25 Products To Jumpstart Your Skincare Routine If You Have Time At Home

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This Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask because it helps deep clean your pores, dry up angry breakouts, and eventually fade stubborn acne marks with consistent use (as I can attest to).


You can mix the mask with water, but I’ve found that using apple cider vinegar gives me a smoother consistency. After using the mask two to three times a week for about a month and a half, my dark acne marks were noticeably lighter, which I hadn’t seen with other non-prescription products!

Promising review: “I’ve only gotten to use this one time but I have to say, it’s unlike any mask I’ve used before. I did the apple cider vinegar mix with it and it dried fast and extremely tight. You will hardly be able to move your face. I washed it off after 20 mins and was shocked to see my clogged pores were much cleaner and less congested. I barely touched my nose and blackheads were coming out but they were dry and easily expelled from my pores. It was so awesome and my face feels so clean and and free of oiliness. Also, my skin looks brighter and smooth, not bumpy. This stuff really pulls the gunk out of your skin. I’m gonna use this once a week and pray it keeps working.” —CAROL SILVESTRI

Get it from Amazon for $12.90 (in stock on May 10; or you can get this jar that’s currently in stock for $16.58).


A bottle of Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser that’s basically like conditioner for your skin — it’s creamy and smooth and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, not tight and dry.


Promising review: “This is a super gentle cleanser but it cleans really well. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and this helps keep my skin nice and clear! I’ve been using this for a while now and my skin definitely has a different glow. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in a larger size!” —Jena

Get it from Glossier for $9+ (available in two sizes).


This Murad Prebiotic 4-in-1 Cleanser formulated with a prebiotic powder to help nourish good bacteria and promote healthier skin all while revealing brighter skin with almost every use. It’s practically probiotic food for your face.


Personally, I’m a fan of this cleanser. A tiny amount is really all you need, so this should last a while (and trust me, because of how smooth and creamy this stuff feels, you’ll want to use it for as long as you can!). I always have that issue with cleansers where my skin looks like it’s making progress for just the first few weeks of use, but then I’d hit a plateau afterward — not with this cleanser! It’s been three months and every single time I use it, my skin looks brighter and smoother! And, it doesn’t break me out or leave my face feeling dry — triple win!

Promising review: “I saw a change almost immediately in my skin. It was brighter and softer. At first, I was skeptical of whether my face was getting a good clean, as this was the first cleanser that I have used that does not foam up, which did not really work out with the Clarisonic tool that I had been consistently using. The quick results convinced me to keep going with this one, and I have used this product daily for about a year. With solely using my hands to work the cleanser around my face, my skin has continued to drink this stuff up and stay continuously clear. I absolutely love it and highly recommend!” —freshface84

Get it from Sephora or Murad for $36.


A tube of Acure Brightening Scrub that’ll help you exfoliate away dead skin cells that have overstayed their welcome (gently, of course).


Promising review: “Yay! This stuff is a lifesaver. Recently, my doctor put me on steroids to clear up my allergies and I immediately started breaking out like i was 15 again (it was one of the side effects). I didn’t have a good exfoliator and this one had such good reviews so I decided to try it out. It really works! In eight days, my skin was almost back to normal and it felt clean as can be! My dark acne spots were significantly lighter and all the little bumps I had were gone. Will be buying this from here on out.” —janelle

Get it from Amazon for $7.64.


Or this Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash, with white sugar crystals to lift away dirt and grapeseed oil to maintain hydration without making your already-oily skin look any greasier.


Promising reviews: “This is a SUGAR scrub so it is super gentle. The smell is delicious. If you’re looking for something rough or more abrasive, this is not it. If you’re looking for something to gently remove some of your dead skin — try this one!” —chrisy221

“I absolutely love this exfoliating face wash!! I have re-bought it three times now!! It’s great for really replenishing the skin and is very good for sensitive skin!! I cannot recommend this product enough!” —miamagicalworld

Get it from Sephora for $33 (available in two sizes).


A bottle of Mario Badescu Facial Spray to give your skin a total ~refresh~ (thanks to the aloe and rosewater) so you can start your day with healthy hydration.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “I was very skeptical before buying this refreshing mist because I didn’t want something that may have placebo effect or something that works psychologically. I use this to spray on my face at work, anytime of day and this mist gives enough hydration to your face, thus making it shine like a fresh pearl or early morning sunrise. It made my skin very supple and clean. You can transfer it in smaller spray bottles and take it anywhere.” —Rukhsar Khan

Get it from Amazon for $7 (available in packs of two and in combos of two sizes).


This Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil — you may be thinking, “how can oil possibly be good for my acne-prone skin??” Buuuut it actually helps reduce redness and improve uneven skin tone with regular use.


Promising review: “I was looking for an oil that would fade my horrible acne scars and while conducting research, I found the benefits of rosehip oil. During my journey to clear skin, I made sure to document the state of my skin and take pictures every month. If you don’t know already, when using new products for your face, it is best to be patient. The change that you want will not happen overnight, and after eight months of using this product EVERY NIGHT, I can confidently say that this has helped improved my skin. I’m not saying that this cured my acne — it didn’t. But it did provide the moisture my skin needed while I was taking medication for my acne, and over time I really noticed my scars fade, and I really do believe its because of the help from this product. I love this product so much and will continue to use this.” —Paige

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes).


A jar of Lancer Caviar Lime Acid Peel, which 1) sounds very cool and fancy, and 2) is gentle on your skin but tough on dead cells and dark marks. A thin layer is all you need to welcome noticeably smoother skin.


I recently got the chance to try this face peel and was actually blown away! The fact that it contains caviar lime acid and glycolic acid was a liiiiittle scary at first, so after doing a patch test on my arm, I applied the thinnest layer on just part of my face where I had some dark acne marks. It tingled slightly the first time, but the caviar lime smelled so amazing and felt so soothing. I left it on for 15 minutes and washed it off with cold water (as my former dermatologist instructed me to do when using strong treatments). HOLY WOW. My face felt insanely soft!! I know this is bad, but I couldn’t stop touching my skin after that.

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve been using this peel two to three times a week (though, you should start off by using it just once a week). My skin looks so much brighter and I’m seeing improvement in some dark acne marks that I have (yay!!). I actually get excited to apply this mask because it smells good and always leaves me with instantly more supple skin. It just brightens my entire day when I see improvement!

Promising review: “This stuff is great. I’m not usually one to fall for ‘celebrity endorsed’ product lines, or to pay the premium for a brand name product….that being said, this stuff is great! It smells amazing when applied, and doesn’t irritate skin. It does a great job smoothing by getting that outer layer of dead skin off. I’m in my thirties, I’ve been doing a few treatments on my mom (sixties), and I don’t know who loves it more! Helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and I really think it made my acne scars look a lot less pronounced. I can’t say enough good things about this product. I feel like I’m at the spa when it’s on my face, and it gives real results! Already sent one as a gift, it is that good.” —MrsMusicP

Get it from Sephora for $95.


This pack of 16 sheet masks that’ll probably become your new favorite step in your skincare routine. They contain vitamin E for some intense nourishment, and when you’re done, you can just pat the excess mask serum into your face.


Promising review: “I absolutely love these face sheets. They are an incredible steal — can’t beat this price! The pack will last you a long time. I love all of the sheets for different reasons. I love that it comes in a variety pack to revitalize your skin in different ways depending on the sheet. My favorite is the Q10. I can feel it working after I take it off. I would advise everyone to read the instructions. Normally, I would wash off my face after a face mask but with these sheets you should just simply dab off the excess. This way, your skin will soak up the collagen and whatever added vitamins/ingredients are on that particular sheet. Leaves your skin looking radiant throughout the day — love it!” —LW

Get a set of 16 from Amazon for $11.99 (also available in packs of two and four, in two sets of formulas, and as a pack set of 32).


Or this Shiseido Purifying Peel Off Mask because it’s infused with red shiso, a plant that helps your skin ~glow~ and can help you strip away dirt and dull-looking skin. Plus, who doesn’t find peel-off masks sooooo satisfying?


Promising review: “I am in love with this mask! I bought it mainly for my concerns with my pores and uneven skin. I used it three times so far and definitely feel and see the difference! This mask peels off so smoothly and makes my face feel so refreshed. It really helps draw out all the impurities.” —Xtinadmarche

Get it from Sephora for $32.


These acne patches that’ll vacuum the gunk out of pimples that are practically ready to pop, thus visibly reducing the inflammation pretty much overnight.


