush knitted throw blanket for an easy and cozy way to keep warm or a fun way to add some style to your furniture — just drape it over your couch or bed, and you’re set!


Promising Review: «My absolute favorite blanket. It’s so, so, so comfy and soft. It’s the perfect size so you don’t get too hot at night! My cat is also obsessed with it and crawls under it because of how breathable it is.» —Kylie P

Price: $19.99


An adorable ceramic cookie jar because it’ll store all your treats and add a warm and classic touch to your kitchen.


Promising Review: «First off it’s a very cute cookie jar. I got it to match the flour, sugar and coffee canisters. All of the other canisters have rubber seal on the lid but the cookie jar doesn’t. Otherwise it’s a great product, the writing isn’t a sticker, it’s embossed into the jar and painted black so no worry of it coming off with repeated washing.» —Nicole

Price: $16.99 (get the matching sugar canister for $14.99, the flour canister for $16.99, and the tea canister for $7.99)


Promising Review: «I have used this item in our entry to greet guests and welcome ourselves home — always brings a smile! Always nice to come home to!» —Joy

Price: $14.99


This Hamilton Beach six-speed hand mixer so you can whip up dessert or that whipped-coffee we all love without stirring for days. It even comes with a snap-on storage case.


Promising Review: «I love the power that this Hamilton Beach mixer generates! Much nicer than my old model! It has six speeds and easily mixes anything quickly! It is also lightweight, so it is not cumbersome to use. It has a very convenient case that stores the beaters, wire, and mixer so it takes up very little storage space, and you never need to worry about hunting down where you put the beaters. I have used Hamilton Beach products for years, they are trusted to always put out a great product and this one is no exception!» —fedj

Price: $19.99


A wooden wall shelf with hanging wire for an aesthetically pleasing way to display your things. Plus, it’s like a work of art on its own with its urban-industrial vibe.


Promising Review: «I’m obsessed with this shelf!! It is so cute and the perfect finishing touch. I purchased the larger size shelf (multiple times) and will likely purchase it again for other parts of our house. We used them in our bathrooms. Also easy to install. Love it!» —Victoria

Price: $19.99+ (available in two sizes)


This fun and visually-pleasing letterboard to motivate, entertain, and remind you, all depending on what you choose to use it for in the moment. So even though you don’t feel like grocery-shopping, you can’t help but love looking at the list you put together.


Promising Review: «This board was really helpful for my room. It definitely added some personality and style. I’d highly recommended it for all ages. It doesn’t seem cheap. It’s very well made, and the color choices are amazing! The only thing that I would say is that it could be bigger, but I still love the size! I would say it’s the best house decoration ever made!» —Carly

Price: $12.99 (available in six colors)


This French press so that you can recreate your favorite coffee drinks and try new blends all in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Promising Review: «I purchased this French press as a replacement for my Keurig because I cant seem to find a K-cup or reusable K-cup that will make a strong cup of coffee. This works perfectly as I can let the coffee steep a bit longer than normal and I get a much more rich flavor. The glass is heavy duty but i still store it up and out of the way just in case.» —KatieC

Price: $19.99


A functional round table alarm clock because it isn’t as harsh as those typical digital clocks and adds a contemporary touch to your nightstand. You can even plug your phone into it and adjust the brightness (you know, when you’re not pressing snooze).


Promising Review: «This alarm clock is a great deal. The fact that you can adjust the brightness and plug your phone in at this price point is pretty good. You can also set how often you want the snooze for the alarm to be. Smart and flexible. You can press any button on the back to turn off the alarm, you don’t have to search in a bleary state for a certain button. The alarm isn’t super loud, but it starts out as one beep every few seconds then switches to two consecutive beeps, then three. It’s very easy and intuitive to set. It doesn’t take up much space on the nightstand and is unobtrusive, no bright red or blue lights. The buttons in back are plastic just like every other alarm. This is a great deal for the price.» —Cogirl

Price: $12.99


This cute reversible clean/dirty sign that will let everyone know if the dishes are clean or the laundry is dirty with a flick of your wrist.


Promising Review: «This is a cute and functional little sign. My husband is always asking if the dishwasher is clean or dirty. I put this up once I received it, and he got the biggest kick out of it. He loves it and so do I. I’m very glad I purchased this little gem. It’s made very well and also serves a purpose.» —Red truck girl

Price: $12.99


A sleek cylindrical glass bud vase for an elegant way to hold the gorgeous (but $10-a-stem) flowers you limited yourself to two of at the farmers market.


