31 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For Dads Who Love Food

"Оптимизм - это доктрина, утверждающая, что все прекрасно, включая безобразное, все хорошо, особенно плохое, и все правильно, в том числе неправильное… Доктрина эта передается по наследству, однако, к счастью, не заразна." Амброз Бирс ZM
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Features: four high performance stainless steel burners with porcelain enameled flavorizer bars, grease management system to reduce risk of flare-ups, porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates provide 646 square inches of cooking space, tuck-away warming rack, infinity ignition, stainless steel prep workspace, 10 year guarantee

Promising review: «I have been grilling for over 30 years now (not continuously) and I have to say, this is the finest grill I’ve ever owned. Over the decades I have always opted for the $350 price point grills. I constantly experienced burned out burners, rusted components, and poor engineering.

This grill is built like a tank – massively superior, and easily worth the extra investment. Engineering enhancements include:

1) Heavy duty main fire box. You know how the water quickly evaporates off the top of your cheap grill as it heats up? Well, this grill is so heavy duty that it actually contains the heat – what a concept. The rain droplets won’t evaporate off until the grill is over 450 degrees.

2) The drip guards are designed to be steeply pitched, so instead of that flat surface that catches the grease and then catches on fire and burns your chicken, it actually channels it away.

3) The slide in base of the fire box is also steep, so that it actually channels burned stuff, grease etc. down into the catch pan. (Unlike the nearly flat base of the $350 grills). Again, this avoids the periodic grill fire when that detritus finally catches on fire and burns off.

4) Electronics for the starters are mounted away from the heat – so they don’t burn up in the first three months of ownership.

5) Burners have holes in them that do extend forward and backward enough to make the entire grill surface usable – they aren’t lying about this.

6) The burners slide into slots, rather than screw into place. This means those screws that burn up and rust into a solid mass of unmovable metal (in cheaper grills) won’t be there if and when I have to change a burner. If you’re thinking that it is time to move up to a serious grill, please consider this fine item.» —Drew

Get it from Amazon for $899 (four colors).

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