Promising review: “I almost never write reviews but I have to this time! This product is amazing — basically a miracle! I used these on three giant cystic acne spots and they nearly disappeared over the course of two days!!! I used them overnight and for a few hours during the day for two days and BAM! The gnarliest pimples I’ve ever had are magically and dramatically almost gone!” —Nikki Berry

Get a pack of 40 patches from Amazon for $8.50.


A moisturizer — like the Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream — to deliver some seriously intense hydration to parched, overworked skin. As someone with combo skin that leans more on the oily side, this cream leaves my skin soft and supple and NOT greasy!


It kinda feels like dropping a refreshing water bomb all over your face! I’d apply it at night and wake up with far more supple and bouncy-looking skin, even after just the first use.

Promising review: “I love this moisturizer and am on my third bottle! It’s cooling, lightweight and very moisturizing. This also calms my red skin. It definitely gives you a nice glow as well.” —AlexLauren92

Get it from Sephora for $39.


This Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer because it’ll help improve the look of dull, dry skin AND give you some protection from the sun since it’s formulated with SPF 15. P.S., it’s oil-free for anyone who’s worried about it making their skin look too slick.


Promising review: “Finally, a sunscreen that’s not disgustingly greasy! I have very oily skin that’s prone to clogging, and typical sunscreens usually make the problem worse. However, that’s not the case with this sunscreen! It is so lightweight and airy. I never get that greasy, smothered feeling using the Aveeno sunscreen. And the smell is very subtle and pleasant. Moreover, the radiance that the product claims is due to the very, very, very fine glitter particles it has in it. Let me stress that they are very fine so don’t worry about looking silly. You would have to be really close to notice the slight shimmer specs in it. And lastly, there is no ghostly white or gray cast with this sunscreen.” —April Johnson

Get it from Amazon for $11.11.


A bottle of Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract, which use their ~amazing~ powers to soothe inflammation, hydrate, and brighten.


Promising review: “This is seriously the best moisturizer! It’s a great day moisturizer as it dries super fast but feels soft and my makeup glides on super easy. At night it works wonders as a serum under a thicker moisturizer. It doesn’t aggravate my adult acne; it actually helps hydrate and soothe my acne and heal it faster. I swear it has saved my skin. Plus, it smells like real watermelon not fake fragrance.” —alysonleee

Get it from Sephora for $39.


This variety pack of eos Lip Balm because making sure your lips are hydrated and healthy are actually an often overlooked part of skincare. These guys help deliver long-lasting hydration (and they smell heavenly).


Promising review: “This is my favorite lip balm. I’ve been using it for a few years now. It’s the only lip balm that lasts and doesn’t make my lips dry after using it. It also stops my lips from peeling when they are super dry. I usually get it from the store but I couldn’t find it. I’m so glad it comes with four.” —Lyn

Get the variety pack of four from Amazon for $9.99 (also available in three flavors).


Or this Algenist Liquid Collagen Lip that’s literally like dousing cracked, rough lips in a blanket of suppleness — all thanks to vegan collagen and microalgae oil.


Promising review: “I bought this product because I have a nervous mannerism in which I quite literally rip my lips to shreds. Basically, I have been looking for an active ingredient lip treatment that would help heal my lips overnight, and this has been it! It’s not a MIRACLE (no skin care is), but it certainly works the best out of anything I’ve tried for the purpose I’ve given it. I have a friend who loves it to deal with her chapped lips, as well. It’s also worth mentioning that, although it’s pricey, a tube of this lasts me about six months using it every night. Therefore, it lasts a good amount of time, and so I can justify the price more! Also! One note to make is that you do need to put a balm on top of this to retain the benefits of it! So I put it on, wait five minutes and add my favorite thick balm to seal the collagen in. Works great that way!” —VeroniqueLab

Get it from Sephora for $35.


A bottle of Murad InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment to improve the look and depth of dark acne marks and scars, respectively. I’ve used this in conjunction with the infamous Indian Healing Clay Mask and this combo has helped improve my dark spots right before my eyes!


Promising review: “My favorite skin care product! I’m on my third bottle now. It has really helped diminish the look of my old acne scars, and instantly smooths the skin once you put it on. I wish it wasn’t so small though.” —ohmygodshelly

Get it from Sephora or Murad for $35.