Promising Review: «I could hardly believe this vase was so pretty, sturdy, and well-made and only cost $1.99! That is a real bargain. I put some fake diamond pebbles in it and some real-looking peonies, and it looks lovely on my chest of drawers in the bedroom. Highly recommend it and glad I bought it.» —godfreygirl123

Price: $1.99


This trendy woven storage basket that can organize everything from your towels and your laundry to your closet and your (kids) toys with minimal effort (just toss ’em in).


Promising Review: «Such a great basket! It’s a nice large size. I use it to store diapers and clothes for my baby and toddler, and it looks super cute. My 2-year-old has sat in it and bent the sides down, and it still has held up perfectly and looks great. Great quality and price!» —Molly

Price: $12.99


A starter-level 30-piece kitchen utensil set so you can take this time to test out new recipes and your cooking skills.


Promising Review: «My fiancé and I recently moved out, and, while we’ve added kitchen utensils to our registry, we wanted to start cooking in our own place as soon as possible. The utensils aren’t high-grade by any means, but I can definitely see myself getting a ton of use out of everything. The organizer was great but didn’t fit in our drawer like I had hoped, so I stored it in the pantry and I’m using it as an organizer for spices, flour and sugar because it’s pretty big. I think I’ve used just about everything in the set.» —Heather

Price: $19.99


A small, decorative wall mirror with open-wire accents to bring some modern wall art and dimension to your space. And you can use it to make sure your hair looks semi-decent as you head out.



This polyresin wood accent lamp for a classy, natural touch and some extra light. Because you don’t really want two standing lamps, but you could really use some more light in *that* corner of the room.


Promising Review: «It’s perfect for my desk at home and I love the look of it. Doesn’t take up too much space or get in the way, which is perfect when I’m doing my school work and my books, iPad and laptop take up most of the desk.» —am

Price: $12 (available in three colors)


A multi-purpose gold vanity mirror that can stand vertically or horizontally, or even be faced upright to be used as a ornate tray. Your bottle of CeraVe never looked so fancy.


Promising Review: «Really sturdy and well-built. Strong and durable. Bigger than I expected too since I bought it online without paying attention to the measurements. Would definitely recommend it.» —Target Reviewer

Price: $19.99


An OXO 3-in-1 avocado slicer that will split, pit, and slice your avocados so you can make the best avocado toast or guac without having to pay extra. Plus, the pitter is made from stainless steel, and it’s dishwasher-safe!


Promising Review: «My wife bought this for me as a part of my birthday present (she knows that I swear by OXO products) since I eat between three to four avocados a week and simply use a paring knife. I tried it the first time and WOW! Safe and versatile, I can do my baked egg/avocado breakfast as well as do prep work for guacamole. Great design!» —Hambone

Price: $9.99


This tasteful blue-and-white striped vase that will make whatever you put it on look elegant. It’s so striking, you don’t even have to put anything in it.


Promising Review: «This vase looks just like the picture. It’s very nice.» —Hca

Price: $14.99 (BTW, the pictured blue bird vase is $25.49 and the pink bird vase is $20.49.)


A fun mini glowing pineapple lamp to give your space some quirky character and color-changing light. It’s battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about a pesky cord or outlet. And when it’s off, it just looks like a nice decor piece.


Promising Review: «I bought this lamp to put on my desk in my freshman dorm room this August. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find out that it is actually a very squishy plastic, which made me feel better about accidentally dropping it/knocking it off the desk. The light it emits is perfect for use as a night light or just something to have around as decoration. I will say that it does feel like if squished too hard or dropped on something sharp, the plastic might get punctured. Overall, I think it’s perfect for adding a fun touch to a room or just using it as a night light.» —a0018

Price: $9.99


This Ninja Express Chop that lets you chop, mince, and puree your ingredients quickly and without any mess, so you never have to struggle cutting everything into tiny pieces again.


Promising Review: «Buy this. It’s the best little chopper! Perfect for baby food — you can chop less for more texture but still small pieces. Easy to clean. And it’s not complicated to put together — like no little tab to slide into something else like other food processors. It’s small, but that’s a good thing because it’s not this huge thing you have to lug out when you need it. Need to chop an onion? Just roughly cut it into fours, and this does it. Bake some sweet potatoes and pulse them a few times, and it’s done. Toss in some leftover rotisserie chicken and some celery, and it’s super fast chicken salad. Almost instant salsa.» —MomofBoys

Price: $19.49


This sturdy and textured wicker bin for a relaxed and natural looking way to store all the things you have laying around (like toiletries, remotes and game controllers, or linens). And the built-in handles makes it easy to move everything around as needed.


