29 Basic Pieces Of Menswear From Target You’ll Probably Wear Over And Over Again

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Just a few key cost-effective additions to your wardrobe from Tar-jay.

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A standard-fit, front-pocket, zip-up fleece sweatshirt with the ability to become one of the most versatile and valuable pieces of clothing, spending more time hanging on you than in your closet. Hoods up. Zippers down. Layered over a T-shirt or under a jacket. A hoodie is an essential piece of your wardrobe.


Promising Review: «Great sweatshirt. It isn’t boxy like a lot of sweatshirts are. It’s long in the waist which I prefer and didn’t shrink noticeably after washing. It washes great and is really soft. I hope they keep making these because you can’t beat them for the money. I have three already.» —Jay

Get it from Target for $19.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and three colors).


A pair of tapered twill jogger pants constructed from flex denim that mix comfort (elastic waistband) with style (slim fit). The best part? You don’t even have to jog in these, you can just sit around in them all day looking good.


Promising Review: «It’s hard to find men’s jogger-style pants that are not sweatpants. My husband loves these. They’re comfortable and affordable. What more can you ask for.» —Nicole

Get it from Target for $24.99 (available in sizes XS-XL and four colors).


A Dickies heavyweight long-sleeve crew-neck T-shirt for those times when a regular tee isn’t warm enough and a thermal is going to get too dang sweaty.


Plus that front pocket for, ummmmm, all that front pocket stuff. Hooray!

Get it from Target for $14.99 (available in sizes M–2XL and 11 colors).


A short-sleeve, not super-deep v-neck T-shirt to show off a little clavicle (and maybe a lot of chest hair). And if you happen to throw a shirt or sweater over this tee, you won’t see any unsightly or unmatching collars underneath. That’s always a good look.


Promising Review: «Bought this shirt in a few different colors for my husband and he really likes them. The material is soft and doesn’t feel incredibly cheap. I, for one, loved the price of them.» —Krystal

Get it from Target for $6.00 (available in sizes S-2XL and eight colors).


A Levi’s trucker jacket that, guess what, you don’t need a trucking license to wear. This button-down jean jack has a little stretch to it for layering but remember not to toss it in the dryer (unless you want an extra snug fit).


Promising Review: «Dad had to have denim, and it had to be Levi’s. The Canadian Tuxedo! Shipping was sound and secure.» —JacobLeeSummit

Get it from Target for $53.99 (available in sizes S-2XL and three colors).


A reversible belt with a matte black buckle which means as long as you’re wearing black or brown leather shoes, you always have a 50/50 chance of sporting the right belt color. We’ll take those odds!


Promising Review: «High quality, love the black buckle. I’ve had a lot of reversible belts and this is definitely one of the better ones at a greater value. My only complaint is that the belt material isn’t very malleable but this might get better with some extended use. Do yourself a favor and get this belt!» —Tyled

Get it from Target for $24.99 (available in sizes M-XL)


A pair of Levi’s 502 taper fit jeans that narrows toward the ankle (as opposed to a straight-leg that stays, well, straight all the way down). Still feels like a regular fit through the thigh with plenty of room to spare.


Promising Review: «My son has tried quite a few pairs of jeans. He has narrow hips but does not like tight legs. But he loved this pair! The color is excellent with just the right amount of fading.» —Sec

Get them from Target for $41.99 (available in sizes 28×30–38×32 and six colors).


A moisture-wicking, water-resistant puffer jacket that works just as well as your everyday cold weather coat as it does during nights around the campgrounds. Either way, you’re feeling comfy and cozy in addition to stylish (a given).


Promising Review: «This is a great lightweight puffer jacket. It does the job of many bigger jackets. The insulation in this thing can get almost a little too hot at times, it works that well. Initially, I was skeptical because it is very lightweight, but don’t let that fool you, it is a heavyweight champion! I have sherpa-lined coats and heavy-duty outdoor gear, and this little jacket keeps me just as warm as my biggest jackets and coats in my arsenal, and 1/10th of the weight. I am amazed by how well it works. Feels like you are wearing almost nothing, it is very nice. I would put it on par with a decent pea coat in terms of winter warmth. I am thrilled with my purchase. And the fit/cut is spot on.» —KJ

Get it from Target for $28.00 (available in sizes S-2XL and five colors).


A Hanes long sleeve henley shirt made with heavier weight «Beefy-T» cotton fabric for those times when you want to go a little classier but still just as comfortable as a long sleeve tee.