This bottle of Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Toner so you can spritz on that salicylic acid, sesame seed extract, and Argan to help improve redness, clear clogged pores, and reduce pimple-causing oils.


Promising review: “Wow, I really am in love with this product. I love the fact that it doesn’t dry out my skin and it helps with current blemishes. It feels so refreshing. I recommend it.” —Mvmuchati

Get it from Sephora for $19.50.


A bottle of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion that may be tiny but can help kick major butt when it comes to banishing zits. The sulfur and salicylic acid may deliver a tough punch but the calamine is here to cool things down.


To use this, you should dip a Q-tip inside the bottle and apply the lotion to small affected spots.

Promising review: “Amazing product! It doesn’t take the acne away overnight, but in two to four days drastically reduces the pimple that would have taken seven to 10 days to go down in size. I highly recommend!” —Christina430

Get it from Sephora for $17.


Promising review: “I have a lot of blackheads, so I gave this a try and let me tell you, it works!! I felt so happy and disgusted at the blackhead I pulled out but it’s what I wanted!! Little to no pain!!” —sabrina

Get a pack of 14 strips from Amazon for $7.49 (also available as a pack of eight strips).


A jar of First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads saturated with lactic and glycolic acids to help promote cell turnover and gently exfoliate skin. Plus, the Indian Gooseberry helps tone your complexion. Cleaner, brighter skin = right this way.


Promising review: “Love these so much! My friend recommended them and I have since told others to try them. I think they are amazing and beneficial for all skin types. They really refresh my face after I cleanse and give me an awesome glow. Love love love these!!” —Adds30

Get a jar of 60 pads from Sephora for $34 (also available as a jar of 28 pads).


These 24k gold under-eye patches because its cooling gel formula will leave your under-eye area feeling rejuvenated. In other words, you can literally have eyes that *sparkle*.


Promising review:I’ve seen my wife using these and have seen the result. It works! So I started using it too. I like that the pads stick to the skin well, because some times I put in on in the morning while getting ready for work. It takes the puffiness away, makes me look less tired. Feels moist and hydrated all day. I would definitely recommend it!” —ncl289

Get a pack of 24 from Amazon for $14.99.


A bottle of pure hyaluronic acid to help pump some much-needed moisture into your skin. But that’s not all — it’ll also help improve your skin’s texture, decrease blemishes, and give you an overall natural-looking ~glow~.


Promising review: “Amazing product! It has kept my skin tight and I’m slowly seeing results for my fine lines. I have been using it for two months now and I’ve stopped expecting overnight results with a skincare product. Nothing will show you progress within a week. I loved this product so much that I bought a second bottle since I’m a little past halfway on the first one already. Update: Six months later, I’m on my third bottle and I will not trade it for anything else! I use it in my 10-step Korean skincare routine and it has helped transform my skin!” —CM

Get it from Amazon for $15+ (available in three sizes).


A bottle of Bio-Oil because it’ll really work hard to help fade the look of acne scars so you don’t have to.


Promising review: “So I have been having a lot of skin problems after trying to find the right BC for my body. I’ve recently gotten breakouts, dark spots, texture and dry skin like never before. I ordered this out of desperation because BuzzFeed told me to, and have only been using it for five days. My breakouts are disappearing, my dry spots are going away, and some of my dark spots are lightening. It is seriously amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone having trouble keeping their skin under control. I’m obsessed! I put four to five drops on my hands and pat it into my cleansed face. It even works under make up because it’s not a super thick oil. It also smells amazing! I skipped my foundation today because I didn’t need it.” —Ann Hamre

Get it from Amazon for $8.89+ (available in three sizes).


And this Glossier Balm Dotcom Skin Salve you can use anywhere that’s in dire need of some antioxidant-packed nourishment. Chapped lips? Covered. Dry patches by your nose? Done.


Promising reviews: “I’m obsessed with this balm. It tastes great on my lips. I also use it to cover any nicks after shaving, and, it’s perfect for dry patches of skin anywhere. It’s a great all-in-one product. The birthday cake flavor is yummy! I’ve got to get more flavors.” —denagoodwin406

“This helped me with my severely damaged lips. I also have eczema on them and this balm really improved the appearance of my lips and did not damage them more, like some balms do.” —nader anais

Get it from Glossier for $12 (available in eight flavors).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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