Promising Review: «I bought these for the shelf on my coffee table to hide magazines, remotes, and other stuff. The color is perfect, and they look great. I bought more for the bottom shelves of my end tables.» —KathyP

Price: $14.99


A simple ledge wall shelf that will let you dress up a plain wall without making it look too busy. It’s especially cool if you want to put up a few photos without creating a gallery wall or hang multiple frames.


Promising Review: «I have six of these in my house now. Two have art on them. Four have picture books. They look fantastic, are very sturdy, and are easy to hang. Mine had all the proper hardware and the paint finish is great.» —Somethewiser

Price: $14.99


Some Rubbermaid storage containers to store all of your prepped meals and leftovers without leaks. And they’ll last longer thanks to their airtight lids.


Promising Review: «So I use these containers to take lunch to work, and I use the smaller ones for my kids lunches. They are not breakable like glass, and the sealing mechanism is really good, so it doesn’t spill in my bag. And if you leave the gray clasps up, there is enough ventilation for microwaving. They also do a great job resisting stains. I’ve stored spaghetti sauce, chili, stew, and all other stuff that used to stain the cheaper, thinner plastics. These are also squared off nicely, and the tops are smooth and flat, so you can stack other stuff on top in the fridge, but the lids don’t really nest in any way.» —Macadamia Island

Price: $15.29 (10-piece set)

My colleague Yi swears that these are the perfect containers because they’re odorless, don’t stain, and don’t leak — for more, read her full Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers review.


This basic sheer window curtain because you want to let the sun peek in but not your neighbor, since the developer decided to face your windows directly toward each other. Bye, Sam.


Promising Review: «These curtains are lovely and just what I was looking for. These are smooth and somewhat silky. I’m not a fan of the textured sheet curtains. I also love that they are rod pockets. Oh, and the price is great! I could go on, but I’ll just say that if you’re thinking about getting these curtains…get them. They are delightful.» —RoccoFrizzy

Price: $4.99 (available in two sizes)


A whimsical figural wall planter that will dress up your (fake) fern with its modern design and give you an easy way to display your plant babes without taking up (more) table space.


Note: This is just a single planter! The «three» planters are the same one, just from different angles.

Promising Review: «I absolutely love it, and I feel the price was right. I had to have it. And, it is well made.» —HOPE

Price: $16.99


Promising Review: «Perfect ‘mustard’ color! Really gives my entire living room a face lift. I have gotten several compliments already on them!» —JaByro

Price: $19.99


This warm, neutral-colored limestone bookend (yeah, like the pyramids) that will stand up your books and make them look that much more sophisticated. The material and the shape of these bookends will pair well with basically any style.



A dimmable Himalayan salt lamp so you can light up your room and give it a soothing ambience, all while elevating your space and your vibes.


Promising Review: «I really wanted a salt lamp, but I couldn’t seem to find one that stood out to me. When I saw this one, I fell in love, and I’m so glad I got it! It has a dimming feature that allows you to make it very bright or barely lit like a soft glow. Color is more yellow than white, but still nice!» —knickerbocker

Price: $10.69


A tabletop knife sharpener to keep your knives in prime condition. You don’t even have to hold it up, just place it on your counter and you’re all set to sharpen.



This eight-piece interlocking drawer organizer set that will give *that* drawer a little low-effort TLC. Oh, and you can snap them together any way you want!


Promising Review: «I took an opportunity during this COVID-19 lockdown to organize the house. This set made my junk drawer go from a chaotic mess that was difficult to find anything to a well-organized, easy-to-find-things-in drawer. Such a nice feeling to have everything organized. Highly recommend.» —Jane Doe

Price: $9.89


A simple but chic small milk crate with copper handles to neatly store basically anything. The handles make it really easy to carry as needed, and the wire frame means you can see what’s inside. So whether you’re looking for certain snacks, a specific magazine, or even a specific cereal, you’ll have no trouble organizing and finding it!


Promising Review: «Love, love, love these!!!. I have several and have used them in my laundry room for supplies, in my pantry for snacks, and in my bathroom for hair items under the sink to keep them organized. The copper looks classy and very neat. I have gotten many compliments on them. I need to purchase more.» —kap

Price: $14.99 (also available in a large size for $19.99)


This charming and utilitarian metal pedestal desk clock brings charisma to any space while dutifully keeping the time. And the tiny shelf adds a cute and useful spot to hold succulents or knickknacks.


Promising Review: «Such a cute little clock! Even though it isn’t illuminated, I can still see the hands when it is dark since they are white. I love the little shelf — I put a tiny artificial succulent plant (in a white pot) on the shelf, and it’s perfect. The sage color is very soft and neutral.» —happyshopper

Price: $12.99

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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