30 Practical Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Use

"Перед тем как карабкаться на лестницу успеха, убедитесь, что она прислонена к стене того здания, что вам нужно." Стивен Кови ZM
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You know, gifts that *won’t* end up buried somewhere in the garage, never to be used or seen again.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


A camping-inspired travel coffee mug so he can at least pretend he’s on his way to the forest for an epic trip…when in reality, he’s actually driving to work.


It’s a vacuum insulated mug that can keep drinks hot up to five hours and cold up to 10.

Promising review: «I really like this! It’s a good size; fits in my cup holder and does not leak. I bought two other colors too and I love them all! I’d buy again, because they make great gifts. The inside of the grip is a nice rubbery plastic material that keeps it from slipping in your hand. There aren’t a lot of moving parts to lose so that is a plus too.» —Eva

Get it from Amazon for $12.92+ (available in five colors).


A set of seat-gap fillers that’ll protect his belongings from the dreaded black hole between the seat and center console. Simple, practical, useful — ya just can’t go wrong here.

amazon.com / Via amazon.com

Promising review: «I have to admit, my expectations weren’t very high. I thought it was a joke when my husband got this for me for Christmas. Little did I realize it would become one of my most favorite gadgets ever! I don’t know if I realized just how many things went missing in my seat gap. It has really saved a lot of things from disappearing into that black hole. It was easy enough to fit into my car and it’s soft! It’s just like an extension of my seat! There really isn’t another product that compares to this.» —Tessa Forbes

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $19.99.


A coffee subscription box so he can drink coffee from countries around the world even if he hasn’t ~bean~ there before. *Corny dad jokes: Activated.*

instagram.com, instagram.com

Atlas Coffee Club will deliver dad fresh coffee from all over the world! He can even purchase individual bags to sample (though some are only available with a subscription), or you can sign him up for the delivery service so he can receive different bags biweekly or monthly. And because Atlas Coffee Club doesn’t mess around, they offer coffee from over 50+ countries! Hello, good morning!!!

Check out BuzzFeed’s complete review on this subscription service to learn why it makes for possibly the best gift ever.

Get it from Atlas Coffee Club starting at $9 per month (certain bags available for individual purchase), or give it as a monthly gift for $55+.


A sleek, minimalist wallet and money clip that can fit up to 12 cards — which means he can finally downsize from his bulky, worn-out one.


I gifted one of these to my boyfriend months ago and he still carries it around daily. Prior to that, he’d have to lug around this huge leather wallet (like, it was a BRICK) that was stuffed to the brim with useless receipts and business cards. Now he has everything he needs in this sleek cardholder.

It can hold up to twelve cards and has a money clip for carrying cash. Even with the max amount of cards, the wallet doesn’t lose its small, compact shape so traveling with it will be easy and breezy. No more bulky wallets taking up unnecessary space!

Get it from Amazon for $72 (available in three colors).

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: «I was looking for a massaging product to help with my lower back pain. I discovered the Zyllion pillow massager and thought it was a very reasonable price so I ordered it. The Shiatsu balls rotating on my lower back in combination with the heating feature (which can be turned off) really provided the relief I was looking for. I use it every morning while watching the news and it relieves the tightness in my back so I can get the day started. I would recommend this product to anyone.» —D. Anderson

Get it from Amazon for $49.95.


A wireless phone charger for keeping his phone juiced up without the hassle of cords. After all, dad *is* the life of the group chat so his phone needs to be charged 24/7.


Only compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, Galaxy S9 / S9+/ S8 / S8+ / Note 8 / S7 / S7 edge / S6 edge+ / Note 5, Nokia Lumia 830 / 920 / 1020 / 1520 / 930, Yota Phone 2, and Google Nexus 6 / 4 / 5.

Promising review: «Works with Otterbox Defender case! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with an Otterbox Defender case. I didn’t want to have to take my case off as this charger would be primarily used when I’m at work. I opted to stream music from my phone instead of buying and bringing a radio to my office, and I was using a standard charger but getting annoyed when I would have to leave my office and want to take my phone with me. I was so happy that I ordered one for my home as well!» —Karissa T.

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.


An eight-person tent with a covered awning to get the whole family excited — like, dad-level excited — about spending time outdoors, and keep everyone dry when it inevitably rains (which as I’m sure you know, it always does!).

amazon.com / amazon.com

It has a large front awning for dry tent entry, rain fly, zippered windows, mesh roof vents, gear loft, and carry bag.