A henley is a collarless pullover shirt often with a button-up, rounded collar. In its long sleeve form, you can think of it as a rugby shirt without the collar or longer tail. Similarly, a short-sleeve henley is essentially a polo short without the collar.

Get it from Target for $9.99 (available in sizes S-3XL and nine colors).


Levi’s 511 slim jeans that have a narrower fit from the hips down to the ankles, sit right below the waist, and have just a little bit of (much-needed) stretch in them.


These are not skinny jeans, so they won’t look painted on and will be a whole lot easier to take off.

Get them from Target for $41.99 (available in sizes 28-x-30 to 38-x-30 and eight colors).


A Hanes crew-neck short-sleeve T-Shirt for tall guys that’s 3 inches longer than their average tee. So no more exposed belly anytime you reach up to the top shelf for something (because people are always asking you to do that).


Get it from Target for $9.00 (available in sizes LT-4XLT and six colors).


A six-pack of Hanes crew socks constructed with moisture-wicking «X-temp technology» for keeping your feet cool and dry no matter how much your barking dogs sweat all day cooped up in your shoes or sneaks. Woof!


Promising Review: «Excellent socks with added cushioning throughout these will serve you well either in running shoes, basketball shoes or boots. Comfortable, durable, a very good deal.» —Stranger86

Get it from Target for $14.99 (available in sizes 6-12 and two colors).


A six-pack of tag-free Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs made from soft, breathable 100% cotton fabric. Moisture wicking and odor protection keep you in the «Coolzone» while «no-ride up legs» simultaneously keep you in your comfort zone all day long. So many zones!


Get it from Target for $14.99 (available in sizes S–XL and three color combos).


A pair of fleece sweatpants that will certainly get a better workout as loungewear than activewear. Side pockets are great for transporting snacks from the kitchen when both hands are full.


Promising Review: «I ordered two pairs of these fleece sweatpants on the Target website to wear at home and on long flights. They are exceptionally comfortable and the size I ordered fits me perfectly. I wore them on a 22-hour flight from New York to Singapore and I was glad I was wearing them instead of khakis or chinos.» —Mahesh

Get it from Target for $15.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and three colors).


A classic Dickie’s long sleeve jacket with faux-fleece diamond quilted lining material and four pockets is one of those rare articles of clothing that’s always ready for any activity (mostly chores) and will outlive and outlast almost everything else in your closet.


Totally approved by the International Council of Dads.

Get it from Target for $41.49 (available in sizes S–3X and three colors)


A Western-style Wrangler denim workshirt with snap buttons that might inspire thoughts of an alternate life spent as a ranch hand. We’re here to remind you that the only ranching experience you probably have comes from that blue bag of Doritos in your hand.


Promising Review: «The fabric is perfect for layering. The fit is between a traditional fit and a modern slim fit. My new favorite shirt.» —EIL60210

Get it from Target for $31.99 (available in sizes S–2XL).


A pair of Dickies relaxed straight fit canvas carpenter jeans that are triple-stitched at the yoke, seat, and side seams so no matter the task (carpentry-based or otherwise) you’d have to go to phenomenal lengths to tear or split these pants.


The hammer loop and dual tool pockets aren’t a fashionable design choice but a utilitarian one. Put them to good use even if it’s not their primary use.

Get it from Target for $24.99 (available in sizes 30×30–42×34 and five colors).


A Hanes fleece pullover crew neck sweatshirt made from up to 5% recycled plastic bottles that won’t pill-up after washing. Better yet, check out that price tag.


Promising Review: «I’m 6-foot-1, 300 lbs so I got the 3x, fits just below my belly. Comfy, warm, and looks nice. I’ve seen complaints about size, just return and get a bigger or smaller one. The price is awesome and Target makes it a breeze for returns.» —Joe

Get it from Target for $7.99 (available in sizes S-2XL and 17 colors).


A short sleeve polo shirt that hits at the hip and keeps things colorful thanks to its fade-resistance-treated fabric. Just please don’t pop that collar though. Or tuck it in.


Promising Review: «Great quality, excellent fit, and very comfortable. I wear short sleeve shirts all year round. The options are certainly colorful, you won’t get lost in a crowd. I don’t recommend for robbing banks. LOL. The gold is bright! I also got a purple one that I was expecting to be a little lighter, but it’s a bit more understated and will go with more clothes. The grey one also stands out because of its subtlety. All the shirts fit perfectly and are very comfortable with just the right amount of give. Definitely recommend.» —JohnBLovesLight

Get it from Target for $9.99 (available in sizes S-2XL and 12 colors).


