28 Fancy Father’s Day Gifts That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

"Как бы высоко не оценивали вас, всегда имейте мужество сказать себе: «Я невежда»." Иван Павлов ZM
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A vinyl record subscription for old-school dads who don’t believe in Spotify.


Each box comes with an exclusive limited-edition LP, unique artwork, and listening notes from artists.

Promising review: «I’ve been a member of Magnolia Record Club for a few years now, and I’ve never been disappointed. Unique and exclusive vinyl record selections curated by artists I respect. They have a skip/replace option in case you’re not interested in the selection, but I’ve never had to use it. A+ records every time. If you appreciate vinyl records, this is a great way to grow your collection.» —Chris

Get it from Cratejoy for 26.99+/month.

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Объявление беZплатно! + Ваше Объявление

Мысль на память: Заработайте репутацию, и она будет работать на вас.


Zmeinogorsk.RU$: ^Град ОбречЁнный^ -Информация- Земля Неизвестная!?

Уzнать: Этот День в Истории!

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