Promising reviews: «We searched through reviews and decided on this tent. Best move we could have made. We were novice campers approaching retirement and were looking for something that would be roomy for us and could accommodate our grown kids and grandkids. This tent sets up easy and has great ventilation. We could fit two queen mattresses; one in each room. It did great on literally our third night camping EVER by staying completely dry during a four-hour rain event.» —David Brown

Get it from Amazon for $139.98+ (available in two colors).


A Squatty Potty — a little stool that makes other stool-related things easier. Look, it makes you poop faster. And honestly, what’s more practical than that?


Promising review: «I’ve bought one of these for myself, my parents, and my friends. I’m not kidding. You may think I’m just some made up spam account, but I honestly have bought multiple squatty potties. Not to get too graphic, but when I’m doing my business I’ll think almost nothing came out based on the amount of pushing I did. I’ll turn around and the bowl is full. I’ve never seen so much come out of me so easily before. As long as you are also getting an appropriate amount of fiber in your diet, this will work better than sitting on the toilet normally. I almost don’t want to use a toilet for number two unless there’s a squatty potty.» —Ludlum

Read one BuzzFeeder’s full review on the infamous Squatty Potty.

Get it from Amazon for $24.99.


A three-speed Ninja blender so his fruits and veggies can be much smoother than his not-so-smooth dad jokes. Love ya, dad!

amazon.com / amazon.com

Promising review: «WOW. This blender is magnificent! These blades will cut ANYTHING. I bought this mostly to make pineapple hull juice and it easily works as described. Now I use it all the time! Besides its power, this blender is beautifully designed — it has all sorts of security features, so it’s impossible to screw things up. For example, the lid is airtight and has a sensor/click that will prevent the blender from turning on if it’s open. Best purchase I’ve made in a while!» —P.V.

Get it from Amazon for $73.99.

And check out our picks for the top blenders at every price point on BuzzFeed Reviews!


A set of handy kabob baskets that’ll make the perfect, hassle-free kabob on the grill every 👏 single 👏 time 👏.

Uncommon Goods

Promising review: «I bought this for my dad for his birthday. He loves getting creative with his grill set, so the kabob set was what he needed. It’s an easy item to use and all you have to do is cut up the meat or vegetables and set them in the kabob basket — no sticks needed. Since you can reuse these, there’s no need to get those wooden sticks and throw them out after one use.» —Gift Giver

Get a set of two from Uncommon Goods for $8+ (also available in set of four).


A bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey he’ll end up putting on everything, it’s just that delicious.


Promising Review: «Saw this on a Food Network show and decided to try! LOVE IT! Great honey taste with just a bit of heat at the end. My husband loves ‘hot’ foods and even grows his own peppers to put on anything. He really likes this on his French toast and I like it with peanut butter. However, I just made baked beans and added a tablespoon of Mike’s Hot in addition to the brown sugar (reduced amount) and they were the BEST baked beans ever!» —Ritakc

And check out our full review of Mike’s Hot Honey — yes, we really love it that much.

Get it from Amazon for $8.06.


An incredibly durable wallet made from reclaimed sailcloth and heavy duty nylon — a thoughtful gift for boat dads and sustainable dads alike.

The Grommet

Promising review: «Just as advertised: light, tough, and holds a surprising amount of money, cards, and assorted items. Fits easily in a hip pocket. Highly recommended.» —Dave

Get it from The Grommet for $29.95 (available in black and white).


A giant shower head so dad can start the day the right way: Under a calming waterfall. Perhaps this is the only right way to start the day…


Promising review: «Bought this to replace a Delta rain shower that cost three times as much. This is so much better and truly feels luxurious! I bought a 16-inch extender pipe to get the shower head far enough away from the wall as it’s a large, 12-inch square. Once we installed it and started using it, however, we felt very guilty with the torrents of water coming out of it as we want to be socially responsible with our water use! So we got this shut off valve and set the lever to where to we felt comfortable with the water flow, and since then it’s been set it once and forget it! We liked this setup so much we bought another set of all three parts for our other home too!» —SamMo

Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in two sizes and shapes).


Heat-resistant cooking and grilling gloves for all of dad’s ultimate dinners. May he now run back and forth from the stove to the grill in complete ease.