A five-pack of tartan plaid Fruit of the Loom boxers that could only be improved up if it were a seven-pack to get you through an entire week without having to do laundry.


Promising Review: «I have no idea what people mean when they say that these boxers are thin and poorly made. I purchased the same boxers several years ago and they are the very same as these that I just purchased. They are thin but you don’t want boxers to be thick and chunky in your pants. You want something light and free moving. I liked them years ago and I still like them today.» —Laundrygeek

Get it from Target for $17.49 (available in sizes S–XL).


A six-pack of iconic Hanes V-neck white T-shirts made from pre-shrunk cotton fabric to help keep their shape and fit after repeated washing. A true must-have staple of the dresser drawer.


Promising Review: «Purchased as a Christmas gift. Hanes is always a good choice in undershirts. They are true to size, tagless for comfort, and always a great value.» —Caroleee

Get it from Target for $16.99 (available in sizes S–2XL).


A pair of Wrangler regular fit jeans for regular guys looking for all-day comfort and durability and nothing too flashy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


Promising Review: «The jeans were exactly what I expected, no surprises. I have worn Wrangler for years & this was my first on-line purchase. It was a most excellent experience!» —Trucker Man

Get it from Target for $17.99 (available in sizes 29×30–42×30 and three colors).


A pair of knit pajama shorts, because turning your regular PJ pants into cut-offs just isn’t worth all the effort. Plus you can totally get away with wearing these outdoors.


Promising Review: «These are nice loungewear for the home, especially in the summer months. The shorts are very soft and comfortable. They fit as indicated and are on the looser/baggier side in terms of leg width. If you’re looking for a more fitted option, these would not be the lounge shorts for you.» —DJ

Get it from Target for $12.99 (available in sizes S-2XL and four colors).


A Dickies «big & tall» short sleeve crew neck T-Shirt made from soft cotton jersey material that will continue to feel good no matter how hard your day has been. Plus no tag in the collar to dig into the back of your neck.


There’s that front pocket again. What goes in there? Nobody knows.

Get it from Target for $11.99 (available in sizes M-3XLT and five colors).


A long sleeve raglan crew T-shirt (aka a baseball style tee) that’s a quality casual look fit for both brunch or the ballpark (whenever both of those places start to happen again). But at least you’ll be prepared for when they do.


Promising Review: «Excellent fit! Not too loose, not too tight, and the length is just right. The colors are true to the photos and the materials feels high quality or of a good enough quality anyway.» —Amze

Get it from Target for $6.74+ (available in sizes S–2XL and eight colors).


A pair of straight fit (full through the thigh and hip) chino pants to wear anytime and all the time, especially when you have «a thing» that you need to go to and don’t know what exactly to wear. Wear these. They’re never wrong.

Promising Review: «These pants are super comfy. To boot, since I’ve started wearing them, my girlfriend hasn’t been shy about saying she likes walking behind me when we’re out.» —Sassquatch

Get it from Target for $22.99 (available in sizes 28×30 to 40×32 in four colors).


A wind- and water-resistant sherpa-lined, hooded softshell jacket meant to protect you from the elements (the weather-type, not the periodic table type) on those especially cold days. Now is the perfect time to stock up for next winter.


Promising Review: «Great jacket indoor and outdoor. Indoor because softshell is not too ‘rustly’ and so can work on the computer without feeling like being wrapped in plastic. The Sherpa insulation is warm and comfortable. I was worried it would be itchy, but I do wear it on a light cotton base layer. Best thing is I can go from indoors to outdoors w/o worrying much about changing. Fit is great! Hood is perfect. Weight, length, sleeves are just right.» —Mono

Get it from Target for $54.99 (available in sizes S–XXL and four colors).


A four-pack of Hanes «no-show» liner socks for those who simply can’t stand the thought of any cotton creeping out from their sneakers obscuring some exposed ankle.


Promising Review: «Very comfy, definitely does not show giving that no show look but keeps your sneakers looking clean. One negative is if you like to wear your sneakers loose, then they will pull on the sock. Also, the rubber grip is not as strong as other brands.» —Mike

Get it from Target for $9.99 (available in sizes 6-12).


A pair of Dickies «big & tall» original 874 work pants that never take a day off (just a short coffee-break for laundry). With stain- and wrinkle-resistance, they keep on the clock whenever you’re working overtime.


There might be no more basic pair of pants than the 874 and we mean that as a truly sincere compliment.

Get it from Target for $22.99 (available in sizes 34×60–58×32 and six colors).

That’s it’s for today’s fashion show. Now go walk it off!

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