26 Of The Most Unique Engagement Rings People Have Received

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their unique engagement rings and tell us the stories behind them. Here are some of the best!*

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.


This tattoo ring:


«I have a more traditional diamond ring, but after a few years of marriage my spouse and I decided rings were impractical for us. He plays guitar and the ring was bulky so he wasn’t wearing it most of the day, and I had a scare where the diamond (which happened to be a family heirloom) fell out of my ring at work (luckily, we found it). The first picture is the day after we got them done and that was almost five years ago. They still look great and if I feel like wearing my diamond ring it looks cool over the top!» —heatherw43c69b0aa


These gorgeous matching rings:


«Our rings were made by a local artist that we are big fans of. They are matching bands and mine has a small recycled diamond in it. They matched our non-traditional courthouse wedding perfectly.» —milliej443f297a8


This tourmaline ring with a sentimental meaning:


«My fiancé and I met as roommates (bad practice, I know!) in a crowded house on a street called Tourmaline. Of course, when he proposed seven years later, the engagement ring had to be tourmaline!» —schmemandadime


This family heirloom with sentimental value:


«When my grandmother finally got divorced she had her rings melted down and reset in a design of her own. She gave it to my mom when she turned 40, and I’ve loved it my whole life. When my boyfriend told my mom he was going to ask me, she insisted he give me THE ring for the proposal. He could’ve spent $1,000,000 on a new ring and I wouldn’t love it more than this one.» —biggie330


This vintage beauty:


«I knew I wanted a vintage ring, so my husband found one through a fantastic website (Brilliant Earth) that finds vintage, antique, and one-of-a-kind rings. This ring is from 1955 and I absolutely love it.» —jamieballa33


This non-traditional ring to celebrate a couple from different backgrounds:


«My engagement ring is an orange sapphire with baguette diamonds. I didn’t want basic diamonds or a traditional shape, cut, or stone – I just wanted something different and eccentric as we’re super different (he’s Muslim/Jordanian and I’m Catholic/Mexican). There’s nothing normal about our relationship, but we thrive on it and love that we come from different backgrounds. We want to incorporate the best of both worlds into our lives, and he and I felt my ring symbolized that.» —ileanac89


This colorful band:


«This ring was created especially for her. It was inspired by our favorite quote, ‘You’re so down to earth, and I’m up in the stars. So show me the sea and I’ll take you to Mars.’ The sapphires represent the sea and the rubies represent Mars. It was custom made by Caleesi Designs Jewelers in good ol’ Austin, Texas!» —sarahgmartinez00


This ring made from a unique material:


«Don’t tell the treasury department, but my wedding ring is made from a sliver quarter. My now-husband made the ring for me. It’s very special to have something one of a kind and made by him.»—maggielewis502


This beautiful blue ring for the very untraditional couple:


«My husband had it set in his head that he wanted a sapphire for my ring. We aren’t a traditional couple – we bought a house and moved in together less than two months after meeting and got married by our best friend at a haunted former Catholic girls school. When he bought the ring there was something wrong with the stone so we got to pick a new one together. We both agreed this cornflower blue stone was so unique and caught the light so beautifully.» —mjensen914


This valuable tanzanite ring with a special meaning:


«I grew up in Tanzania, so my (now) husband picked out this tanzanite engagement ring as an homage to my childhood home. Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones, only found in Tanzania and mined in a very small area at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It’s 1,000 times rarer than a diamond, and it’s expected to be completely mined out in the next 20-30 years. I’m looking forward to proudly wearing this ring for the rest of my life as tanzanites become even more precious than they are now.» —melaniehan


This fandom ring:


«My wedding ring is Sailor Moon themed. We found it on Etsy. I wanted something geeky and Sailor Moon is one of my favorite things ever (for well over 20 years now).» —m45eb0f031


This flower that the bride had picked out for ten years:


«My husband and I met online. After we casually talked about if we ever wanted to get married, have kids, etc., I teased that I had already picked my style of ring a decade ago. Months later, after our first physical meeting, he knew I was the one and bought the ring. The flower has a *dirty* blue sapphire (his gemstone) and throughout the leaves are diamonds. I am an environmentalist so the gems are lab-made with recycled white gold. This will always be my favorite flower.» —kks19


These skull rings, which gave new meaning to «till death do us part»:


«My skull wedding and anniversary rings were custom made. I had spent some time researching rings and finally found one I fell in love with. In a crazy coincidence, the ring came from the same small town I live in!» —crm4700


This Doctor Who inspired ring:


«My favorite color is blue and I lived in England while in grad school, so when my husband was looking for an engagement ring he picked a London blue topaz! It’s simple and perfect for me. For our wedding bands, we chose blue tungsten Doctor Who inspired rings.» —lovegoodlongbottom


This 1920s style ring:


«Although I had never owned a diamond and wasn’t into jewelry, my husband knew how much I admired the beautiful Art Deco jewelry of my grandmother’s. When she passed away, he saw how crushed I was not to receive a little piece to remember my grandma by. He then sought out to find me something similar (but more «me») and picked this. It’s not too bossy as it doesn’t have a big center stone. It’s also a little sassy, hence the splash of color from the sapphires. This ring definitely would have been grandma-approved.» —jenster1


This Hawaiian-themed ring:


«My husband got me a custom engagement ring with a sapphire (my birthstone) for the center stone, a plumeria flower as the centerpiece (I don’t like diamonds), and a spearhead design for the band. My wedding band has a Hawaiian maile leaf print because it’s my favorite Hawaiian flower and we both wore it at our wedding. We got married in Hawaii and hula has been a big part of my life for 15 years.» —kimaaa33


This unique Disney ring:


«I have always been a MASSIVE Disney fan so he used that to his advantage. We actually got engaged this past September on our family vacation to Disney World. My ring is shaped like an arrow to represent my favorite Disney princess, Merida. It’s even my favorite color. I could not be happier with it and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life.» —alliegator


This super unique gray raindrop ring:


«The artist (Emily Gill) that made this ring for me does very unique work with enamel, which you can see in the black scallops. We started by picking the stone, a rose-cut salt and pepper diamond, which I loved because it looked like a raindrop. Then Emily designed the ring around it, and a few months later she made the wedding band to compliment. I had never imagined a ring like this before Emily made it, and I know I will love it forever.» —mariahf45f3a69a0


This BuzzFeed-inspired ring (!!!!):


«Before we got engaged we took a BuzzFeed quiz that said he was the sun and I was the moon! He got me a ring to represent us, making sure it would hold up with my tough jobs. It now sits above my rainbow wedding band and it all makes me so happy!» —theappledumple


This unique asymmetrical beauty:


«My now-husband and I found someone local (Mineralogy) who makes custom rings. The three of us sat down and created something that is so special and unique to my husband and I. The wedding band isn’t custom, but it is something unique to the same jeweler we used for the engagement ring. We felt like they went really well together.» —anjim2


This Harry Potter ring box and amethyst ring:


«My husband custom designed my engagement ring. The diamonds surrounding the amethyst (my favorite stone) are from his mom’s and his grandma’s engagement rings. I am a huge Harry Potter fan – he actually proposed in front of Hogwarts castle in Orlando! The ring box is a Golden Snitch that he 3D printed himself. He even installed the little box light!!!» —egiese79


And this Lord of The Rings ring that definitely should not be thrown into Mount Doom:


«My fiancé and I are huge geeks. He had my engagement ring custom made on Etsy. It is a blue topaz as the center rock and on the sides are small Evenstars (Arden’s necklace from Lord of the Rings) with small diamonds. I absolutely love it because it’s quirky, unique, and geeky like me.» —katek4161e6ae2


This homage to Batman:


«My wonderful husband knows I’m a huge Batman fan and that my birthstone is sapphire, so he went with this. I love my ring!» —leanigmz


This unique ring, which soon took on a funny meaning:


«I had wanted this ring since I was 18 so when my husband got it with an emerald in it, I was so excited. He proposed while we were hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail. We then put the ring on a necklace, so my trail name became Frodo because we were traveling a long distance, I had a ring on a chain around my neck, and I complained a lot.» —kaylap41bdba692


This ring refashioned from a bracelet:


«My engagement ring is also my wedding ring. It’s a link from a bracelet my now-husband bought me at a local jewelry shop after only a few weeks of dating. The stone is amber. It only cost $40 to have a jeweler make into a ring, but it means so much to both of us I’ll never want anything else.» —jessiw45f3233ea


And finally, this gorgeous Cinderella ring:


«My fiancé proposed without a ring (a bit on a whim), so we got to pick out my engagement ring together. Looking at stones other than diamonds, we ended up finding my ring almost right away! Little did we know, it’s part of a Disney collection – the opal surrounded by diamonds is set in between Cinderella’s carriage! Without looking for it, the reference is hidden in what appears to be an old fashioned band and setting.» —casaporito

*Sigh* Someone propose to me with the perfect ring NOW.


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