The Grommet

Promising review: «I have used these gloves to pull a cookie tray out of the oven, and to turn my 13 lb Thanksgiving turkey over while I cooked it on my gas grill.There are no «hot spots» to burn the skin and I appreciate the long cuffs. Perfect as a gift for cooks, bakers, and grill masters.» —Shelly

Get them from The Grommet for $26 or Amazon for $25.95+ (available in three sizes and four colors).


A sunscreen stick made to protect tattoos from the sun and prevent colors from fading. It’s packed with vitamin E and aloe vera so it will give dad’s skin a dose of hydration — it’s what he (and his tattoo!) deserves!

Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

There — and I cannot stress this enough — are VERY little skincare products out there made specifically for tattoos, so this INK sunscreen stick (and their entire collection) is an actual godsend. I regularly use their tattoo brightener and it’s like food for my tattoos: It’s nourishing, hydrating, and my tattoos truly look like they were just inked — especially my hummingbird (pictured) that features fine lines.

If your dad has any tattoos and spends time in the sun, this is a must-have.

Get it from INK for $24+ (available in two sizes, or as a gift set with the entire collection for $99).


A console organizer for sorting out the ever-growing mess in his cupholder. He’ll be able to find what he’s looking for when he needs it, and most importantly, keep his eyes on the road. Yay for safety!


Promising review: «Storage compartments are rare nowadays in newer cars, so I didn’t have a place to store my oversized sunglasses, a pair of gloves. and access card apart from cramming them into the two cup holders in the middle. Thankfully this organizer makes it easy and I can also have my hand sanitizer within reach. If you rotate it 90 degrees, the other cup holder can still hold another drink. Very happy with this purchase especially since I can always move it to another vehicle when the time comes!» —Frank Yeo

Get it from Amazon for $8.57 (available in two sizes).


A stylish pair (key word being stylish here) of blue light-blocking glasses that’ll reduce that headache-causing blue violet light from screens so he can spend more time tagging you in random things on Facebook.

Eye Buy Direct

Get a pair from Eye Buy Direct starting at $25.


A set of ergonomic bowls designed for couch eating — or in dad 101 lingo, to optimize his relaxation and prevent spills.


Promising review: «These bowls are SO fantastic. My husband loves a bowl of cereal in the morning and this one is perfect to carry around while he’s helping the kiddos get their breakfast, too! I love them for a good bowl of soup on the couch. They’re really, really great. Super comfortable in your hand, beautiful to look at in the cabinet, and awesome for everyday use.» —J in NC

Get a set of two from Uncommon Goods for $38.


A memory foam seat cushion, because there’s no better gift than the gift of comfort. It’s true, someone important said that at some point in history, I’m sure of it.


Promising review: «I bought two. One for me, and one for my 87-year-old father. I think mine is great. My father said he doesn’t think about his much, because he forgets he’s sitting on it. Translated from old man speak, that means he LOVES it! Dad spends hours a day, sitting on a hard wooden dining room chair, watching all of the TV judge shows, news shows, financial reports, and anything else that could cause an old man to have a sore ass. Since I got this chair pad for him, he’s actually cut back on his political rants!» —PapaBear

Get it from Amazon for $25.45.


«The Cut Buddy» — dad’s sure-fire way to get clean, precise grooming lines that are totally barber-worthy.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: «This thing is amazing. Holds well in the hand, has many different outline sides, and the chalk pencil it comes with does a good job of helping me keep my line when I shave with a straight razor. I have tried other beard templates but they were too big, left outlines that looked subpar, and didn’t have a barber pencil. This is worth every penny.» —J

Get it from Amazon for $8.95.


An actually affordable jar humidor to keep his small cigar collection at peak freshness.


Promising review: «With the addition of Boveda humidity packs, this brilliant and versatile humidifier is my new favorite. I re-calibrated my hydrometer and popped it in this with a Bovida 69% humidity pack and it is spot-on. My temperature is pretty solid in the space where I keep my cigars and I have not seen any major swings in humidity. It’s simple, useful, and a fantastic investment for keeping several cigars ‘at the ready’.» —bearto

Get it from Amazon for $13.90.


A smart notebook that’ll capture his best doodles, lists, and thoughts and then upload them all to his computer (where he can then email them to all his kids, obviously).


