26 TV Friendships That Are Amazing, But Not A Lot Of People Talk About Them

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Veronica and Wallace forever.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV friendships are absolutely amazing but seriously underappreciated. Here are some of their responses:

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨


First, Lily and Barney from How I Met Your Mother:


«They always helped each other out, like when Barney visited Lily in San Francisco to convince her to get back together with Marshall, or when Lily went with Barney to get his heart checked. They were a really unexpected and underrated friendship.»



Jane and Petra from Jane the Virgin:

The CW

«Talk about doing the WORK! They went from enemies to friends to sisters. Their relationship was just beautifully done.»



Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

«They had so much character growth together. Their friendship is probably one of the best relationships in the entire series.»



April and Leslie from Parks and Recreation:


«People always talk about April and Ron’s father-daughter relationship, but Leslie really became a motherlike figure for April. Leslie always tries to help April and ultimately always wants what’s best for her.»



Dan and Jamie from One Tree Hill:

The CW

«Jamie was able to see the good in Dan, and Dan ultimately learned from the mistakes he made with Lucas and Nate and cared so much for that kid. Dan was always so honest with Jamie, and they had such sweet moments together.»



Cristina and Alex from Grey’s Anatomy:


«Everyone always talks about Cristina and Meredith or Alex and Meredith, but they forget about this other MAGICAL pairing. They gave each other a hard time but were always supportive of each other in the end.»



Jake and Rosa from Brooklyn Nine-Nine:


«I love Boyle and Jake’s friendship and Amy and Rosa’s friendship, but I feel like Jake and Rosa’s friendship is SEVERELY underrated! They crack jokes, work perfectly together on cases, and know how to talk to each other when something is wrong. A perfect friendship.»



Mo and Jake from Degrassi: The Next Generation:



The Hound and Arya from Game of Thrones:


«I never hear people talk about them, but they’re easily my two favorite characters from the show, and it’s because of their relationship. Without Arya, the Hound would never have learned how to truly care about someone. His character arc is 100% credited to her.»



Mercedes and Quinn from Glee:


«They had the sweetest friendship. Mercedes let Quinn stay with her after Quinn’s parents kicked her out for getting pregnant, and then Quinn asked Mercedes to be in the delivery room with her for the birth. It was a shame the show completely forgot about their friendship in the later seasons.»



Miles and Julian from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:


«They have what’s possibly the most authentic male friendship in all of sci-fi, if not all of TV in general.»



Willow and Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

«While they grew apart at times, they always had each other’s backs when it mattered. That yellow-crayon speech gets me every time.»



Haley and Lucas from One Tree Hill:

The CW

«Unlike other teen drama friendships, they didn’t need constant drama and scandal to stay interesting. They could always count on each other no matter what, they were the best versions of themselves around each other, and they pushed each other to be better. Plus, they proved boys and girls really can be just friends.»



Diggle and Oliver from Arrow:

The CW

«Their friendship can never be talked about enough. Diggle supports Oliver through his trauma, and Oliver would do anything to protect Diggle’s family.»



Veronica and Wallace from Veronica Mars:

The CW

«They bickered like any friends, but they always made up and had each other’s backs. Their relationship was purely platonic, but they both would (and have) put themselves in danger for the other.»



Donna and Jackie from That ’70s Show:


«They started off as two people who were kind of just forced to hang out with each other, but then realized they actually liked each other’s company and became best friends. They always had each other’s backs.»



Michael and Erin from The Office:


«Michael is like a father figure to Erin, and they both really care about each other. I just think their friendship is so sweet and pure.»



Jen and Joey from Dawson’s Creek:

The WB

«They had all that drama, with Joey hating Jen for basically no reason. Then they were acquaintances for a few years, and then suddenly they’re in Boston together and Joey’s around at Jen and Grams’ for dinner all the time. They were best friends, but neither of them realized it until Jen was dying.»



Lu and Nadia from Elite:


«It was the perfect example of a hate-to-love friendship. They went from being pitted against each other in basically every aspect of their lives to moving to New York together and Nadia considering Lu to be like family.»



Annie and Abed from Community:


«Everyone knows about Troy and Abed’s friendship, but we don’t talk about Annie and Abed’s friendship enough. I just loved their friendship, especially the dreamatorium episode.»



Santana, Kurt, and Rachel from Glee:


«Everyone always talks about the Santana, Brittany, and Quinn trio, but the friendship between these three is so underrated. They really looked out for each other and brought out the best in each other, especially when they all lived together in New York.»



Lola and Yael from Degrassi: Next Class:


«They clashed when they first met, but then they got over their differences and became the friends I didn’t know I needed. Yael went with Lola to get her abortion, and Lola supported Yael when they came out as nonbinary. Lola and Yael’s friendship may not have developed until later in the series, but it felt much more genuine than Lola’s friendships with Shay and Frankie.»



Winston and Cece from New Girl:


«It was so unexpected, yet it worked so perfectly. Every ‘classic Winston and Cece mess-around’ was a GIFT. And she was definitely his first choice to be godmother to his baby.»



Carol and Daryl from The Walking Dead:


«People always tend to ship them as a couple, but I really admire their platonic friendship and how much they look out for each other. Although they’re very different people, they bonded over the abuse they’ve both faced and the losses they each endured during the apocalypse.»



Amber and Drew from Parenthood:


They weren’t just siblings, they were best friends. They were always there for each other, like when Drew confided in Amber about his girlfriend’s pregnancy, or when Drew helped Amber get over her breakup with Ryan. You could tell they loved each other unconditionally. Plus, they made for a great comedic duo.


And finally, Capt. Holt and Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine:


«I never really see anyone talk about their friendship. They’re so different, but they work so well together and their scenes are so funny. I love this duo.»


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all entries were from community users.

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