And once he uploads the images, he can just erase the pages and reuse them.

Promising review: «OMG!!! This device is so cool. It works beautifully. The scanning as well as the syncing capabilities are awesome. I have it scanned and synced to my Microsoft Note account. Writing with the pen is smooth and the paper feels like paper. The use of the wet cloth to erase works exactly like they said it does. I wish I had this product while in college. It is worth every penny.» —Tulla Bell

Get it from Amazon for $29.97+ (available in two sizes and four colors).


A portable hammock he can easily travel with or hang up in the backyard for some professional-level chilling.


Promising review: «I looked at a ton of different hammocks, but finally decided on this one for my fiancé and I because of the higher weight limit. I’m about 140 lbs. and he’s somewhere around 230 lbs. We sat in this, with our 60 lb. dog, without any sort of problem. We found, for us, it was the most comfortable to use it as a swing — to sit with our backs on one side and our feet dangling out of the other. We will definitely take it on all of our camping trips. For the price, I’m incredibly impressed.» —Sarah Gonzalez

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes and nine colors).


A press-and-go tumbler for conveniently brewing tea wherever he is. Simply add loose tea and water, let it steep, and then press — it’s seriously as easy as that!


It’s dishwasher safe!

Get it from BuzzFeed’s Goodful line, exclusively at Macy’s for $28.99.


A spice set to elevate his grill game (if that’s even possible) — which will hopefully benefit you when you go over to eat.


I got this for my dad for his birthday and he always calls me after dinner to tell me he used one of these spices. It’s honestly the sweetest. And if you aren’t sold on this one in particular, there are other spice sets available: Hot and spicy, seasoned sea salts, all-star BBQ, keto grilling, smoked, and maple southwest. *Starts drooling.*

Promising review: «I was so impressed when I used these for the first time. Every seasoning has an awesome, unique flavor! I’m already addicted to grill master and citrus pepper, and I’ve been using them on EVERYTHING since I first opened them. Super delicious and really versatile — just don’t hesitate on this one!» —Carly D

Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (available in six flavor sets).


A windproof, Teflon-coated umbrella that will have your dad’s back (also his head and shoulders).


Promising review: «Best umbrella I’ve ever had. I bought it after looking online for one that wouldn’t fall apart at the first gust of wind in a rainstorm. After using it several times in a huge rainstorm with heavy winds, it seems to be indestructible. The strong wind will flip the umbrella inside out, but it quickly flips back and shows no sign of being worse for wear. I plan to buy several more so I can be sure to have one for my home, office, and car.» —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $22.95.


A solitary bee condo to bring *all the bees to his yard*. Dad’s garden will be abuzz after installing this sustainable sourced home.

Uncommon Goods

Promising review: «This little hive is cute and beneficial to a garden in ways that many gardeners wouldn’t think of. I wish everyone had one to help preserve colonies of helpful bees!!» —Amanda

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $40 or something similar from Amazon for $31.15.


A flexible task light to hang in dark spots when he’s fixing a leaky pipe, popping the hood of his car, or doing any other task where he needs two hands and a flashlight.

The Grommet

Get it from The Grommet for $19.99, or something similar from Amazon for $11.98.


A bedside caddy to hold a book, phone, laptop, remote control, glasses, water bottle, and whatever else your dad needs close at hand at night (midnight snacks, perhaps?).


Promising review: «I love this caddy. It fits snugly between the mattresses and has never fallen out. I put my Kindle and iPod with ear buds in there, so I can easily find them without knocking things over on the bedside table. It’s sturdy, and seems to be lasting well in the six months or so that I have used it — still looks like the day I got it. Great purchase!» —KB

Get it from Amazon for $16.25.


And a digital measuring tape he’s probably been ~inching~ to get his hands on so he can finally quit squinting at those extremely, teeny tiny lines.


Promising review: «I’m doing home remodeling and need to take a lot of measurements. This feels a *lot* more accurate than my current tape because I’m not having to squint or crane my head around things to take a reading, bold and clear display with feet, inches, fractions. Instant conversion between units is handy. I like the centering function too — one button gives you the ‘half’ distance of the measurement — very useful feature for picture hanging. Every home contractor I’ve had over that sees this in action wants one like it.» —Mark Terrano

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three colors).

I know it’s not a sibling competition, but…


Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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